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Brenda really didn’t know how long the drive lasted. Stuck in the back of Cass’s SUV in total darkness, her sense of time was totally out of whack. She did her best to comfort her daughter and Wendy, but, truth be told, was terrified herself.            
Trying to stay balanced in the back of the SUV, crouched down and teetering on the high-heels that had formed on their feet, the three women were totally disoriented. Periodically, Brenda would feel around herself, probing the shape of her body for any sign of a break in the red material of the catsuit she was trapped in. Her red-coated fingers found no seams or breaks in it; the seal was total.            
"Mom... how is this happening? What did those cats do to us?" Britney whimpered in the darkness. Brenda leaned toward the voice and touched her daughter, trying to comfort her.            
"I don’t know honey. D
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(With a nod to Koto and his Latex Skunk tale. Ardvark)
The three women walked quickly down the aisles of the large pet store, one of them pushing a shopping cart while the other two followed. Having just barely squeezed through the store’s doors before a clerk locked them for the night, the woman with the cart kept a brisk pace while the two younger women following her talked excitedly between themselves.
The woman with the cart was a tall, athletic blonde. Her name was Brenda Fairfax. Brenda kept her hair short, finding it easier to manage with her busy schedule and frequent sporting activities. The thirty-six-year-old spent every free moment playing tennis, golfing, doing aerobics, and engaging in light weight-lifting. The effect was that though she was nearing her forties, she had a taught, fit body with excellent tone. With her height, the woman’s long muscular legs were especially pleasing to the eye. Brenda’s blue eyes scanned the shelves for what sh
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Setsudankanja Gaiden Obake clan
Setsudankanja Gaiden – Obake clan.
By Yomerome.
Part 1
The sky turned red that particular night near Mount Asama. People from villages around the volcano flee in panic as hot ashes fell like snow flakes. The smoking top of the mountain had given an early warning to the villages avoiding a larger tragedy.
It was near midnight, a large explosion rumbled the ground. The crater exploded sending tons of rocks into the air followed by rivers of lava downhill. The natural disaster was visible at Ueda’s temple, more than twenty miles away.
At the forest, five miles away from the crater, an igneous rock crashes directly over a small river. After cooling down, a face appears from the rock. It was the kitsune mask Ayase had tossed at the crater months before. The mask had a large vertical crack going from the top down into the left eye.
From the bushes a creature approached attracted by the glow of the object. A white paw picked up the mystic object as the right eye of the Tanaka mask
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by kyo-dom

NAME OF THE DEVIATION: Daisy masked modified suit DONE BY: kyo-domesticfucker. TYPE OF DEVIATION: Color pencil work SHORT DESCRIPTION O...




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2nd in the dark
This is what I have turned to

A target of racist unscrupulus pseudo artists. Who will do anything to cover up their acts here and outside of Deviantart, but their own pride has turned agaist them as stated by their own hands.

At the last lines of the image.

¨... IP logs from the sticky site IRC showing you posting racist abuse whilst pretending to be Gluepaw.
That last one I know you know is true, BECAUSE YOU´VE SEEN ME POSTING THERE TOO ¨

Down is the link to the chat they have filled with insults and then tried to cover up their tracks.


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At around 1:30 PM Central time. Mexico City was struck by a 7.1 Ritcher earthquake which has caused at least 140 deaths on several cities in 3 states.

:iconalfonsomarin: and :iconandrade-iv: live in the capital of our country.

Let´s hope they and their families are safe.

Update: Both have confirmed being Okay.
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Brenda really didn’t know how long the drive lasted. Stuck in the back of Cass’s SUV in total darkness, her sense of time was totally out of whack. She did her best to comfort her daughter and Wendy, but, truth be told, was terrified herself.            

Trying to stay balanced in the back of the SUV, crouched down and teetering on the high-heels that had formed on their feet, the three women were totally disoriented. Periodically, Brenda would feel around herself, probing the shape of her body for any sign of a break in the red material of the catsuit she was trapped in. Her red-coated fingers found no seams or breaks in it; the seal was total.            

"Mom... how is this happening? What did those cats do to us?" Britney whimpered in the darkness. Brenda leaned toward the voice and touched her daughter, trying to comfort her.            

"I don’t know honey. Don’t worry... don’t panic... we’ll get out of this okay. Are you okay Wendy?" Brenda asked the other girl.            

"I’m scared... what is this stuff we’re covered in?"            

"I don’t know. Those cats covered us with it though. We’ll just have to wait and see what we can find out when we stop. For now, we’re just going to sit back and rest. We’ll need our energy for whatever is coming up next."            

Brenda sat down against the back wall of the compartment. Britney and Wendy sat down as well, leaning up against the older woman. Brenda reached around each girl with an arm, embracing them as they laid their heads down on her shoulders. Each girl shuddered a bit on doing so, slightly disturbed at the touch of Brenda’s red-covered shoulders on their cheeks.          

The girls dozed off occasionally, but, the three of them were simply too terrified and uncomfortable to get any kind of meaningful rest. As Brenda sat there, she began to have the strangest of sensations, different feelings and moods washing over her. The suit felt warm against her skin. The feel of her daughter and Wendy against her felt strangely pleasurable. Brenda shifted a bit, disturbed by the oddly arousing sensation. Strange feelings came to her, an odd sensuality. The red catsuit felt odd, with strange tingling erupting every few minutes. Finally, after a couple of hours, Brenda fell into a light sleep herself.            

After several hours, the three women were jolted awake by the sudden deceleration of the SUV.  Brenda hugged the two girls tight as the felt the vehicle come to a stop. "It’ll be okay... just stay calm... " she whispered, trying to reassure them.            

Several minutes went by, with only silence surround the terrified women. Finally, after the interminable time, the back doors of the SUV clicked unlocked and parted slightly. Brenda and the two girls squinted as their eyes adjusted to the brighter light outside of the compartment. Brenda and the two girls, hand in hand, slowly pushed open the doors and climbed down out of the SUV.            

The three skin-tight-red bodies slowly came out, looking around tentatively as they emerged. Doing their best to stay upright and steady on their preposterously high-heels, the Brenda and the girls held hands and looked around the room.            

The SUV was parked in a large, well-lit warehouse. The only visible door, sized for the automobile, was shut on the far wall. The room had an odd, white tiled floor, and a white metal-girder supported roof with several hanging lights suspended from it. About ten yards in front of the trio, Steven Cass sat seated in a metal chair. "Good morning pussycats! I hope you had a restful trip." He beamed.            

"I don’t know how or why you’ve done this... but... " Brenda managed to speak out.            

"Shhhhh. I’m talking now." Cass said softly, patting the gun he had brandished earlier, now sitting on his lap. Brenda held each girls hand tighter as Britney and Wendy started to whimper and tear up.            

"The cats I introduced to you ladies, the cats that are now a part of each of you, were created for a very special purpose. You see, I’m a man with discriminating taste. I want very special pets--very special indeed." Cass flashed them all a fiendish grin as he spoke. He looked over the three women with obvious lust and appreciation, taking in the every inch of their firm, sexy, red-sheathed bodies with his gaze.            

Ending his lustful daydreaming, Cass looked back at the women’s faces. "The cats have merged and fused with you. Those aren’t just outfits you’re wearing. In a very real sense, they’re a part of you, totally intertwined with your bodies. I’m afraid they won’t be coming off."            

Britney began to sob as Brenda pulled her close under one arm, doing her best to comfort her terrified daughter. Wendy, still holding Brenda’s other hand looked down at herself, hoping with all her heart that Cass was lying, that she was just looking at an outfit that could be removed like any other, and not an irremovable prison.            

"You three lovely ladies are now being completely integrated with the little red felines, becoming more than your normal, boring, average, everyday selves. For the past several hours, ever since they began their merger, the cats have been altering and bonding with your physiologies, making you into a perfect fusion of what you and they were. Think about what you’ve been feeling and experiencing. The red material has been feeling odd, hasn’t it, as if it’s moving and pulsating on you? It’s integrating with you, altering your bodies. Take a look at yourselves, do you feel the differences?"            

The three women, still together huddled in terror, looked down at their bodies. The red, latex-like material still clung to every nook and cranny of their bodies. But, as they looked down and thought of what Cass had just said, the three began to recognize differences in how they now looked that went beyond their new wardrobe. All three women’s breasts were fuller, perkier, and generally more impressive looking than before. Though the three had been quite fit before, now, their bodies seemed to be in an amazing state of physical fitness. Their arms and long legs were muscular yet feminine, each curve and supple line in full view thanks to the skin-tight red sheath covering them.            

More than mere physical feature alteration, Brenda in particular noticed something much more troubling. Britney and Wendy were moving quite differently. Even just standing their, swaying a bit, new red tails twitching; the pair seemed to be moving with a fluid, sensual grace. Their simplest movements oozed with sexuality. If Brenda had to choose a phrase to describe their motions, it would have to have been cat-like. Looking from each of the girls to herself, she even noticed herself moving in the same manner, crouching slightly; tail swaying with the movement of her hips.            

"My god... what’re these things doing to us... " Brenda whispered as she took it all in.            

Cass chuckled from his seat. "They’re improving you to my mind. In a very real sense, you three ladies are becoming my pets; my cats. I’m going to have a momma and two kittens unlike anyone else."            

Brenda, still in a bit of shock, looking at her daughters movements continued to talk to herself. "We’re even moving differently... "            

"Yes you are. You see, not only are the cats becoming a part of you physically, but, they’re becoming a part of your minds. You’re conscious minds are still yours, but, as the process continues their animal instincts, instincts and behavioral patterns that I’ve chosen for you to have will begin to take hold on your subconscious selves. You’re going to find yourselves acting in a very different manner. You’re animals now."            

Cass stood up and began to walk closer to the terrified trio. "You are moving differently Brenda, with a feline grace that is most becoming. But, think about it; its so much more than that. You’re terrified of me aren’t you? You’ve been heeding to every little order I bark. You don’t want to, but you do. Somewhere, deep inside of you, your new cat wills are taking hold. You’re instinctively doing what your dominant, powerful master wants you to." Cass looked into Brenda’s wide, blue, surprised eyes.            

Brenda thought about it... horrified to come to the conclusion that what Cass was saying was true.  She’d acquiesced to his every order, and stood there trembling with the girls the whole time. Her brow furrowed as she tried to do something else, to rush Cass, to kick and scream and charge the man, but found herself completely unable to. Though her mind wanted her to fight, to claw, to save herself, her daughter, and Wendy, her changing body over-rode her, forcing her to tremble in awe of the man who had done this to her. "I-I... w-want to do something... .I w-want to... " Her face contorted with the effort as she tried to reclaim her will, but Brenda just couldn’t do it. Her new cat-instincts held her in check.            

To each side of her, Britney and Wendy shivered in fear, each red cat-suited teen locked in a similar battle as they tried to overcome their powerful new animal instincts.            

"I think its time I show you more of what is happening to you. Britney-come over here to me." Cass ordered forcefully while pointing to the floor directly to his right side.            

Brenda tried to tighten her grip on her daughter, but found her grasp slipping. Face twisted with the mental effort, the tall blonde managed to force some words out. "N-n-no... she’s not... don’t make her... " While her mother tried to reclaim her willpower, Britney swallowed hard and shuddered. Slowly, with evident fear and trepidation, she pulled herself from her Mother’s weak grasp and began to walk over to where Cass told her to.            

While the girl’s face revealed fear, her body moved with a dancer’s grace, her heels no longer an obstacle to her movements. With hips swaying, tail twitching, and movements precise, the red-cat-suited teen went over and stood next to Cass, facing her mother and Wendy across from her.            

Cass smiled as he looked over Britney, his lust obvious as his eyes went over the cat-suited young body next to him, drinking in the shape of her little rear, her legs, and firm breasts. "I’m glad I decided to include the heel and toe shape. I always have been partial to stiletto boots." Cass commented to himself.            

Looking over at Brenda and Wendy, still holding hands to try and lend each other strength, Cass flashed a devilish grin. "You’re going to find so many things have changed. Your senses and instincts are really going to amaze you. For instance... " As he spoke, Cass reached over and ran a hand on Britney’s red-clad shoulder. As his fingers played over her round upper body, Britney began to react strongly. The young blond let out a gasp as she began to writhe and sway, her eyes fluttering as powerful new feelings washed over her. "... The entire surface of your body is now an erogenous zone, hard-wired to give you intense, almost orgasmic pleasure with but a touch from me."          

Britney went into a crouch beside Cass, rubbing her neck and back against the man’s leg as he continued to caress her. Her mind screamed, disgusted by what she was doing, but she found herself unable to resist. Some deep, dark part of her wanted, needed, had to have his touch. Her whole body tingled; her sex went wild with sensation. No virgin, popular young cheerleader that she was, Britney found herself experiencing the most powerful orgasmic feelings she had ever been subjected to. With each touch of Cass’s fingers she went limp with pleasure. Humiliated and horrified, she was overwhelmed with a need to feel his caress.            

"My cats love to be petted, that’s for sure." Cass smiled as he continued to pet the writhing young woman crouched beside him.            

Brenda hugged Wendy and managed to take one step forward with one of her red high-heeled feet as she fought to do something, anything, to save her daughter. "P-p-p-p-p-please... s-s-stop this... please... she’s just a g-g-g-g-irl... " she stammered.            

Cass stopped petting Britney, pulling his hand back up. The girl, no longer overwhelmed with pleasure, tried to get her bearings back, standing back up and hugging herself as tears ran down her cheeks. "She’s not a girl anymore Brenda. None of you are. You’re cats. My cats." Cass began to walk around them as Britney trotted back over to her mother and Wendy. The three women hugged each other close as they continued to watch Cass.            

Brenda, trying to wipe her daughter’s tears away with her red-coated fingers looked at Cass with pure hatred. "We are people; women, with lives and families. I have a husband and a little boy... the girls are going to school... please let us go. We won’t tell anyone what you’ve done if you just let us go." Brenda’s fear and anger were briefly eclipsed by her pleading desperation.            

"Those lives are gone. Your only lives now are to be my devoted pets; your only family each other. You’re a momma-cat Brenda, and Britney and Wendy are your kittens." Cass stopped again looking Brenda in the eyes once more.            

In the next instant three of the floors tiles lowered away unseen. Seconds later, they returned with new objects loaded on top of them. Three large, white boxes with steel mesh front doors stood there. As the three women looked at them, they began to recognize them. They were larger versions of the portable cat-cages pet-owners used to transport their cats. About three feet tall, and four feet long, there was no doubt about who was going to be expected to get into them.            

Hugging the girls tighter, Brenda found herself begging once more, "Please don’t do this... " even as she begged, her brow furrowed. She tried to force herself to fight back, to strike out; to do anything to resist, but found herself overpowered by fear and timidity.            

"It’s already done pussycat." Cass walked over to the first cage and opened the door. "You first Britney."            

Looking at her mother with tears in her eyes, Britney broke from the pair and began to walk over to Cass. "I-I-I don’t wanna... " she stammered pitifully as she walked to the cage, heels clicking on the tiles.            

Brenda closed her eyes and twisted her face in a grimace once more as she tried to will herself to do something. But, try as she might, she found herself unable to force herself to help her daughter. Wendy frowned and teared up beside her, fighting a losing battle against her instincts as well.            

"Climb on in Kitten." Cass pointed to the open cage. As short as it was, Britney had to crouch down and climb inside, on all fours, her gloved hands and the tall heels on her feet, she went within the box. As she turned around and faced the door, Cass slammed it shut. The poor young woman stood behind the steel bars, in a crouch, standing on her heels with her hands laced out through the grate.            

Cass looked at the two other women as he backed up to the next box. "Wendy honey, it’s your turn now." He said as he opened the box’s door.            

Wendy looked at Brenda and whimpered, her pretty Asian features painted with fear as she broke away and walked to her waiting travel-box. With the same instinctual feline grace that the other two were exhibiting, the cat-suited young woman walked over and climbed in. As she bent down to go inside, Cass rubbed her rear with his outstretched palm. Wendy stopped and shuddered as an orgasmic rush ran through her body. Ending his caress with a firm little snap, Cass slammed the wire door shut as Wendy turned to look out from a kneeling position within.            

"You’re turn mommy-cat" Cass chuckled as he walked over to the last box and opened it.

Brenda, despite every conscious thought and resource at her disposal, found herself walking gracefully over to her waiting case. Her tail swayed in time with her hips, her heels clicked musically. As she walked to the cage, Cass smiled and came close to her. Reaching out to her, he ran his hands down her hips and over her thighs. Electrified with his touch, Brenda began to hyperventilate. Her sex went afire with sensation as a massive, whole body orgasm. Cass’s hands went up as he began to fondle Brenda’s now massive breasts, cupping and pinching each orb with abandon. Brenda went weak in the knees as she started to writhe as she stood there, helpless before the tidal wave of pleasure that engulfed her.

Cass picked her up under her arms and whirled her around to just in front of her open cage. Still touching her shoulders, Cass pushed her down to a near-seated, crouching position, carefully balanced on her high-heels.            

Brenda’s conscious mind screamed, she hated what was being done to her. She felt ashamed, humiliated, and disgusted by her reaction to Cass’s touch. But, angry and horrified as she was, she was totally unable to do anything while Cass was fondling her. She was lost in orgasmic pleasure.            

Finally, with her crouched down in front of the open door, Cass stopped his attentions, taking his hands off of Brenda’s red-sheathed body. As her eyes went back into focus and she tried to catch her breath, Cass pushed her into the open box, sending her back in on her rear. Brenda fell in, landing on her tail so as to send pain shooting up through her backside. "Meoorwwwww!!!" she gasped, sitting up and pulling her tail out from underneath.            

Rubbing her sore tush, Brenda suddenly realized that her first sound on feeling the pain had been a very cat-like noise. "Oh my god... " she whispered in horrified shock.            

Cass, with strength not obvious in his form, carefully picked up each carrying case containing a cat-woman and loaded them into the back of his cavernous SUV. Looking at the terrified faces through the mesh doors as he did so, he spoke to his new pets. "This is going quite well kitties. You’re progressing much better than I thought you would. I think its time we head to your new homes. If you’re very, very lucky, I may give you some loving attention when we get there. I know how much you like some good, old-fashioned petting and stroking." Cass laughed as he slammed the door shut on the three caged women.



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Would you happen to know any story or story series with anything that had to with the pictures I described above? 

Thank you for your time. 
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Due the attacks of Gluepaw, Zefram, and their friends, many of the stories were lost. I suggest you look up for the author and see if it still on line.
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