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A new toy

He is on toy hunt and just found a very nice rabbit! His mom and dad are probably victims
of war already :(
The tank is standing still btw, its not gonna run over the kid, im not THAT cruel :)

photoshop 7.0, 2 days.

feel free to give a comment
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This would look great in black and white with a huge vignette!
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The title made me think of a child with a new mini tractor (like that one) and in the tank a young tank commander marvling at HIS new toy with great enthusiasm
zombieater's avatar
Great message and very well done! This world may not be a safe place for kids :disbelief:
i-know-i-die's avatar
You did this in 2 day? Wow. You done a great job.
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Great and amazing work Yonaz! Don't know which of your pictures is the best but decided to add most of them to my favs.
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That's so awesome! great brushing and perspective looks :omfg:
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incredible, that's awesome
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hoppas ungen dör! eller inte :D
DAVEAC1117's avatar
Incredible. that child seems clueless and i love it. I can only hope i become somewhat like you my friend. your works are amazing
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The inclusion of the male image in the top left corner really adds to this piece. It's not only a well executed work, but you've made it so poignant. Great job.
FisterMoley's avatar
this is a really sad picture. i love it...
KatsBrain's avatar
amzingly done, as usual; and such sinister implications...does it apply to this day and age? because it certainly could.
GE-Had's avatar
great image - fav+ - great use of colours and effect of the child is a thumbs up
AnnaRDunster's avatar
an here I thought, the tank was the new toy.. then I looked closer and there was something in the foreground...
SomeInspiringTitle's avatar
Beautiful painting, all the little details come together so well with the huge details. Very atmospheric, great work.
rike's avatar
yeah, thats the world kids grow up in, i love it, awesome work :+fav:
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Absolutely amazing...and that goes for all of the artwork as well.
Yakuri's avatar
yeah, very expressive, should send to anti-war community ;)

....btw, great work again :D
ukitakumuki's avatar
haha! now this is brilliant! :fav: i love the top left corner especially!
Formor's avatar
Great feel to it! Bleak and desolate atmosphere=)
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