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Small and thin scar tut

* Hopes it is in the right category + that the text is readable and the tutorial understandable * ><""

First tutorial ever. I admit that I am still a n00b when it comes to cosplay and makeup, but after a very boring day playing with my makeup I figured out this technique when it comes to scratches and small/thin scars that still are healing
* side-look to scars at legs after small accident * >>'

But oh well, I hope it is usefull and that you can understand what I mean, and what is written. Else fel free to ask me ^^,
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Great tutorial, will probably end up using this sooner or later.
Only thing I can suggest is use an easier to read, and larger, font. I find it rather difficult to read this font and the size doesn't help.
Other than that, it's well made! Good job!
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haha, its alsoo very very old. Will likely put it down and come up with something better when I have a home and makeup nearby. 
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I look forwards to seeing it! 
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Your wonderful tutorial has been featured in the news article Project Educate: Resources. Thank you for sharing!
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* pretty much surpriced *

Thank you.. And what a great article 8D
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Sweet, this'd be really useful once I get around to Luffy. Thank you for making it!! ^o^
thanks for this :) bit spooky really i was thinking about how do i make a decent fake scar for my kakashi cosplay! thank you!!
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your tutotial is perfect! I gotta cosplay Kiriwar from Togainu no Chi, he has a tiny scar and I was wondering how could I manke it, now I can, thank you a lot <3
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Glad you could use it ^^,
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Thanks for the tutorial! I'm hopeless when it comes to something like makeup, and this will work perfectly for my Zack Fair cosplay! Thanks for the tips! :)
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Glad you find it helpfull. ^w^
Wouldn't it be better to use spirit gum? That way when it tried, it actually leaves an indent on your face, adding depth to the scar?
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I do, to be honest, not know what spirit gum is, but it sounds like somthing I will look up after and check out.

Thanks for the advise ^^
No problem.

But spirit gum is really good for a wide range of things.
That and liquid latex
hey, nice tutorial, thnx for sharing ;)
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You are welcome, hope it was usefull ^w^
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