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WallhavenBot 2.0

A new version of skin for Rainmeter with -=Login=- function.
Also Wallhavenbot contains a simple little widget skin that simply turns on and off the main skin. (Wget and widget are different things, don't get confused!)

So, WallhavenBot uses wget to login (it is needed to get all filter options of the site) and grab images right to your Desktop!  Footloose Footloose Footloose  But it actually works without any login, so it is not necessary to have a wallhaven account.
The Version of wget that included with the skin is 1.19.1 x64. It is open source cmd program with GNU GPL Licence.  It was tested on Windows 8 and 7, just like the skin itself. 



Left mouse click - opens full-sized picture
Right mouse click - opens menu
Middle mouse click - switches to another 12 thumbnails 


It contains some website filter options, skin options like Latest and Random and update and refresh buttons. 
You cant's see nsfw tagged pictures until you register on the site, then you need to login inside the skin.
Temp. folder is a temporary place for downloaded images - like every thumbnail. You should check it and clean it up sometimes.
Download folder - is where your downloaded pictures stored.

It also contains Tags, which you can set up by yourself ( look for the "" inside the "resources " folder to make some changes)

Right mouse click - closes menu

Fullsized image

Right mouse click - shows and hides a little menu function.
ScrollDown/Up - zooms up and down a picture.
Left mouse click - closes image.


You Can find more description in "" file (open it with any text editor). And there you can change some options like - the interval of the skin update, disable/enable skin animation and others.

The skin has static size and it was made for the 1920x1080 resolution. May be in future i'll crop it to lower res. if someone needs it of course.

That's it! Write down below what you think about that skin. And if you find some bugs or... something, please tell me!

I recommend you to use a new wallhaven account.  Who knows what can go wrong...
© 2017 - 2021 yolohive
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Login is just broken :(

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Love it.Thanks!
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This is really impressive what you did to access NSFW Wallpaper, i'm still wonder why they put NSFW only on logged account...
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I changed the settings in the profile but I have already reset it. Unfortunately I can not log on to the skin anymore.

If this is useful, then I send you txt from cookies, maybe somehow help me ...?

# HTTP cookie file.
# Generated by Wget on 2017-09-04 12:47:20.
# Edit at your own risk.    TRUE / FALSE 1536058040 __cfduid de6657373b11329ca66f9760662d55d4a1504522040 FALSE / FALSE 1504529240 wallhaven_session eyJpdiI6IkRyb293T2xLaTI3eVhSRmM5YTB2b0djNmt4cU1YYStudWxpNTlzNXR5a0U9IiwidmFsdWUiOiJmTkdDbWkwWkZSZGdQRDlXZFByS2JpbzU0cEpXcDZzMHdYK2dERTdBQ0hnaW9BZ0JcL1IrcVdVM282bnJzZkpEWXBRQzhjdVhtVTdcL040KyttWG5hZVd3PT0iLCJtYWMiOiJhMGVlZDU5MWE1ZGVlNmYzYmNmZjBlZmZlOTA0MWUzNDE2YmViMWRjYWZjODc3ZGU5M2Y5ZTA4ODc1ZWY0YjQ5In0%3D

Nevermind. I logged.
I changed my password on wallhaven because I had a password with Polish characters and I could not log in on the skin.
Now it's okay.
Thank you for all the help.
I wish you health and love.
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Thank you. I'm glad to help.
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I have another problem. I created a new account on "wallhawen" When trying to login to the skin: pops up - Login failed.
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It's strange. cuz i've just checked this feature and it was ok. Did you changed any settings of your account on the website? If you did you need to make a reset in profile options.

2. When you login, the skin creates a cookie.txt file in the main folder. Check for that file.
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"Left mouse click - opens full-sized picture"

It does not work, only a dark window appears, with the inscription to go back to the previous window.
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Left click opens another (openwall.ini) skin which downloads image. You need to wait a little. Is your internet connection fast enough to make it in a few seconds?

If there's still a problem, look at the logs in rainmeter manager and tell me what it says when you click on a thumbnail
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It takes a few seconds to wait and actually works. Thank you for the tip.
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You're welcome!
How do i log in?
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First of all you need to create an account on Then in the skin click on the "Log in" string in the  upper-right corner of the menu and input your login -> press enter, password -> press enter.
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