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movie report 1



here is backgrounds for the first 4 scenes in the 2d short im gonna do,

im gonna upload stuff along as i do the movie during this year, so anyone can feel free to give me feedback,
im gonna try get hold of some ftp too where i can upload some animations too so i could get some feedback on that too

in the first the camera goes into towards the tree, it has 12 layers which increases in size diffrently so it looks like depth :) it turned out good,
i havent painted some of the layers fully yet thou, and in the final version i will probably put in some fog and leafs in the air, if anyone have a good tip
of doing fog in after effects, please help :)

the 2nd is longer cause the camera goes down among the roots, this has 8 layers with roots that goes in different speed, it turned out pretty good too,
i havent painted all roots here fully either, and the house needs a little more designing to it :) but ill leave some stuff to later when i have done a couple of
scenes to see how it works out

in the 3rd you can see the main character under the light in the middle :) he is putting up a rotten flower in a frame

and the 4th i have just done the background and will do animation, but probably later cause of the horribly warm and nice weather :)

have a good summer!
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The treehouse is my favourite!