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Beauty is a woman's nature. In addition to Mioggi生命水 makeup, skin care is also a must. Mastering the correct skin care steps can make the skin look natural and delicate, and make up the icing on the cake. Skin care is divided into morning skin care and night skin care. Sooner or later, skin care can get twice the result with half the effort.

Morning skin care

  1. Clean:

After getting up in the morning, washing your face can make you refreshed. If you wash your face in the morning, you can't wash your face with milk. After a night's rest, your skin has not been awakened. Washing milk has a stimulating effect on the skin. It is recommended to wash your face with clean water. Here you can wash your face with warm water first, then cold water. Hot water can open the pores of the skin to facilitate cleaning. Cold water shrinks pores, tightens skin, and clears sleep.

Second, toner:

The role of toner is to clean again, restore the pH value of the skin surface, adjust the stratum corneum, better absorb the skin, and prepare to use skin care products. After washing your face, dab it with toner to replenish moisture and wake up the skin.

Three, the essence:

The main functions of facial Mioggi皇牌產品 essence are whitening, hydrating, and moisturizing, which can truly improve the skin, accurately repair problems, and improve skin health.


The whitening, anti-aging and other effective ingredients in the lotion can be better absorbed by the skin.

Five, sunscreen

Night skin care

Makeup remover:

The cosmetics cannot be washed off, and the residual cosmetics can cause damage to the skin. So before starting skin care every night, be sure to remove your makeup.


Cleaning at night is more demanding than in the morning, so it is necessary to use cleansing lotion. When cleaning, use the technique to wash off the greasy cosmetics in the pores as much as possible. For example, the cleaning technique with four fingers together, rotate and rub gently according to the track of the arrow, so that the cleaning does not leave a dead corner.


At this time, the function of refreshing water is to relax the skin, moisturize and regulate, especially after using facial cleanser, refreshing water is especially important.


Even if you fall asleep, your skin will not stop its metabolism. Then spray a layer of essence and let the skin continue to absorb it at night.

Beauty is the nature of girls. In addition to learning makeup, skin care is also very important. Has your skin care work style been developed correctly?


Six, eye cream:

Eye skin needs special care. In order to prevent eye bags Mioggi生命水 and fine lines from going home as soon as possible, use eye cream to treat the eye skin before going to bed.

Seven, essential oils:

Essential oils can promote the blood circulation of the facial skin, expel waste toxins from the body, and make the face full of luster. When applying essential oils here, you can massage the above-mentioned cleansing methods to relax facial muscles and promote blood circulation.

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