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Everyone Loves Me Stamp by Khrinx Everyone Loves Me Stamp :iconkhrinx:Khrinx 1,537 158 FNAF 2 - Stamp by Starrceline FNAF 2 - Stamp :iconstarrceline:Starrceline 68 6 DOLL: Ponyfied Nyu/Lucy by PrincessDeathWish DOLL: Ponyfied Nyu/Lucy :iconprincessdeathwish:PrincessDeathWish 21 4 Five Nights at Freddys 2 - Mangle Foxy 2 -Icon GIF by GEEKsomniac Five Nights at Freddys 2 - Mangle Foxy 2 -Icon GIF :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 2,394 243 Five Nights at Freddy's - Crying Child by JoyJoyfulTheRabbit Five Nights at Freddy's - Crying Child :iconjoyjoyfultherabbit:JoyJoyfulTheRabbit 237 59 Puppet Rage (small) by Fazboggle Puppet Rage (small) :iconfazboggle:Fazboggle 140 22 Marionette Fnaf Gif by TheFandomDude Marionette Fnaf Gif :iconthefandomdude:TheFandomDude 122 56 Angel 1 [GIF] by AngelBeatsByDre Angel 1 [GIF] :iconangelbeatsbydre:AngelBeatsByDre 4 1 WataMote Opening GIF by AngelBeatsByDre WataMote Opening GIF :iconangelbeatsbydre:AngelBeatsByDre 80 7 (ANIMATED) The Puppet Fan Button by ButtonsMaker (ANIMATED) The Puppet Fan Button :iconbuttonsmaker:ButtonsMaker 718 148 (ANIMATED) The Mangle Fan Button by ButtonsMaker (ANIMATED) The Mangle Fan Button :iconbuttonsmaker:ButtonsMaker 1,291 356 AND YOU SAY YOU ARE WORTHLESS?! by Little-rolling-bean AND YOU SAY YOU ARE WORTHLESS?! :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 333 109 Artistic Stamp by SayaStarshine Artistic Stamp :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 1,299 46 The War on Pink by paramoreSUCKS The War on Pink :iconparamoresucks:paramoreSUCKS 2,841 401 self-taught artist by paramoreSUCKS self-taught artist :iconparamoresucks:paramoreSUCKS 656 103

#2 by OXlDIZER
(Watashi wa choudo nani ga juuyou ka mitsukeyou toshite iru)
("I'm just trying to find what is important.")
~ flicker // porter robinson

.:Ministrife Amethyst -Free Icon-:. by veri119 .:Ministrife Lapis:. by veri119 .:Ministrife Rose:. by veri119 .:Ministrife Peridot:. by veri119 .:Ministrife Jasper:. by veri119
.:Ruby -Free Icon-:. by veri119 .:Sapphire -Free Icon-:. by veri119 .:Ministrife Opal:. by veri119 .:Ministrife Rainbow Quartz:. by veri119 .:Ministrife Malachite:. by veri119

Free Stereo For Use by Smushey Free Stereo For Use by Smushey
song - Crystalline // CirCrush ft. Gumi
Galaxy divider .:F2U:. by A-M-A-L-G-A-M-A-T-E

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Splatoon OC  by YomiUnderworld Splatoon OC :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 1 0 but what if they fused by YomiUnderworld but what if they fused :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 3 0 i joined a killing game by YomiUnderworld i joined a killing game :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 4 0 ATUA by YomiUnderworld ATUA :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 3 0 her again by YomiUnderworld her again :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 2 0 my girl by YomiUnderworld my girl :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 0 0 maid waifu by YomiUnderworld maid waifu :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 1 0 maid wife by YomiUnderworld maid wife :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 2 0 bubblegum by YomiUnderworld bubblegum :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 0 3 she looks like a scene girl by YomiUnderworld she looks like a scene girl :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 0 0 pink lines by YomiUnderworld pink lines :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 4 0 oh deer by YomiUnderworld oh deer :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 0 0 when i try to make things more detailed by YomiUnderworld when i try to make things more detailed :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 1 0 a wip reference by YomiUnderworld a wip reference :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 1 0 ooh la la by YomiUnderworld ooh la la :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 2 0 TOTTY by YomiUnderworld TOTTY :iconyomiunderworld:YomiUnderworld 2 0


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i'm gonna kill my boyfriend!


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space thingy (f2u) by OXlDIZER
"A rolling girl is always far away
In her dream world she longs to stay
So much noise buzzing round inside her head
All the worries never end,
all the worries never end..."
~ rolling girl // zoozbuh english cover

*scrum debate music plays*

I'm Snowi and I sold my soul to Junko Enoshima and six Muppet Beatles
God it's hard to redecorate my page rip me to shreds
Self-proclaimed ice queen♥
I have the guiltiest pleasure for otome games
I’m not old enough to gamble but I am old enough to go to real people jail
Karamatsu seems like the perfect boyfriend and I want to cry because he's not real
I wish Tenko Chabashira was real so she could comfort me
I want Hiroko Hagakure to be my mom
Sebastian Michaelis could stab me twice and I'd still thank him
I want to go on a boat ride with Cody Carson from Set it Off to fish with him
I want to kick Kokichi Ouma in the shins since he would probably yell at me because *selena gomez voice* i'm a bad liar
I wholeheartedly agree with Komaeda getting slapped like he deserves
After Danganronpa V3, I don't know what's real and what's not anymore
I'm like a cryptid on here. Sometimes I come in, sometimes i don't, usually for a short amount of time. Basically, art from me will just pop out at random
Also, Kyoga (Enchanted in the Moonlight), Ota Kisaki (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder), Gundham Tanaka (Danganronpa), and Rin (Enemy Coupling) are mine

Backup/writing/photography account: SADMACHlNE


:LAYING_CAT: by 8-BitSpider otgw stamp by prince-deer Worlds Stamp by SunnStamp asdjkaldjaksld by faeshit [F2U] Tiny cat by kurolain

Lunar Phases by Lacrimon

Lunar Phases by Lacrimon

"What you confuse for glory's fire
is fire from the tongues of liars.."
~fire, fire // flyleaf

blue pearl pagedoll F2U by cordeliale
Snowi/Niko || Monster Girl || Asian Tentacle || Foodsexual || INFP-T || Melancholic/Phlegmatic || Hufflepuff || Capririus || Social Anxiety™ || SHSL/Ultimate Average/Shy Girl/Dandere/Dreamer || All-Matsu Girl || probably a ghost catgirl || Ayy lmao || I don't talk much

About me? I'm literally Ichimatsu Matsuno in real life, except a female and not a sextuplet. 'Nuff said.
Hello ^-^ I give myself many names. But I guess I'd feel more comfortable if you'd call me Snowi, Kitty, Phantom, Spirit, Harumaki, Blue Pearl, Celeste, Niko, Nebby, Rainy, or any of my, umm, "synpath" names ^^ Feel me to call me whatever, though.
i'm a boring monster girl who just lies down and plays video games all day.
Ummm... Let's see.. You could say that.. I am a lost boy from Neverland. (Because, you know, in the book, it explains that there were no such thing as lost girls.) I was born in a very modest family, only going by their rules and ideals and being submissive at all times. Wishing for freedom, I fell down a rabbit hole one day into a place of madness. I've been here ever since. I never understood, and to this day, I still don't understand it. I met some people, they ended up leaving, and now... I'm here. Oh, where else is life going to take me now... I am also very interested in finding out where I came from... Like, reincarnation. Please help me, I'm so lost and I don't know where to begin.. I remember most of my dreams and distant childhood memories, if that helps..?
Anyways, I mainly make crappy, cringy pony/manga art, even though I don't like MLP or anime that much, because I can. I’m not that good at drawing, but I’m trying! I hope to get into an art school to improve <3 Or should I just work with animals..? Ehh, I really don't know. I usually just draw for fun, anyways. You can see that through my use of MLP bases. I know it’s not considered “real art” but it’s only because I have a busy life and I just use the bases as a quick thing to get done. As you may see, I don't talk much, and I'm still in my stupid emo/scene/cat phase, hahah. Also, feel free to watch me, I have no "before you follow" thing because I accept everyone and I love all my watchers <3 (Well, except if you're like a murderer or something, but you know what I mean.) I may seem very shy and unfriendly, but I am sweet and polite, i promise. It's mainly because of my social anxiety disorder, I'm sorry ;; I'm just a lonely ghost who wants friends. I'm very empathetic and I have mixed feelings about everything♥

I am super gay for my lovely sinnamon bun girlfriend Shayde <3 Ahahahahah… This might seem a bit naughty and inappropriate… But... I am a kitten/nekomimi pet and I love my owner.. >///< Yeah, I am in the petplay community... It's nothing sexual, though… Because I'm uncomfortable with sexual things… Nyaaa, I love how I'm able to fully trust them with anything~ They treat me like a little princess ^^ They are the bunny to my kitty, the Yuzuki to my Iroha, the Chloe to my Max, the Ibuki to my Mikan, the Panty to my Kneesocks, the Lopunny to my Gardevoir/Tsareena, the Sylveon to my Umbreon, and the Primarina to my Decidueye~ BUUUNNNN~!♥

Space Dream by CatSpy69
hope userbox by userboxesgalore

Pastel Planet by Ellteo Custom Box Header Art Status by Dri-Bee Pastel Planet by Ellteo

Requests: Ask
Commissions: Ask
Point Commissions: Ask
Art trades: Ask, but aaah, I'm so excited to trade with you ;u;
Collabs: Ask, but oh my, I'd be honored!! ;w;

017 by mysig [F2U] Stay with me.. by Takashi-N [STAMP] Video games by Lomhara

Lunar Phases by Lacrimon

Lunar Phases by Lacrimon

not like them
I have an irrational fear of Eugenia Cooney's legs
I’m addicted to crack... aka chicken nuggets
tfw 13-year-olds draw better than me
I think I'm better off looking alone
I walk a thin line between hope and despair
Young love is dangerous
i appreciate your existence
light me up like a silver sky
you're not special, i'm not special, are we done now? Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu
[F2U] purple horror by Takashi-N



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