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All artwork is moderated. This means you may have to wait a couple of hours to a day before it shows up in the gallery (this is to prevent people from posting anything off-topic). We have a zero-tolerance on hate and discriminating behavior is not accepted! This a group to appreciate Yordles!

:bulletred: You must be a member to submit artwork! Membership is automatically accepted.

:bulletorange: Please submit into the right folder We will move mishaps but if you fail to select the right group repetitively we will ask you to resubmit your art instead.

:bulletyellow: All artwork needs to have a yordle as the focus (this can canon or OC). There may be non-yordles in the image providing the yordle shares the spotlight. Art with other champions or multiple yordles goes into the 'group' folder.

:bulletgreen: No edited/vanilla screenshots, or splash art made by someone else. No traced artwork.

:bulletblue: All humanised (where a canon yordle is drawn as a human) artwork goes into the crossover section.

:bulletpurple: This group is PG-13 - so no fetish, pornographic or overly suggestive material is permitted. Artwork with a more serious mature warning (such as high gore content) will not be accepted either.

:bulletblack: Each canon character folder is for works where the character is the focus of the subject, if there are other characters present, it will need to go into the 'Groups' folder.

Gallery Folders

Inktober 2018 - Kennen by Shel-lD
Forever Alone Amumu by GuardianLulu
Zoe Friends by PandiUnicorneo
Amumu Redesign fanart by aftertaster7
Clucking Corki by BlazeMalefica
Pixel Corki by MrScrake
League of legends: Corki by Redstar212
Bronze Corki by ElizabethBeals
Resting Gnar COLLAB! by Jblask
Gnar and the InfiniMeme Gauntlet by Jblask
Gnar Doodle #1 by TheBossVeigar
Gnar Icon - Commission by kittenlotl
Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger by GuardianLulu
Angry Dinger by RinTheYordle
Heimerdinger by therandomyordle
[AT] Heimerdinger (LONEOLD) by S3rb4n
[LoL] Kled by Qu-r
Female Kled by Qu-r
Kledula by Qu-r
Halloween Kled by Qu-r
Inktober #27 - Thunder by Sozanek
Kennen by Yani-Emi
Kennen spittake by GuardianLulu
Kennen has a garden by The-Fade-One
conjunctivitis by JustANoobInDrawing
Lulu Doodle #1 by TheBossVeigar
Lulu Not Happy by GuardianLulu
All Lulu by CatUp1742
poppy and chromie by TinmeArt
Poppy Doodle #1 by TheBossVeigar
Shy Poppy by TinmeArt
Poppy by GoiabaMX
Badlands Baron Rumble by Shel-lD
Who you callin' little? by Zurusle
Rumble cosplay by Shel-lD
League Of Legends - Rumble cosplay by Shel-lD
Beemo by Sozanek
Demon Tristana by Puffyrin
Veigar Doodle #3 by TheBossVeigar
ziggs without goggles by Phantom-foxes
Arphire Doodle #1 by TheBossVeigar
On our way to bot by Lemanda
Omega Squad Teemo by JustANoobInDrawing
Resting at a bonfire by Sozanek


Hello everyone!
We have over 400 members! :D

I've started to send out contributor invites to people who submit regularly, relevantly and use folders correctly. I'm looking for group members with 10+ submissions to the Yordles gallery.

Contributors bypass submission queue (their art will be posted automatically) and can suggest artwork by other users. However contributors who misuse these group powers will have their moderation powers revoked.

I will be adding a daily submission cap of 5. Any more than 5 submissions by the one person on the same day seems excessive!

There will also be clean up in folders. The Group and Crossover folders will be broken up into more folders (as these folders have a lot of general content).

I will be breaking these folders up into
- Multiple Yordles
- Yordles + Friends (any canon yordle with another canon character that is not a yordle)
- Ship Art (tentative addition, not 100% on this one)
- AU!Yordles (canon yordles as other species etc)
- Yordle!Characters (other characters as yordles, such as yordle!Annie etc)
- Crossovers (yordles in other media, with other characters not from LoL)

Once these are added I will update submission guidelines to match.

Please comment or contact me if you have any questions or queries!
- Lycisca
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This group doesn't use the favourites tab, just checked and it's blank
However you are welcome to suggest group submissions!
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Okay. I was just asking because I have a friend who has done some cool art and he's not in the group.
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Hi, I hope you are having a great day!!! I am a new member of this group, and a new member of DeviantArt in general. How do I submit art in a folder? Thanks for reading!! <33
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