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One of the many shapes of mossmurkel.
Not many gets to see him but this lucky family have a good
spot and see him slowly passing by in the valley.
And everything in the valley seem to fresh up and feel more alive and the most fresh breeze of air you can imagine sweeps
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Something from "Princes Mononoke". So avesome!
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Stunning, what a picture! Great landscape details.
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Bästa titeln någonsin.
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Wow, nice work. :) I like your style, it is very organic and alive.
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Monstrueusement magnifique! Great...!
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wow. I mean, wow. The colors and the background really add up to the size of the creature!
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reminfs me of princess mononoke! the forrest spirit! i love this
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reminds me of princess mononoke! the forest spirit! i love this
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So damn creative and the colors...
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So beautiful!!!!!!
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What can I say. I'd love to see a slightly bigger version in order to really take in all the detail. Magical!
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Really cool...Huuum, not cool : Awesome!
"not many gets to see him" how could you miss him o.O
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That looks really cool, and spiritual. ^_^
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We Agree ...

it somehow reminds us The ANIME of the master Hayao Miyazaki : "Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)" ... ¿Spirit/Guardian of the forest?
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yes, it was my first idea, too.. the deer god..
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<3 Reminds me of "the old one" from Demon's Souls (PS3 game).
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