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Current Residence: The netherlands
Favourite genre of music: Pfft i guess i just like what i like, don't depend on genres ^_~
Operating System: XP
Shell of choice: Shell? Shell?!!? >_<
Personal Quote: Live and let live or i'll crush you like a bug! XD

Favourite Movies
You do not want to know ^o^
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anyone that captures me with their music! (Anyone but Jessica Simpson lol)
Favourite Games
Harvest moon (snes)
Other Interests
Instant Noodles, drawing,reading music etc

A sheep named Manna

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Oh dear.. I am very much addicted to harvest moon for the gba! I loaned the game from a friend of mine.. hmm.. i'm at the second year right now in summer! I wish i had the girl version.. The character finds himself strangely attracted to Gray.. erh.. uhm and Kai XD mwahah! I whent after Popuri cause i can't chase the males (however i used the holy ass blue proposal feather on Gray and he said something like: "Do you really think i like that kinda thing? Well maybe.." I KNEW IT!! ^o^) since the townspeople are quite shallow and because she has the best hair!! For the rest i have four chickens.. Three of them already are popping out some biggu
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...The queen is almost 21!!!

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The queen's (that is me XD) birthday is tomorrow so everyone put out your I *heart* Yora flags outside!! (Don't mind me i fell on my head a while ago and i think.. somebody dropped me when i was one years old! heheeh would explain allots! ^^;) I'm throwing my birthday party on saturday however so no visitors! Tried to reach one of my best friends about the change of plans but she didn't pick up the phone, but i think i'm going to be evil and let her drop by mwahahaha haven't seen her in a while!! Then i'll go to the city with her rent some movies or something >_< Aargh me go to bed now, me thinks... BUT FIRST BOW FOR ME AND READ ME A STORY
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Thank God for cheesefactories!

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Hmm the sweet smell of coffee.. *sips on her cup* I used to be a die hard tea addict.. and then i began to drink coffee... >_< it's addicting man! Used to drink too much of it, but i learned to stop that when i began to shake in my bed and was unable to sleep LOL i already ponder allot without an overload of caffe&#239;ne! (kinda miss my tea addiction.. i want it back!!) My mom&stepfather are gone too a cheese factory... Thank god for cheesefactory's, the rest, the peace i have right now bwahahah! I think therefore the title of this entry should have been thank god for cheesefactory's hehe... Ah why not *quickly changes the title* Be well e
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oh, no big deal. your art reminds me of an oc I created. ^^ so i had to take a look ;D
Forgot to ask, which oc!! show meh! :P lol if you want ^^;;;
thanks for the watch and fav:D
Yw!! ^o^ huhuu!
"Deviant for 7 Years" O.o

and... you like giantesses? ^^
@Lassic: ^^; yesh Giantesses are aweshome teh pawsome!!! + they can easily get you free food. Provided with pieces of the building she got it from but that's okay. ^o^;;
mmhh... are you a giantess yourself, milady? ^^