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+ spirits in the dark are waiting +

x i will let the wind move quietly.. x

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oh god Eclipse is here lmao, imma need to fix up my profile later,,, right after i take 20 years to decorate my danganronpa-themed acnh island lmao

x i am currently on hiatus everywhere due to online classes and health issues. i'll be back one day... maybe at least summer 2020... x

x please check the faq below on rules about reposting my art, what programs i use, whether i take requests/commission, etc. x


♥ Snowi ♥

Lvl 20 ♥ Dandere ♥ Monster Girl

Wants to be a witch ♥ Angel in training ♥ probably a ghost

yooooo, what‘s up butterpup

i'm just a boring monster girl who lies down and plays video games all day.

i'm a.. big maladaptive daydreamer that stays in my own world most of the time.

i’m not that good at drawing, but i’m trying! i'm currently attending college and wanting to major in illustration (tho i am also interested in psychology/biology.. idk) so i could improve <3 i’m really insecure of my art, and it doesn’t help that i'm slow and actually don't draw very often, which is why i don’t post all that much.. i used to do base edits, but i have since lost interest since i wanted to learn how to actually draw. it’s my dream to work in a studio someday ^^ i also really love to design characters and make up stories for them, but a lot of them are unfinished and private. anyways, i'm extremely shy, so please be patient with me because i feel anxiety reading any kind of notifications at times ;v; i'm chill tho, dw! i will say that if you want to talk to me, i prefer you comment on my profile since notes make me nervous ;v; feel free to use notes only to talk about requests/commissions/vents tho! ♥

♥ Art Status ♥

Requests: Closed

Commissions: Closed

Trades: Ask

Collabs: Ask

♥ thinking of opening up a request box soon once i find the time ♥

♥ i don't really take commissions since i don't feel ready, but you're always free to tip me at ko-fi ♥

♥Current mood: so sleepy lately...... just been playing animal crossing new horizons and obey me everyday (beel i love u)

♥Current mood: i would sell my soul to see the osomatsu-san english dub early.... and also for persona 3/4/5 to release on the switch

♥Current obsession: gin ibushi is my son and if anything bad happens to him, i will punch everyone in this room including myself

lapis icon by @captainkittu

dude how do i decorate my page in eclipse

Favourite Visual Artist
Ummm... Everyone I'm watching <3 Shamelessly, I am watching over 500+ deviants, ahah... But a few of my favorites include primadxnna, Yamio, milkgrrl, nomnomnami, Radd, Angela He, and nekozneko ^^
Favourite Movies
Let me just say I only go the movies because the popcorn is so good, lmao. Why isn't store bought popcorn as good as movie theater popcorn? In all seriousness, I don't really have a favorite movie since new ones are always popping out so I cAN'T PICK-
Favourite TV Shows
I don't really watch TV anymore, most of my life is me just watching random videos on Youtube lmao. Uhhhh but I guess I have a lot of favorite shows/anime??? I'm too lazy to list them all, go to my About stash for everything lmao
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Oof you can find more about bands/singers that I like in my About stash, but my top three favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, and Evanescence
Favourite Books
...Man I used to love reading physical books when I was little, but once I reached high school, I kind of moved on to reading fanfiction on my phone... I could tell you all my fave stories, though! I really like dark fairy tales and NoSleep stories!
Favourite Writers
I don’t necessarily have any *favorite* writers, I more likely read any story or poem that catches my eye
Favourite Games
Dude I have a lot... Let's see, my favorites would be every main series Pokemon game, all Danganronpa games, Undertale/Deltarune, NITW, YTTD, and tbh I tend to play a lot of mobile games, indie games, JRPG maker games, and otome games, woops
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
I really want to move on to using IbisPaintX on my iPad Pro,,,, To find out about what programs i used for my older art, please look in my FAQ section
Other Interests
Hot chocolate, smoothies, dairy products, bubble tea, scary stories, plushies, occult, astrology, astronomy, psychology, singing, cheese, mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, gaming, voice acting, ranch, the color indigo, JUNK FOOD, my dog, and... other stuff.


eclipse is weird

i'm gonna miss the pretty non-core decors on my profile page in the old theme


i have nothing else to say except stream sinful indulgence


my social medias

my social medias

this is it, the apocalypse... I’m not really sure if I want to leave DA even though I don’t like Eclipse all that much,,,, but just in case, for those who do want to leave, here are my main social medias you can find me at: Twitter: https://twitter.com/CommonGhostGirl Toyhou.se: https://toyhou.se/SnowSpirit Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snxwyspirits/ (art account) or https://www.instagram.com/snowiinxghts/ (personal account) Tumblr: http://nebbylas.tumblr.com/ (main blog) or http://snxwyspirits.tumblr.com/ (art blog, if you’d like to see only fanart from me) Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=28621505 A

it's winter cleaning time

it's winter cleaning time

it's not winter yet but it's december, it'll be winter sOON hi, it's been quite a while! i haven't posted any art since artfight this year. college has been super busy for me, and idk if i want to post any personal stories in my journals anymore since i'm thinking of making any 'featured' journals art-related features instead. like, my upcoming request box that may come next year. you may have noticed that i put a lot of my old art/sketches/wips in my Scraps gallery, and most of my old journals have been unfeatured so now you have to click 'all' in order to see all of them again. it's because i've grown a lot since then and i want to move on

anyways happy pride month

anyways happy pride month

i'm bi and i love my gf and i'm ready to yeet all lgbtphobes off a cliff if they cross me 1. what’s your gender? i don't remember 2. what are your pronouns? she/her. they/them is also accepted because i like to be mysterious and would prefer for others not to reveal my true gender when referring to me~ 3. is your family accepting? yea, they're accepting. 4. what do you wish you could tell your past self? this would depend on which moment in time this is in.. but two moments stand out to me uhhhh for the bullies, i would say that you don't need to be afraid to get in trouble for throwing a couple of punches at them, because it's thei

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thot slayer organization

pls donate to our little church, we have mandatory cookie breaks everyday and feeding so many mouths is a blessing

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♥ reply to this comment only to keep my page clean ♥

feel free to talk to me, compliment me, send me memes, or tag me in stuff that reminds you of me ^^

you don't have to thank me for anything like a fave or a watch, since i honestly find it annoying af, but whatever, i can't stop you from doing what you want ;v;

friendly reminder to eat, drink water, take a break every once in a while, and take meds~
YomiUnderworldStudent General Artist
YomiUnderworldStudent General Artist
YomiUnderworldStudent General Artist
YomiUnderworldStudent General Artist
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It's December 22nd which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

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