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Two years later, well a bit more, I'm still around. I still make videos every month and I'm still playing #Airsoft ;)

Both things are going good. Take a look at the  Channel, Airsoft videos have english, spanish and portuguese subtitles ;) These days my videos are a mix of #vlog and #gameplay. I found that people get engaged more with this style. 

Take a look and let me know what you think

I still make pictures of my Airsoft games but these days I upload them to my Facebook Page ([link]) or include them at the end my Airsoft #Vlog 

Airsoft by YoLoL

These days there isn't much time to spare but perhaps you will see some activity around here :)

I still Airsoft at least twice a month, but also I do a YouTube Channel dedicated to Airsoft, DIY, camping and BBQ =D

You can check it here…

It's a challenge to juggle all of it :)

Las few months I've been writing for an Airsoft Blog that is related to an Airsoft Social Network:

I have written or translated several a bit more than half a dozen articles; I'm sharing you people the links for four of them:………

I hope you enjoy them though they are written in Spanish ;)
Well, let's see ... What I have been up to lately? During the last few months I have been doing many things. I keep playing Airsoft; actually I went to a big game a few months ago and next weekend I will attend another one. Both are out of the city and the attendance was high on the last one and the next I expected to be high, so let's see how it plays.

Last big game I couldn't bring my camera but for the next one, Operation Rampant Wolf, I'll take my camera and shoot as many photos as I can. It will be a while before I post them because right after the game I'll go out on a family trip. So be patient, there will be many cool pictures but it will take me a while to post them =)

On the other hand, I doing some video editing of some of my Airsoft games. I'm still learning hopefully you should see improvements. 

For the last video that I made, I used footage from a friend Contour camera and my own handycam, the end result was good, considering that there were poor light conditions and it started to rain.

I'm also working on a homemade infrared lamp for shooting night games.

BTW; I really need good quality CC music for my videos, do you know where can I find it? Are you musician yourself? Would you like me to use your songs as background music for my Airsoft videos? If so, please let me know =) I'll give proper credit to all contributors =)

Anyway, you can check my Airsoft Playlist here:… all of my videos are a 100% original. All shoot and edited by me. As I mentioned before, I use Creative Commons music.
Instead of pics I've been shooting videos

Escenario: AlfaXIII - Una historia de la Guerrra Mundial Z…

Depredadores en el Gotcha Target…

Club Deportivo de #Airsoft de #Guadalajara ETAG AC…

Captura la bandera…

Currently I'm working on a 2 minute short, the idea is to create a short series. Stay tuned! =D
During the last night game that the Club organized I shoot some video instead of pictures, as my point and shoot camera works very bad during low light conditions

This is the link to the video:…

It is my first one, also it is in spanish.
I didn't assist any game matches during October; I decided to do some other stuff and it was great. Revisited old hobbies that I had left a bit abandoned :D and also I expended sometime with the people I love.

Bug eyed by YoLoL

Also, I picked up (again) jogging and I do really feel better, even though now there is a pretty cold weather.

Airsoft Sign by YoLoL

Anyway, the truth is that I love Airsoft and trust me I really missed to play during October; so this month I'll try to assist to four games. So far, I have been in two games,  all of them at night time so pictures are scarce, my point and shoot camera suffers under this light conditions.

Any tips for shooting fast paced pictures in low light conditions with a Samsung  ST550?

Briefing before the game by YoLoL
Ah! What a great weekend!!! The Big Game was a success, people from nearby states drove all the way to Guadalajara.

It was really cool to participate

DMR by YoLoL

La Guerra del Arca by YoLoL

La Guerra del Arca by YoLoL

La Guerra del Arca by YoLoL

La Guerra del Arca by YoLoL

Brothers by YoLoL

Infiltrator by YoLoL

Infiltrator by YoLoL
Five more days until the big game... take a look here:

I'll try to snap a few pics but not that many =)

Airsoft by YoLoL
General Grievous meets Airsoft by YoLoL
DMR by YoLoL
Well, two good news; first one, in a about a month a big game will be held here in GDL; you can read the details here: La Guerra del Arca by YoLoL

and in the other hand, we have an interclub game next Sunday, I'm soooo in! Expect many pictures specially of my new replica! :D
Well, it's been a slow month for me, at least from the Airsoft perspective. Other than a single game on the fifth I haven't been able to play any games at all.

Nevertheless ETAG has been pretty active; a couple of friends got each a head mounted camera and have been filming their games. This is the link to the playlist:…

Take a peek and follow if you like, that list will grow over time =)

Punisher ACU Background by YoLoL
Worthy of any MW map, among the sites that we play is a junk yard. It is quite big and it contains all that you can imagine; shipping containers in different state of decay, a fire truck engine, an autobus, piles of compressed paper, metal junk, and other way more stuff.

It's an excellent place to play Airsoft, it offers open spaces for snipers and close quarter zones for infiltrators.

All in all, it was an excellent day to play, cloudy most of the part but not rainy.

I uploaded a few pics of the many I took that day, don't forget to watch me to check the rest of them :D

Game Match at the local Junk Yard by YoLoL Game Match at the local Junk Yard by YoLoL Game Match at the local Junk Yard by YoLoL
Major League Airsoft by YoLoL Punisher ACU Background by YoLoL Airsoft banner by YoLoL

From time to time, we at the club, organize a camping/game; they are really cool.

We play until late nite then we make a barbeque and next morning we have some more game matches. This is a good opportunity to play small scenario games.

Pitty that on this occassion I won't be able to join them. I'm planning to be present for a couple of hours but that may be just for the barbeque. As always, I will post any cool pics that I get that nite; it will be a good idea to take a tripod with me :D

The road ahead by YoLoL Pack your bags by YoLoL Target, tactical range by YoLoL
Last weekend I gathered with my friends that got me into this hobby.

Really fun to play again with them; the pace is different than playing with the guys at ETAG Club but everybit as fun :D

T Squad rides again by YoLoL About to get the flag by YoLoL The road ahead by YoLoL Looking for tangos by YoLoL Airsoft by YoLoL

The guy in the second picture is a friend from high school, it's been a few years since I last saw him. He plays Paintball but we invited him to join us on that day, he's an excellent player. It was good to play with him =)

Stay tune! More pics to come...
It's been a while since I last went to an Airsoft game; busy month I guess but today that changes :D

It's a nite game so don't expect many pictures but I can snap a couple of pics I will :)

Stay tune! In the meantime take a look at my gallery there are many great pics :)

Achievement Banner by YoLoL Airsoft banner by YoLoL Major League Airsoft by YoLoL I love this game by YoLoL Ready! by YoLoL
At the last moment I decided to attend to an Airsoft match on Sunday. I'm glad I did.

I took a lot of pics and played a lot of exciting matches.

It was a really sunny day so it was also a test for endurance. I have been jogging almost everyday for the last few months and the good news is that I have improved my stamina :)

Also, we had another female player, you don't see that very often, let's see if she becomes a regular.

Sights are hot! by YoLoL ETAG by YoLoL Victory! by YoLoL

I don't think I will be able to play any matches during June but keep an eye on my gallery, as I will be uploading the pictures I took on this match.
Yep, yesterday I played an Airsoft Match at "Target Gotcha Range"

Great game, we were about fifteen persons including the girlfriend of a mate.

She played a couple of games and actually she tagged someone while getting almost no hits, we're gentlemen, after all no one would shoot a chick, at least not that much ;)

I snapped a few pics but since it was a night game I had a hard time getting them right. I'll post them as I sort them out.

Anyway, next saturday I will play paintball with a couple of friends. It's been a few years since the last time I played. I guess there won't be that much of a difference. I'll tell you how it was. Yep, pics included. :)
A good friend of mine invited me to a Paintball match; so let's try it for a change :D

First time I played paintball was a about ten years ago; it was a woodsland game in Atizapan de Zaragoza, near the airstrip. I had a lot of fun but for some reason I wasn't hook as in Airsoft. I guess I had other priorities in mind at the time

Well, anyway I will try to shoot some pics of the paintball match and upload them here :)
This has been a very stressful week in the job so I decided to sign up for one of the Thursdays matches that often ETAG Airsoft Club organizes, I just have to say something:

Airsoft Meme by YoLoL

Yep, it was that good. So good it deserved it owns meme :)

A lot of matches, a lot fun, great field. On this occasion Quimera field wasn't available since we are still on religious festivities in Mx instead we went to Target Gotcha Range, it's in the north part of the city and it's really worth the long drive to play there.

In the future, I may go to snap a few pics for my blog. Stick around! :D
Well, not for me at least. The Club has been very active ... business as usual , no surprise there ;)  Last weekend they held a gaming session in a junkyard in the outskirts of the city.

According to the game review, it was really great! Too bad I miss it. Next official game will be held in two weeks, at a local forest . I hope I can attend :D

Have to get my gear ready!

SIG 552 by YoLoL Pack your bags by YoLoL DA-ID by YoLoL

BTW; I want to get me MARPAT outfit for the rainy season.