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Simple OC Meme Blank

Here is a typical OC Meme I made for fun. Nothing special!
Just draw your babies! Who was your first ever OC? Your newest? Any that captures your heart at the moment? Any you don't appreciate as much as you should?

Download for full view! I hope I made it big enough to draw in comfortably!

Have fun! And show me yours when you finished! :D

Edit: Crap! I forgot! The fonts I used were Fineliner Script & Sketch Block from :P
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Ok here's my Meme

OC Meme
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Simple OC meme by chiarinuk
used uwu 

lmao thats a bit old--
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I know this is old but I will use
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Oldest OC:ChemistJake(Jake and the Neverland Pirates OC (OwO))
Newest OC:Idk :v
Current Favorite:StarEhBoy
Most Unappreciated:I forgot °<°
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used! thank you very much.
OC meme by ImAwesomeAtArt
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This looks fun!
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Hm, this is different from the usual OC memes :D Cewl.
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I did one! XD 
OC Meme by Mikuna618
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Used ! here's the result ! ♥

  OC MEME ! by Creepy-Chocoball  
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aHEM i made it
Simple Oc meme by Arkiac
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