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Hi , I might be moving to another new id soon , but I'll leave this account around. (I appreciate the comments and feedbacks too much to just wipe it all off)

Anyway .. 

I just want to hit the reset button as I was on hiatus for 1-2 years previously and when I came back I noticed a lot of black out names in my friends / watchers list.

So I just felt like starting over and have ongoing / active in deviantart people in my list on my new account.

This is my new DA id if you're interested.


See you.
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Contacts / Commission Info

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 16, 2017, 12:35 AM
Full time freelance.

I accept paypal only , NO Deviantart Points.

I mainly work with anime / manga styled works. 

Tree Girl by Yokoshiro  See by Yokoshiro  Let it flow by Yokoshiro  Tears within by Yokoshiro  A snowy night under the sakura trees.. I waited by Yokoshiro

Sketch / Doodle style

Floating in my world by Yokoshiro  warrior by Yokoshiro  Rest by Yokoshiro Hold by Yokoshiro  

I can work with backgrounds too.

$100 - $300

Old times by Yokoshiro  Do not disturb by Yokoshiro  Path to unknown by Yokoshiro

Do pm me here or preferably facebook for quicker respond if you wish to discuss about commissions.

- Facebook :  [link]

or email me at

-- --

Other Sites : 

- Pixiv :

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Discouraged Goodbye DA

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 8:42 PM
Bnw-yoko-tbs by Yokoshiro 

Hi there , this is it for me. I'm done with this site guys. Thanks to those who take note of my artworks. Will always be thankful for that. Apparently I'm feeling discouraged to continue uploading my works here now. So I'm just going to stop and be gone from this site. I feel pointless uploading and yet getting no feedbacks in return most of the time too.  



Only for those who seriously wishes to commission. Please contact me via this email. Ty. (Not enabling copy paste mode cause apparently I'm getting weird messaged from spam / prank mails previously)
Da by Yokoshiro

DD Appreciation

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 23, 2013, 8:12 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Moshi moshi , long time no Deviantart for me , I'm just surprised by the amount of notifications as I logged in the other day. 

My very first DD.

Nostalgic Childhood by Yokoshiro
 Thank you very much to Kaze-Ki for suggesting it and Gwendolyn12 for featuring it.

Much appreciated here ='> 
Italy Chibi (Cute Face) [V1] 

Arigato ! 

And sorry , just wait a bit more , finishing my final semester's projects atm. 

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Surprised - Arigato

Fri Sep 20, 2013, 12:06 PM
I'm surprised o_O Just wanted to thank my secret giver who gave me a 12 month pm -

Hontoni arigato gozaimasu ~! Kandou shimashita !



Hi , need a quick comment / feedback session here. 

Any american cartoons / movies or anything that's related to laboratory?

So far I can only think of Dexter , from cartoon network which I used to watch when I'm a little kid lol. Anything else in mind ? Onegaishimasu! 

Oh , and I'll upload one of my quick sketch soon!
Sup , anyone who's an game addict (online mmog) , almost 24/7 free to play and has good internet. Just pm me. Might need a pilot here.Spin me right round 

Most likely going back to college mode. But need someone to keep the game chara updated >.>

Onegaishimasu , if there's anyone. - Pm me here in Deviantart.

         Ohisashiburi deshita minna-san. 

    Gomen , haven't been uploading any stuffs here for ages. Hopefully I can come up with something decent to update here - soon =x Very busy rounding up the final works of this semester ;_;

     I do have a rough image / scene in mind , just can't find the time to execute my idea - 
Well , again , gomen for not updating any works =/

          I really miss drawing without any stressful thoughts / worries - Need to escape from reality and take a long long vacation off to somewhere where no one can find me =I

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              Ok the irony of the title of this journal - 

How it all started... 

Step 1 - Sees the game official page cover. (got interested with the concept art)

Step 2 - Plays the game. Studied the 3D made character.
Step 3 - Starts on monster and other player's killing spree.

Step 4 - Realized that assignments are pilling up but counldn't get away from game.

Step 5 - Close to admit that I'm officially doomed with college.

Here's the link to the game that will bring about my downfall/doom -

Maybe someone can actually go there and make me stop this crappy addiction so that I can revert back to my college and assignments life (hack my account or something*lol*) ;__; Tasukette !  

But I'll upload some of my speed paints for an assignment I just handed up in my Tumblr - Gomen , I'm not too free for any of my usual illustrations to be updating anything here. =/ 
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My quick sketching video

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 12:26 PM
Konichiwa minna-san =]
Here's a recent video where I recorded how I usually do my quick sketches nowadays.
Arigato gozaimasu in advance to those who's going to leave a comment letting me know your opinions =]

I fear I might not be uploading any stuffs any time sooner. Although I do have an illustration of Shingeki no Kyoujin on my to-do-list , but that'll have to wait until I've settle some of my piling up assignments =/

Dewa  shitsurei shimasu =] Mata kondo ne minna-san .

Thanks to those who've been constantly leaving your thoughts and opinions on my uploaded illustrations and sketches. I really appreciate those with more than just one worded comments.

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Okay first up, semester break's coming , will roughly have around 2 weeks of my own time. So, I was wondering if it would be worth it if I were to open up a few space for pay pal commission just to do a little earning in case my mom nags at me for idling around too much at home? I need to know if anyone's interested here before I list out the terms and price.

If there's none then it's all right , I'll just slip to my back up plan on practicing and polishing my drawing skills more =] Though it'll be nice to see some feedbacks.
That'll be all for the first part.

                   Now on to the second part , as to those who remembered about the post regarding my character modelling?

Here's the link to the results. Gomen ne , for the timing I've only uploaded the simple still frame image transition in Tumblr.  I tried uploading a swf version here in Deviantart yesterday, but it seems the loading was pretty lag and slow.
To those who's interested to see the outcome , well , just go to my Tumblr.

:bulletred:Link here =

Wireframe - Grayscale - Occlusion - Final results.
Software used : Maya + Zbrush.

That'll be all for my short notice.


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Posting works without crediting artist *updt below

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 27, 2013, 11:19 AM
Happens a lot nowadays doesn't it?
People randomly saving pictures of other's anime illustrations , then posting it at their own wall without bothering to credit the original artist.
Or some are even as low as to claim it as their own.

But anyway , I don't know why , but I'm feeling pretty pissed even though I suppose it might seemed like just a trivial issue.
So here's the thing -__-

Previously my younger imouto came to me asking me to help her draw a girl for her school something project.
So I did it anyway , was in a hurry but well , it's my imouto , so why not. I'd probably charge others if they ask me to do something like even a simple doodle when I'm busy anyway.

And what happened next was , when I asked her how did it go the next day , she said , "Oh , I gave it to my friend , she likes it and she wants it"
I was like "huh why?" (though technically speaking I'm burning inside)

She said, " Uhm , well you drew it at the wrong side of the paper , so it can't be used , my friend wants it so I gave it to her"

So next thing was , I went about stating about these copyrights issue and how the heck can she just randomly give away something like that.
But knowing youngsters , I bet she has no idea of how I'm very particular when it comes to my own works copyrights. As do many of the artist here , I'm sure of it.

I soon let that go. But then just a few moments ago , I saw her friend posted that image on her facebook.
It doesn't states who drew it or anything at all. What made me even more pissed is the comments and likes.

 photo copyright_zpsdf3fbcbb.jpg

In the comment :
1st comment : Who drew this? Don't lie to me for I can surely say it's not by you.
2nd (my imouto's friend) : You think one's skill won't improved? It's not like I only know how to draw guys.

I talked to my sister about it , she said "nah , my friend's joking" , Fine , joke or not , I'm not liking this at all.
And what's with the 27 likes?

Christ sake , when I post anything at my profile , only around 6-10++ likes (usual  count)
Damn am I not dealing with this well -___-

Gomen if I sound like a dumb kid who just had my precious toy being snatched away from me. But somehow , I'm pretty mad at the moment.

Guess I better just peace out for now before I decide to rant on more about this crap.

***Update : Link of another website where she posted. Instagram :…

Feel free to copy paste and let google translate do it's work for those who can't understand chinese =/

Sorry to put the link up BIG and BOLD  , for the more I see how even my rushed crappy doodle is getting all the good comments and likes whereas this uploader isn't even trying to say that it does not belongs to her , the more I'm burning up here.

I see her saying "thank you" , so where's the "but actually it isn't drawn by me" part?

Uwah ! Ima watashi wa chooo okotte imasu!!

Though previously I'm just a bit angry of my sister for just giving away something I actually find time to draw for her.

Now's definitely more than that. It might be just a crappy doodle , but apparently I'm very upset that the so called friend she gave my work to isn't a very honest one!

****Update II****

Many thanks to all your comments and concerns , my anger is pretty much almost gone by now o_O
I must say I'm quite a lucky person here to have such supportive friends/watchers (whichever you prefer to go with) like you guys.
Anyhow , thanks for those who helped me commented on her Isntagram.
Seeing that she finally said the art wasn't done by her is sort of a relief for me.
So don't get too worked up over this issue now =] At some point I think some of you actually felt angrier than me. But chill now , as long as she states that the art isn't done by her , I'm fine enough with that. Credit me or not , it's up to her already. I have more important matters to worry about --> have to attend to my assignments now (top priority at the moment) Finishing my human anatomy sculpt in zbrush , if I happened to have a little time left after that , might post some new simple sketch works.

Don't expect anything too great from me , I only have so little time to spend with my own manga style illustrations nowadays.
Thanks for your patience ;___;

Arigato again to those who commented =]

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More detailed opinions / discussions / convos

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 10, 2012, 8:13 AM


Okay , first off , I'm going to start by solving some questions regarding my works being OC's (Original creations / characters) or Fanarts , and what do I use to create them.

Please do take note for once , I've took the trouble of writing all these info's at my profile FAQ section and yet I'm still getting quite some questions about it.
So I'm going to try making things clear here for once.
My old watchers might already know , but I'm afraid most of the new ones still haven't notice the "box wearing the invisible cloak" at my profile".

Please don't regard me as being rude or arrogant at some point for not answering questions regarding tools and softwares and etc. , cause it's not like I do not write them anywhere that's not obvious , it's just that some people just don't bother to do a little look around.

OC or Fanart?

- Most of my works are my OC's. Unless , I state so in my artist comment box that they're Fanarts.

Traditional or Digital?

- I find it really strange and funny when some deviants ask me whether "is this work done traditionally? " when I obviously submitted to the Digital section.
Seriously , I really don't mean to be rude here , but , it's really weird. o_O

What software do you used to create... ?

- Okay , now.. it's time for you guys to head to my profile and try to notice the "Invisible box".  => Oneigaishimasu . It'll be much appreciated if you do so.


As for other stuffs such as songs used in my youtube videos and etc , please try to look them up for yourselves.
Best way to do it is just by typing the lyrics of the song in google search , the song title / singer is bound to show up either way.
But then again , it's not like I don't include the song titles in the videos in the first place.

::I'm tired of spoon feeding people , really.
Even when I list the whole detailed info right in front of their face , they STILL ask me the question which the answer's already right in front of them.

Okay , enough rant on this , moving on.
Although , if there's anything that you think is left unanswered , feel free to ask in this journal.

Any improvements?

- I did asked this in my previous poll on whether that I've improved from my previous works.
But ,I would like to ask again now. =x

How much have I improved now? -
Honest opinions will be much appreciated.
Anatomy , colors , compositions and backgrounds.
Have I improved on them with the help of the Constructive Criticisms given?
Where else would you like to see me improve on?
Please feel free to state your opinions in this journal's comment. =]

To make things a little easier :

Older ones :

:thumb279394420: :thumb283477644: Sora no ongaku by Yokoshiro
Works done around Jan - Feb / 2012

Recent ones :

:thumb319748340: Grasp by Yokoshiro Ano Chiisana no Shiawase by Yokoshiro An existance only in my Imagination World by Yokoshiro
Works done around June - to date / 2012

Thanks for taking your time for reading up till this point.

- :iconyokoshiro:

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Code Geass - Conclusion

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 2:30 PM
Since I'm on Code Geass of late , I'd just like to list out a few things here.

By now , I'm sure a lot of you Code Geass fans have been through loads of forum debates about whether is Lelouch still alive sort of discussions.

It's ironic isn't it? Greatest character of all sacrificed himself to gain peace and yet most of us Code Geass fans just have to go around forums and comments arguing whether he's alive or not. ¬ ¬ Give me a break.

I really wish people would sometimes consider "why is the story told this way?" , "the writer's and director's point of view and hidden message for them to end a story like that" and etc.

Rather than just the usual " No ! Lelouch is the greatest! I love him so of course he's alive!"
*slaps own forehead* <---- THIS is my all time reaction to people who comments that way. Simply absurd.

As I've checked around , and it's pretty much final that Lelouch died in the end. Check on magazines regarding Code Geass and also their Wiki Site if you wish to comfirm again.
(As a great fan here , even though I really do not wish for this , but if this is the writer and director of Code Geass's will , I'll respect their decision)

Though there are a lot of theories like :
- Lelouch's gained his father's Geass , so he's immortal.
- There's a possibility. But even if that's the case , I won't call it a happy ending as he will no longer be able to stay by the side of his loved ones anymore.

- He's the mysterious cart driver at the last episode.
- Screw this. Some ***** just have to go and edit the last epidode by photoshoping Lelouch's face onto the cart driver. Why do people have to do so? Can't you just respect the writer of Code Geass's story? Perhaps the writer is telling us in a way that "Great achievement comes great sacrifices?" . or , Not all endings are happy?
I'm so pissed when people do stuffs like that seriously.

If I were the writer , here I am , I lived my life , I wrote my story , and it happens that my story wasn't of a happy ending , this is part the message I wish to tell my viewers.
And yet , there crazy fans just go ahead of themselves and spread around stuffs like , " no , the character did not died because etc etc etc.(mostly selfish reasons) "

Seriously , if people only wish for Happy Endings , please go watch Disneys. There you have all the happy endings you want.

One thing why I like Japanese anime is because things they tell in their story are more towards reality. Not everything can end in a happy way.

I personally think the ending was very grand and touching. In a way , the rejoicing part is that Lelouch achieved his goal. -

"A kind and gentle world."

The only sad part is that a great character like him have to go. But then again , if people are willing to stand on Lelouch / Director / Writer 's point of view... Things wouldn't look so sorrowful.

Somehow I really wish some people would brainstorm more on the hidden messages in stories.
Well , guess now I'm back to being a little angry here after reading comments here and there about Code Geass again.
A well-written and animated story of a honorable and intelligent mastermind who made himself as a hate symbol and brought peace to the world by sacrificing himself ,and only to get all these random crappy feedbacks and comments.

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Short random Kuroko Fan-Manga work

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 8:44 PM
Guess I'm feeling a little free to do something this random -__-''

Read it if you want.

Though I've only made it in Chinese since I'm not really planning on uploading it here. =x

Good luck with Google Translate! =]

Just click on the link that says 黒子ダンクができますか? below ~

黒子ダンクができますか? by Yokoshiro on pixiv

Feel free to drop your opinions here =>

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Back to the past

Tue Apr 10, 2012, 2:49 AM
Fell in love with "Titanic" recently.

I'm really ashamed to say I never understood the beauty and depth of this film when I was younger.

But as I watched it a few days ago ,  I cried for the first time watching this movie. Never did in the past. Guess as you get older , you tend to understand so much more.

I love the way these people put their sentences together.  

:bulletblue: Marvel at her speed.
:bulletblue: Very charming.
:bulletblue: Thank you for your discretion.

I reckon their use of language is very polite compared to the ones used nowadays.
Let me just give a few examples here..

Past :bulletgreen: - I want them to 'marvel at her speed!'

Nowadays :bulletred: - OMG , she's 'so fucking fast! '

                    Any of you sensed the difference here?  

       When you're actually really giving someone a compliment. It's so much better if it's being put in a way as the sentence of the "past"
Instead of including all the words like "Damn shit , this is so fucking good!" . What the hell! That's so fucking awesome!" " This shit is good!" . - -__-'''
All these "F" words just seem to ruin a good compliment.

        Whenever I see some commenting on my youtube videos , I really wish they could really use sentences like those. Instead of all these" this is fucking awesome / freaking epic etc..
No to offense anyone but , I've always felt that for a compliment to be put in such a way , it just sounds more like a "sarcasm sort of compliment" .. at least to me that is.

       And ah yes , how could I forget to mention about hero in this movie. Jack Dawson.
Right , right , a movie character or what not , sometimes , by just watching all his caring personality and attitude towards another person.
It just makes me really wonder... if there's still men with such pure hearts out there.

:bulletorange: The I'm flying scene :bulletorange:

This is one of my favorite scenes.

( Some people out there might make fun of the silly pose when Rose stands on the railing with her hands wide open. Or where the part Jack shouts out to the Ocean claiming He's the King of the world. )

But.. if they actually imagine themselves as Rose in the "I'm flying" scene , they'd be real touched.

The moment Jack held her and as he opens up her arms to the winds , you see that Jack has showed Rose the meaning of freedom which she had yearned for.

Simple , without much words. He opened her heart to pure freedom.

Of course , after that comes the " Portrait scene " , definitely adore the way he works with the charcoal. I might have to dig out my long abandoned charcoal.

Then of course .. :bulletorange: The car scene :bulletorange:

Let me ask , how many guys or men nowadays still treats women and girls like Jack did?

- He asks if she's nervous.
- He who does not just pounce on her just because the idea of they're about to do it comes up.
- He who actually waits for her to be sure that she wants it , then approaches gently.

Seriously. Nowadays..most of the time it's like.. the minute they're kissing on the bed / couch etc, it's ON.
They JUST want to do it.

:bulletorange: You jump , I jump scene :bulletorange:

All who has watched Titanic knows this scene is ... well , let's not talk about it =/

Then of course, the part that made my eyes so teary that I had to rewind the movie just to watch it again is the part where in the end , when aged Rose said..

        :bulletwhite: " Now that you know that there's a man named Jack Dawson.. and that he saved me , in EVERY WAY THAT A PERSON CAN BE SAVED" :bulletwhite:

I swear that's the part I just can't help but tear up every time. To me , it's one of the most beautiful quotes in this movie really.

I'm sure everyday there's people out there who has to say farewell to someone close to them.

Those people who lost their dearest person might be mourning in grief. Whereas all the rest of the people just continue their daily life just like another usual day.

I , for one , are those that just continue my daily life like usual. Never really thinking that the same thing would occur in my life for now. People that I treasure seem to be doing alright.

But today,  for all the sudden ,  It just happened.

Yesterday, she was just fine.

But today , she went into coma.

Now that something like this is happening in my life , suddenly...things just felt so real.

It all started with a message I got from my mom.

Mom : you still in college?

Me : yeah , why?

Mom : you can drop by the hospital , your grandma's in coma.

Me : Why?!

Mom : she had a stroke..

Me : uh.. ok.. maybe I'll follow you later when you visit her later in the evening? Bye.

Good thing I was already in my car ready to go home. No one had to see my eyes getting teary.

True , humans live and die. It's just a life cycle thing. But then again , guess this just all happened in such a sudden that I'm just not ready to accept it. And I DON'T want to.

The thoughts of not getting to hear her voice no more , not getting to just see her sitting there enjoying her TV show , not hearing her saying that "if you're hungry , dinner's ready in the kitchen.. " , Just made me cry in silent.

Damn right people age and die.
But I'm not prepare to accept that.
She was one fine Grandma in her 80's just yesterday.

I hate the few flashbacks that came in my mind ..
Of how I tend to get spanked by her for not wanting to drink water.
Of how she praised me for being such a obedient kid.
Of how her constant nagging that mostly irritates me.
Of how the egg she cooked was much tastier than of any other.
Of how we always having KFC's with her.  

I have yet to have the chance to spoil her with my self-earned money.
Of course my mom too. My mom and grandma are people I've intend to spoil with a whole bunch of stuffs when I've grown up and able to earn money.  

If God actually has ears to listen , and has a heart , He'll return me my grandma safe and all healthy and let her live for a few more healthy years.

Fucked up drivers

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2012, 2:51 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Had a real fucked up day.

Ok pardon me for using the foul words , but I've only told myself I'm allow to say so only if I'm really really really pissed off! .. and yes , consider today one of those days where my patience has reached it's limits!

Ok , the thing is.. I've been really holding back against drivers these days.

- They don't fucking signal before switching lanes

- Or.. they switch lanes and signal at the same damn time.

- Or.. as they switch lanes , then only shortly after did they signal.

- Or they drive into the other side of the lane just to get ahead first while cutting in in front just because they can't wait in the queue , just like everyone else!

- or... one of the worst , as every car is suppose to stay off the yellow box as every car driver know , some idiots just had to take that chance and cut in the empty yellow box area!

What the hell?! How did these firggin assholes passed their driving license!? Huh?

Oh and why I'm in such an mad mood now? Right , there's this brainless dude who didn't managed to cut infront of me today , so instead , as he manage to get in line behind me , he suddenly speed up from behind and cut infront of me , and he did quite a job scratching the front part of my car as he did is heroic act of cutting in front of my car. And what's more? It's a lane only enough for a car to go and yet he JUST HAD TO DO IT?

God -___- , I swear I'm almost in tears with all the disappointment I get from people nowadays.. especially the car drivers in my place here.
I really hope that my college would provide a home study course , I won't need to go out and meet all these lunatic drivers on my way to and back from college -__- ... Damn am I extremely sad and pissed off right now..

Once again , back to Undecided Mode.

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 2, 2012, 1:42 PM

A lot of random unnecessary thoughts are messing up my mind recently.

Once again , it all revolves around college , art , and future career.

I'm getting insomnia thinking of all these stuffs -__- Damn now do I wish I was back to being a 3 year old passing each day without a single worries.

Sometimes I wish I could be a jerk and dump everything and pack up some stuffs and runaway to an island , away from reality at the moment.
But then again , I can't stand to break my mom's heart since she's been supporting me with all my college stuffs all these while. Will I be able to get a job and pay her back the money in the future? Or am I just going to be a failed unfaithful child who can't earn much and let her hopes down? Ugh , right tight , I'm doom. I guess this is what you call extreme depression once you reach a certain age to make many big decisions -__-. God do I despise the idea of growing up at times.

As for my current manga illustration , I don't know how good are my skills at the moment , I keep having the doubts on whether I should really pursue it as a career? Or just let it remain as a hobby? Cause I know for sure , at my current country , I'm not going to make it anywhere taking up a career like that.

More praises , more watchers , more high expectations , more pressures. It's a good thing though. Which means I just have to strive and make all my next work better and better.
(Doubts own ability to keep up the improvement pace)

But then again , No pain , No gain.


Nippon VS America

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 5, 2012, 1:19 PM

One thing I recently come to realize something really different with Japanese and American's shows/movies/drama (whichever it is being called).

Seems like American actors and actresses aren't as good as Japanese's in portraying emotions.

No matter how many American shows I've watched , be it the one with sad love for instance " Phantom of the Opera , Titanic .. etc" I don't really feel much strong emotions.

But when it comes to Japanese ones. Even for a sad romance mixed with comedy , I bet most people will still shed some tears.

What American movies lack is "passion for emotion" , (if that's the right way to say it). ¬¬

As recently I've been watching "Tada, kimi wo aishiteru" , these actors can really shed tears. I wonder what is it in their thought when they're to act out a crying scene seriously. What I really adore in in J-movies/dramas is this passion thing that they have. They do really take their role seriously.
I really like their attitude for this case.
Same goes for their film settings and atmosphere. Gives some sort of relaxing feeling to it.

As far as I'm concerned , no films / dramas has ever made me felt like doing any fanarts and stuffs. But surprisingly I just find myself making one for "tada , kimi no aishiteru" J-drama. Gotto love the emotion these actors manage to expressed.