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Aldente-pre-orders by yolichan
tumblr pj6d4f7E4E1xcy4tdo2 1280 by yolichan

I participated in a food fantasy zine with a bunch of other amazing artists!! Pre-orders are open now until Jan 10th!

Pre-order the book here:…

I'm really excited for it and hope you will support if you like food fantasy (or maybe food/cooking or nice art and stories in general). c:

After a long hiatus I'm officially re-opening commissions! Yay! Right now I'm up for mostly anything, please message me for details and review the link below.

Full Details here --->

Com-open by yolichan

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Hi everyone! Come find us in the middle of AX artist alley at G27 ~

If you would like a sketch commission please bring your references and feel free to note me ahead of time.

It's been 6 years since I last came to AX!! I'm so excited to see old and new faces. I'm also accepting trades on Sunday~

Hi everyone,

reafu-fu and I will be at Anime North this weekend at B16 ! We have some new merch and prints and will be doing sketch commissions. Would love if you stop by and chat with us. <: 

I had a great time at ACen last week also~! Sorry I haven't had much chance to make an update.

An2018map by yolichan

Happy late new year everyone~ I meant to write this earlier. XD;  I hope the new year brings you lots of good things. It's been a while since I made any real update, it seems I only update when I have convention news. XD But I miss the times I had a blog and just rambled about my life or art progress.
Some highlights of 2017:
  • Anime North - it was the only convention I tabled at but it was great seeing everyone~ I got a lot of repeat visitors this year so I was really happy for the continued support. ;v; 
  • Yiruma concert - he's a pretty funny guy actually
  • SEVENTEEN concert, yea it's been my guilty pleasure since they debuted Dx 
  • I learned Adobe Xd for wireframing, pretty cool and speeds up my workflow a lot
I guess art-wise and career wise I can't say I accomplished much but I spent a lot of time catching up with friends, going out and just enjoying life while trying to get by with work.

I have a few more conventions lined up for 2018 ! Confirmed cons:
  • Anime Shogatsu - Jan 20 - I can't believe it passed already lol but it was pretty fun!
  • Anime Central - May 18-20
  • Anime North - May 25 - 27
  • Anime Expo - July 5-8
  • Otakuthon - August 2-5
I'm really excited for all the old and new faces I'll see in the upcoming cons~!

Regarding personal life I am working on a lot of things this year. I have been saving up a long time so that we can pay off the mortgage and I hope to be settled into the new home by the end of the year. I also still need to complete my license, it's just been one of the most stressful things eating me up even if(and especially because) it's easy for everyone else.; Work-wise, I am actively improving on my portfolio right now (a much longer story which I'll save for another day).  I am also doing a lot of personal art in preparation for my wedding later this year as well. Yes .. I never thought I'd see the day. TA T;; So I hope I'll be able to juggle all of this on top of the new art and merch I want to make for the conventions.  I've kept my personal life pretty low key online these days, maybe I'm not as open as I used to be? But anyway it's a pretty big year so I hope it all works out haha c(ˊᗜˋ*c)

As always thanks for your support and see you in the next con =v=

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Hi everyone~ It seems like the only time I write here is to update you on my once or twice a year convention I'm attending. XD If you want to see more frequent updates please check out my Twitter

Anyway I was lucky enough to be in comic market this year, this time with my long time friend Uniliun ~ It would mean a lot if you are able to come out and say hi or take a look at our stuff. ;v; As usual I'll have posters, prints (below), double sided keychains, buttons, bookmarks and stickers. Also this year I made some limited special greeting cards like I've always wanted. =v=

On-spot commissions are available on Friday and Saturday only, so bring a reference if you like~

I also have a panel of art in the art auction / Gallery Momiji this year, although it won't be a lot. They are one of a kind only.

As always I look forward to seeing everyone. QvQ I honestly hate to admit it but I tend to feel like my next AN could potentially be my last, since I don't know how long I will be able to do this for, given my busy future;

Yoliuni by yolichan

Printcatalogue 11x17 Web by yolichan
Printcatalogue Letter Web by yolichan

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Hi everyone~ This weekend May 27-29 I will be at Anime North comic market/artist alley at table G10 with vr7 ! I'll be bringing posters, prints, buttons, stickers and my smile. (つ°ヮ°)つ We'll also be doing commissions on the spot, so please bring a reference if you'd like me to draw your OC or other character. ;v;

Here is a small inventory of my prints (may update later with buttons and keychains). All the large prints also come in a smaller version. I won't be displaying all the large posters, so if there's anything you're interested in please ask or flip through my books.~ I am planning to discontinue a lot of the older posters and merchandise so you can expect some discount on a few things. Fellow artists also feel free to print trade with me. TvT

Catalogue by yolichan
Catalogue2 by yolichan
ANCM16 Table Layout by yolichan

I also have some original pieces in Gallery Momiji's auction. I hope you can take a look.
I am excited! It feels like a long time since I've seen people and I miss you all and I can't wait to see your cosplays and I hope this won't be my last convention (but it will probably be my last one for a while). See you there. ;v;/

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Hello hello~ Thank you all for the recent birthday wishes! I really appreciate it. TvT

Just a quick notice that I'll be at Fan Expo in Toronto from Sep 3-7 at table A38~! I'll be tabling with CocoChoco C: Come find us and say hi~ It will be my first time. I hope I don't pass out. OTL

Some new acrylic case keychains available. *Q* Plus posters and on-spot commissions and buttons and more stuff.~

Img 20150901 215244 by yolichan

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Hellos~! Been a while again. TwT;

Anime North is coming up this weekend and I'll be displaying some original and limited artwork up for auction and in Gallery Momiji~ Please take a look if you can. ;w; Here's a preview (of the traditional stuff)~!

Gallery Momiji Artwork

Sadly I won't be in comic market. ;3; If you'd like any prints from me please check the Gallery Momiji store (Hall F by the dealers I believe). They will be for sale there at a super discount. XD  And if you're a fellow artist/friend in comic market that would like to print trade, I can come around on Sunday too.~ >3<

As for other conventions later this year, I'm planning to do FanExpo in Toronto. It will be my first time. QuQ *nervous*  I'm also hoping to go to Otakuthon in Montreal, but I'm currently looking for a hotel. If anyone would like to share a room, or if you know anyone that needs an extra (nice) person, please let me know~!

As you may notice, I've been somewhat inactive here (everywhere) and I apologize. TAT I'm currently working on two illustration projects and one design project that are larger than my typical commission, so it has taken up a bit of time and led me to close commissions until I finish them. I've also been studying web design and development more as it's my other passion aside from drawing, trying to learn as much as I can. If anyone needs a website made, don't hesitate to ask me. XD  Career wise, my life has been tough but I'm still enjoying every moment.

Once again I want to thank those who still watch me, comment, favourite, and even make a donation on my brush sets. Everything that comes through my message box always gives me the warm fuwafuwa feels. <3

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Happy New Year everyone~! It's been a while since I made another journal. >w<

This year was really.. interesting. I'd say it was less eventful than other years in terms of conventions (AN was a blast though!) and I had stopped making Android wallpapers and brush sets for the most part. However I focused more on updating my design portfolio, more personal art and commission work.

Some highlights; I received more commission orders this year than past years so I thank you all for that. u3u I started making some speedpaint videos and will look into doing more. I also completed Inktober! 31 ink drawings of October which you can view on tumblr here 1 2 3 4  It's an accomplishment for me because it's very hard to find time to do personal art these days. ;3; And most notably, I returned to Dofus MMO briefly and won their grand creative contest. I was truly overjoyed and surprised. QwQ I can't wait to get their 10 year anniversary artbook. <3

Unfortunately it was a rough year in terms of personal life, with pressure from family to be more successful, get my license(much scare), hurry with marriage(not quite there yet), financial issues and emotional times. After 3.5 years I'm out of my full time job.. I still have a hard time admitting it to friends and family because of their huge expectation for me to find "good" work quickly, live a certain lifestyle, and not be a disgrace to life. Being a grown up is hard. =A=  But I've decided to take some steps for improvement. Next week I'll be starting a web design and development program that should help me gain more of the skills I need to do the work I want. I'm excited because it will be totally new experience from what I got out of undergrad, and I'll be learning up-to-date stuff that I always hoped to pursue. ;w;

Commissions are still open~ However I can only accept ones that are willing to wait upwards to 6 weeks because of my new schedule, sorry about that. I haven't really advertised it here because I had/still have a few projects keeping me busy. T3T

In all honesty, my year would have been a lot more disappointing if I didn't have the support of commissioners, watchers and friends who allow me to keep doing what I love doing. You're all awesome and make me hopeful for my future. ;w; Thank you so much foreverrr. <3

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Click here to View Commission Info

Hi everyone~! For the first time in a while I’m taking commissions~

I’m doing something a little different this time. I made a landing page that gives you a brief overview of my work. All prices, samples, instructions and policies are there. I'm offering commissions of all types ranging from chibis to full body artwork, with prices starting at $5 and up. C: So head on over there now~

Additionally I created a simple Google contact form. So if you’d like to order, fill out the form here~!

Of course you are still welcome to note me on here and other places with questions or anything, but if you are ordering, I will likely ask for same the information on that form. I thought it might make the procedure more smooth. Please don't be afraid to ask me anything. ;3;

Thank you all in advance for the support. <3

Will probably update this journal to a lengthy one later, just wanted to get the word out there right now. <3

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Hi everyone~ I'm back from Anime North!

It was really fun as always. 8D Had a great time tabling with CocoChoco and neighbouring with Jiayi and R0cket-Cat who are all extremely nice and talented, I'm so lucky to be spend the weekend with them. ;v; To my surprise I sold out of a couple prints and buttons (because I forgot my button machine boo). I will put up the leftovers in my Storenvy, hopefully soon~~ Thank you everyone who came by to say hi, browse our stuff, comment or even buy something. Also thank you for giving me lots of gifts and candy and sweets hahaha. Being in artist alley always helps me gain lots of valuable experience and made special memories, I feel really blessed to have this opportunity  QwQ 

Awesome people I got to see this year:
:iconakimiya: :iconshana-chan01: :iconspidershii: :iconcrystal-of-ix: :iconnayuki-chan: :iconvr7: :iconkarzahnii: :iconmaiji: :iconcloudy12: :iconflame-kishi: :iconbreadgehog: :iconreafu-fu: :icon5ammay: :iconzeekayart:
and more that I might have forgotten o<-<

I also thought of a fun idea for a short contest involving my kitty poster, so check it out at the deviation below, ends on Wednesday.
All Aboard the Catbus by yolichan

Winners and participants will get a chance to win a small sketch from me or a set of these buttons! owo;;
IMG 20140601 002450 copy by yolichan

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I'll be at D08 with :iconcocochoco:~! Come say hi. C:

New posters for this year:

New letter size prints for this year:

Some new keychain designs this year:

-- and many more things that I can't post! OTL
I will have a spot in Gallery Momiji as well with limited special artworks. *Q* And I am doing on-spot commissions on Friday and Saturday, so feel free to bring any references or requests~ See you guys on Friday!

Fyi here's a small list of some fandoms we'll have: Ano Hana, LoL, Log Horizon, Kyoukai no Kanata, Nagi no Asukara, Kagepro, Pokemon, Magi, Madoka, Chobits, Clannad, 8th Grade Syndrome, Bakemonogatari, Vocaloid,Sailor Moon, SAO, Ponyo, MLP, nyan cats, TOUHOU (<3)

Edit: A Toronto dA group is also hosting a devMEET at Anime North if you want to join in. Info here :…

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Hellos~ I'm a bit late announcing this, but I will be at Anime North this year in May! I had no luck in the lottery but CocoChoco was nice enough to share her space and I am so grateful to have the opportunity ahh. <333 Please check out her awesome stuff. 8D I will also have some originals and posters up for auction in Gallery Momiji too. Gonna be preparing for the next few months now, look forward to lots of new art. ;w;

There is a chance that I won't be able to do non-local conventions this year. If that's the case, I will work hard to open up my store(finally) and offer commissions again, or perhaps work on *dundunn* an artbook project. ;O; But I haven't decided on what theme or series I want to do yet. I'm considering something original, something lolita themed, or possibly Touhou. Lol. If there is anything you would like to see, please feel free to suggest it !~ ;u;

Some less good news, I do have a personal need to re-open commissions and sales later, which I can elaborate if/after I reach my goal. The projects will likely start after AN though because con prep sometimes drains me. o<-< I'll be thankful for all the support (but only if you want to). ;3;

Also to make this journal less boring (haha), I decided to add some features. Enjoy. C:

Hisaya by CocoChoco :thumb342430531: HP Secret Santa by Miivei :thumb434550941: The Great Grey Wolf, Sif by Immp Miyabi by naomicoco Skyward Sword - Zelda by ayami :thumb383811194: Lightning Redesign by im-a-tumor ___DS:Hsien-Ko by sinix

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Happy Holidays everyone~! It's a random feature journal..~
As you may or may not know, I've been on the internet for a long time.. (_ _)\ and I thought I'd share with you some artists whose art I have been following since 2003 or longer~! It's also a nice excuse to use the new mention feature. XD Here they are in no particular order~

:iconyolin: Superhero time! (scribblenauts) by yolin
Yolin | Our names are so similar haha..~ We go way back during our Digimon fandom days.~ and I've received lots of adorable art from her (you can view on my site) She currently makes animations and comics. c:

:iconmalawai: Chibiterasu by malawai
malawai | Formerly lisatails. Another friend who I discovered through our love of Digimon / furries. XD She has a very soft colouring style and I think her old work is just as loveable as her new work - I mean look at this adorable Gatomon from 2002! D8

:iconkinasaur: :thumb413445450:
kinasaur | Formerly cuppapup Her work has evolved so much since 2003~ Check out this art trade I've kept from her in 2005 / 6. TAT Her work now uses deeper tones and she occasionally has some exhibitions and art for sale. :D

:iconnayuki-chan: Kuchiki Byakuya by nayuki-chan
Nayuki | Her older work had a very soft CG style and thicker defined lines. Her current work has a very different colour palette with more dynamic poses; a huge improvement from 10 years ago~. She doesn't post much online nowadays, but she is still actively drawing and you might see her work at various conventions.~

:iconkina: Kikwear Cheetah Sporting Kikgirl by kina
Kina | She has a talent for both web design and illustration. Her work was always very vibrant, and I love her character designs! I even had the honour of doing an art trade with her at one point. *Q*;

:iconazurerat: Hundred Project 2005-complete- by AzureRat
Azurerat | Old friend who makes furry and anime illustrations. He has drawn a lot of others' original characters like in his Hundred Project:  Now he is working similarly on a "Battle Cards" project. We finally met ten years later at Anime Expo. *Q*

:iconjiggly: The Paul Reveres Has Updated! by jiggly
Jiggly | Probably one of the oldest artists I've known before I even discovered deviantART; There was once an oekaki board called Patamon's Pad, and all Digimon fan artists flocked there to draw and chat. jiggly was the owner of Patamon's Pad. Some pretty awesome memories there - it was my first experience with digital art beyond MSPaint!! She now has a frequently updated comic called The Paul Reveres. :'D

:icontarahm: Digimon 13th Anniversary by tarahm
Tarah | Another from our oekaki days. XD  She had an oekaki board that I would occasionally draw on (I believe kariavalon and capriangel was on too I think? OTL ); I still saved this collab that she drew and I coloured, maybe ten years ago ahaha. I had the fortune of meeting her a couple years ago at a convention, and this year we tabled beside each other at Otakuthon! We also have bi-weekly craft sessions now. ;v;b

Jasen Tamiia | Makes both art and music. :'D  He has very kindly hosted my site all these years.~~ We also met once at Anime Expo 2012~ *Q*

:iconparororo: Clouds and electric posts by Parororo
pyromaniac | Traditional media / coloured pencil artist. Very unique style and has developed many original characters in recent years. This person doesn't know me lol but maybe, someday, senpai will notice me..

It's great seeing how much these artists have evolved and to see that they're still creating to this day~ Of course I've discovered lots of new artists as well and hope to feature them in the future. TwT ;;;

Moving on -- I posted a Photoshop brush a while back and also wanted to feature those who have used the brush in their work. I just wanna say I really appreciate it and am happy that it was useful to others. ;u; Also thanks to those who purchased / donated, you didn't have to as it was free and all, but I'm very happy for the support. Every bit counts. ;3;

<da:thumb id="421844722"/> <da:thumb id="401448300"/> pigy152 sig by pigy152 AnoHana by Jamie-B <da:thumb id="419687105"/> Pretty Like A Lily Pad by WHATiFGirl Menma by Crysta198

Note: I am also finishing up commissions. Gah I'm sorry for the lateness. OTL
Edit: Added chibi option, dunno why I forgot this. ><

It's been a long time since I opened commissions (and it will probably be another long time after this). I will only be open for a short time. ;v;

Offering: Half-body or chibi, digital colour, transparent or simple background. See samples below.
Price: $15 USD for chibi or $20 USD for half-body, per character, Paypal only.
How to order: Note me with the form/information below!

Your Name:
Chibi / Half-Body:
Character Reference Images:
Description of character (optional):
Additional notes (optional):

Some Rules and Notes:
  • I will reply to confirm your order and give you my Paypal address. I may have to refuse if the slots become full, sorry (unless you're willing to wait). ;A;
  • I will start after receiving the payment in full
  • Will Draw: original characters, furries, crossovers, fanart, etc.
  • Will Not Draw: 18+ material
  • Only minor modifications can be made after it's complete; if you want to see a sketch/lineart before colour, please request it in the form.
  • My goal is to finish within 2-3 weeks, though sometimes things might come up. Thanks for being patient. ;v;

Examples: I'm sorry these are rather old, my art has changed a little since then. OTL Please check my gallery for more recent work.~

Young Mikasa by yolichan The stage is ours by yolichan My Soul Your Beats by yolichan ai kotoba by yolichan HEART SIGN by yolichan Remi and Flandre Cake by yolichan

Thanks for looking. <3 Will update on more art news soon. ;w;
Hellohello~ Otakuthon sneaked up on me and I didn't get to make a journal til now. ;3;

I will be in the artists area at table #341 with minnoux~! Here is a map that our neighbour tarahm made. We'll have posters, prints, keychains, stickers, buttons and some other things. :'D  (I made a couple new artworks since AN woohoo). We will also be taking on-spot commissions~ I can do them on Friday and Saturday (most likely sketches), and as always a reference would be helpful. ;w; Feel free to drop by if you're going~ It will be my first time there and I don't speak French, so pardon my noob ways haha.. Orz

I will also be cosplaying as an actual character this time omg. But I only partially finished my cosplay. Orz So you can look for a hatless/broomless Marisa from Touhou Project on Saturday at our table haha. I may update this post with pictures if I get any chance.

In other news, I released 2 new Android live wallpapers a little while ago. ;3; Feel free to try them out if you have an Android phone, and if you have any problems please let me know:

Touhou - Cirno Live Wallpaper
Ano Hana - Menma Live Wallpaper

I haven't forgotten about the art I owe, the kiriban or my previous convention report (if anyone still cares LOL), all will be done after I come back from Montreal. ;3; Thank you for your support and all those who continue to watch and fave. <33

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Since everyone is making a post-Anime North update, I feel obligated to do the same. But, I'm hoping to make an illustrated con report in the coming weeks so you can view/read that instead. XD

This is just a brief message to say thank you everyone for making AN so wonderful!! You probably don't know how much it means to me to be able to do this, and still be alive. ;_; I am very happy to have met you all and have your support, whether you were just browsing, saying hello, commenting on my work, commissioned me, or got something at my table or auction. <3  I hope we can see each other again at the next convention. Thank you~!!

As a small thank you I'd like to do a kiriban; it's been a while. If you catch my 71337th pageview, take a full screenshot and note me with the image and a request.~ If you don't have deviantart, you can also email me. I'm willing to do a colour sketch to the first person that notes me with a timestamped screenshot. Please keep in mind that my turnover time for free stuff is a while, sorry.. OTL

Now that the craziness of Anime North is over, I have a few other things I'd like to work on:

• Prepping for Otakuthon in August~ I've been confirmed a table with minnoux~
• More Android Live Wallpapers. ;w; Now that I made new artworks, I'm excited to transform them into animated backgrounds. And I have lots of new ideas that I can't wait to implement. *Q* (am I the only one excited about this lol)
• My cosplay(s) and felt crafts, hahaha..
• I have a few leftover commissions even though I should really have just emphasized "on-spot" OTL. Unfortunately I won't be opening commissions for some time. I know I keep saying I want to, but my website and personal work that I've wanted to make has been put off for much longer. >:

More updates to come~ thank you again.

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  • Drinking: Milk tea
I'll be at A03 with slumberybunny~! Click here for map.

Some preview images, not everything is here:……  Buttons were punched by the awesome annako. QwQ\

We'll have posters/prints of all sizes, buttons, keychains, bookmarks, stickers and other stuff. *Q* I will also be taking on-spot sketch commissions starting at 5-10 dollars on Friday and Saturday~ I am willing to do colour but I will probably limit the number this year. >: Bringing a reference will be very helpful.~ I also have some one of a kind works in Gallery Momiji, as well as some clay charms. TuT;  And I'm open to print trades on Sunday if any artists would like.~

If you bought a keychain from me in the past: if you still have it and bring it wtih you to my table, I will give you a newer one for free (if available). I feel bad that my first keychains were a bit flimsy and noob, so hopefully this will make up for it if anyone still has them. TAT;

I may or may not be cosplaying, we'll see. /sob  There is a chance that my partner won't be around on Friday, but I'll have a few of his prints. He's a really good photographer too, so you can talk to him if you want some professional photoshoots. XD

Can't wait to meet everybody!! I'm really excited (and anxious as always haha). I'm pretty shy irl so sorry if I come off awkward. Orz

Fyi here's a small list of some fandoms we'll have: Aoi no Exorcist, Ano Hana, Pokemon B/W, X/Y, Magi, Madoka, Chobits, 8th Grade Syndrome, Bakemonogatari, Vocaloid, BRS, CCS, Sailor Moon, Ponyo, LoL, MLP, nyan cats, TOUHOU (<3)

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I was wondering if anyone would like to partner up for Otakuthon artist alley this summer~? TuT
I'm planning to apply for a full table next week, and I'll be travelling from Toronto with some neighbouring friends. Splitting a table would be a good help and great company, so please comment or note me if you'd like. I'm pretty easy to get along with and I share prints/supplies/foodz. Orz
Edit: I managed to get a table with minnoux~! Thanks for reading, see you at Otakuthon~~

Moving on~
I recently created my first Android live wallpaper which you may have seen in my gallery. If you have an Android phone, feel free to download and rate if you like. I'd really appreciate it  because even trying it out would be a great support to me.  I'm planning to make others so if you have suggestions please let me know.~
Sweet Rain Drops Live Wallpaper by yolichan
I started making these with LWPCreator. I'm not a programmer (anymore haha), so to be able to do this is just amazing and exactly what I was looking for to customize my phone~

I've also started using tumblr a little more. So you can find some art on there that I haven't posted here~ (mixed in with a bunch of other junk, maybe).

Still prepping for Anime North. It seems more difficult this time around because of my super busy schedule, having both Gallery Momiji and table space, and no access to a scanner //cries.  So art progress is a lot slower. I hope to have at least a couple new designs and posters. Also I really wanted to cosplay more this year but with time constraints, maybe something really simple (like Sasako from Shirukuma cafe lol! Will anyone even recognize it.. ? ;A; ) Anyway, hoping to post another update in a few weeks.~

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