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Stockholm Alien Growth

By yonaz
Location  Stockholm Sweden
This alien entity grew very rapidly, faster than what we could burn down. The broccoli which was a fairly primitive species on earth, was willingly absorbed into the entity. A few hipsters from southern part of Stockholm who identified as plants was unwillingly absorbed as well. The small part of mankind that survived is now reduced to a very primitive species that somewhat managed to adapt to the new environment. But eventually the entity used up all water and moved on into space, where it, the broccoli and every other absorbed plants from different planets lived happily ever after.
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Absolutely stunning :la:

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I'm probs gonna sounds like a dum dum but when I read Stockholm I immediately thought of Stockholm syndrome and then like a cult that worshipped this thing, like something Lovecraftian. The whole alien feels like a Lovecraftian horror but it's thriving and blossoming in flower and broccoli and it's got an ethereal beauty to it and it is amazing! and I love that the dude has a little bit of it on his cape and staff, it's kinda cute like he became friends with it and they have a symbiotic relationship? Or maybe he's like a herald, like Galactus and the Silver surfer, going around and protecting it? It looks evil but it doesn't look like it went out of its way to destroy any of the buildings, just grew around it... Idk, I just think it's kinda cute and I would totally be buddies with it. And fr I LOVE it and the world you created here! I love you and I love the brocli and his little buddy and the sunset and the city and, simply; I am simping for that brocli boi

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This is absolutely amazing! I'm adding it to my favorites as reference on helping me do better lighting :happybounce:

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Wicked!!! I like a lot!

BFMVFanboySoldier's avatar

It's like a DOOM Eternal official artwork. Awesome!

Schizopren's avatar
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how do ppl do art like this? point me in the direction lol

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This is an incredible bit of work, well done.
ErikShoemaker's avatar

love your work

SpaceBabesArt's avatar

Love everything about this, especially the sky

EfficiencyLost's avatar

awsome work! i like that part about the broccoli :D love that sense of humor in you concept :)

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Very interesting setting

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Incredible scene and a very haunting concept!

Wow this is stunning! check out my art

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Wow, fun to se such things taking place in my own country. Please continue .
Bakrath's avatar
Very entertaining description! This is an amazing cityscape - I've always enjoyed post-apocalyptic scenes like this. Breath-taking detail on both the buildings and the entity. I really like the human with armor and staff made from the entity's bits and pieces. 
Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar
Amazing work, and very scary too. O.O 
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looking through your work i very much enjoyed the progress in your skills and themes, this stockholm alien growth is a excellent piece, happy easter:)
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Haha dom åt upp Södermalmshipstrarna! Det borde kanske ha blivit deras död i och för sej, förgiftade :D
Suverän bild!
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 I see Sweden is not weathering the COVID-19 Pandemic well, huh.
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Good nightmares!
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Strange story (may contain traces of Douglas Adams or Terry Prattchet), and excellent render. Just love those organic aliens. Bravo.
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