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Comic - The ground and Jason

I was digging through my files searching for something but then I found this again. A wobbely Batman and Jason on the ground.

It's also posted on tumblr: [link]

Batman belongs to DC
Please don't use this without my permission, thanks!
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"If bruce won't hug me then I'll hug the ground instead" wise words right there.
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Awww how cute....but sad at the same time.
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i laughed at this only because of the wobble bit
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That is both sweet and alittle sad
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... poke

... *brings blanket*

*tucks in

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batman here remindes me of the noface in SpiritedAway
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This is kinda sad... but then it's really adorable when Batman shows up. :3 Poor Jason, don't worry Bruce still loves you... he just has a funny way of showing it.
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Very true ;3; thanks for checking out my work!
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No problem! Your stuff on Youtube is amazing as well. :D
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Thank you so much Alex, thank you for checking out my youtube!
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You are just amazing! :iconsupertighthugplz:
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Aww he smiles at the end. 
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Jason must be having a happy dream!
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Jason+ground. I ship it.
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A very steady ship I say..!
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You're too kind. :cookie:
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AWW poor Jason but Batman loves you in his own special way.
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Haha, yes, I'm sure.
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