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[DL:SFM/Gmod] Wolf_Costume for Ponies

Here, This's a work with 1.5 weeks to finish and now it's done to the next project Assasing's costum.

How To Do:

SFM: Right-clicking the model and adding override materials, then opening it in the element viewer allows you to see the parts of the body you can add lines to with the "float" option. So if I select float and enter the command $alpha, then it makes that body part invisible, such as manes, backmanes, tails, and the entire body.
Thanks for ata64 

Gmod: Do the same as SFM but you got to go in ponies's folder you want to make them wear, find ".vmt"(at part of model you when them invisible. ex. hairfront.vmt), 
after that put this "$no_draw" "1" at top of } and then save, go to gmod and test.
Thanks for Chiramii-chan and WhiteSkyPony 

About the costume:
-The jiggle work both on SFM and Gmod.
-This costume has 3 skin. Gray,Black and Brown.
-2 body groups. Suit and Tail.
Model by me.

Alright,When you use this costume the problem will be The mane,It'll clipping out But if your pony can remove the mane by anyway,You can have a perfect fit for your pony.
Sorry for my English.

Thanks Ende26 for base.
Thanks Poninnahka for overhaul.
Thanks Benno950 for testing and help.

Link :

Thanks for Watching me and using my stuffs , hope you like it.
Brohoof /).
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Download not working?
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it is still working.
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Huh, not a costume, then, the full moon? XD
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Thank you for useful tips :D
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And the awesome model :3
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Created a pic using ur models and they are awesome :3…
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I have the strange feeling the moon is staring into my soul.
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Nice! Is it for Males as well?
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You're welcome! Thank you!
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Wow that is so cool
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Yes,furries around
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It's so adorbs!
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Thanks but this just a preview version.
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Good for the Halloween season. :P
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For halloween and if i have time enough i will make more.
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Like some others pointed out, you can make manes and tails invisible if you edit the .vmt of the mane/tail.

I believe it was "$nodraw" "1", just add it to the vmt within the brackets. If it doesn't work try "$no_draw" "1".

It doesn't remove them, but it makes them invisible. The shadow of the invisible parts could still be shwon though if you use dynamic lighting, in Gmod at least.
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