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Alright,This project took only just 4 days to finish but i got sick so i took more time.
Here is the Pets from the show and comic i have made.
-Owloysius (Twilight's pet)
Use meshes as flexes,so her mesh work as flex.

-Philomena (Celestia's pet)
Not Perfectly made but She is well done,She Also has flexes.

-Tiberius (luna's pet)
A little possom (very tiny) come with flexes.

-Winona (apple jack's pet)
Her mouth will be alway open and her tongue got bone to move.

All Pets are 1 skin.
Original decided by Hasbro.
updated:winona's flexes.
Here is a fact : gmod users,They will be a little pain for using them because of small phy.

Thank You so much for supporting.
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Hey yoks! The download link is dead and I get an error there is no file in the You wouldn't still have this would you and update the link as I would like to use Winona for a thing I'm making... ^^"