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City Ruins

Some progress shots at…
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A really EPIC job well done!

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Amazing :love: I really like the feel of this painting. The colors are stunning.
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Wow, Fabulous!!
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Heyya,great piece of art.. love the colours!
I'd love to start painting too! But the thing is.. i don't have good brushes! 
The free ones i tested dont suit my needs.
So if you guys spared me some coins by clicking this link (not sure how this works) I could get myself a brush pack! yippy yay!
I'd really appreciate it <3…
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This is a so secret Place, very good work.
This is really awesome and so detailed. I love seeing these takes on post-apocalyptic worlds. Would you be interested in having City Ruins feature as a writing prompt in a writing app called Daily Prompt? It uses daily visual and written prompts to inspire stories and poems. We only ask for permission to feature the image and add all credits in the app and on IG. We find some our most popular prompts are sci-fi ones like City Ruins.

If you would like to hear more about the app I would be happy to go into more details.

Thanks, Danny
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I LOVE THIS!! AwwHeart Heart 
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that is an awesome work

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really gorgeous, I love the post apocalyptic themes
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this is a very nice picture,

I like how you pulled off the post-apocalyptic look as if the city itself would have stories to tell if it could speak. I can just imagine putting myself in the boots of the soldiers in the pic and just be in awe of what I saw before me.

Again well done!
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Ahhhh I love this, it looks wonderful! I like the little deatils like the advertisements and the streets, the cracks in the collapsed road and stuff like that...

A very, very tiny thing I'd like to say, though: The "get your's today" ad should say "get yours today" ^^; Absolutely tiny detail, though, and that doesn't subtract from this in any notable way. 

Did you have any sort of ideas in mind for the history of this place? What was going through your head when you were drawing this?
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haha ye u are right.. that was a stupid spelling mistake. not much history went on in my head or anything at all during this piece.. sometimes i build up ideas while painting.. but now just nothing :)
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Awesome work, very atmospheric!

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This is a great subtle use of color. I really want to learn how to do that. I've read a lot of stuff about how to use neutrals and broken color, but I guess I just haven't figured out how to do it right.
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