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Updated 04/02/13

Hello everybody, thanks for the continuing support.

Here's what Yoko's been doing lately.

I am currently in the process of publishing a several volume art book collection called "90 Days with Mrs. Tom". Vol. 1-3 will be available on very soon.
They're part sketchbook part mini retrospective, and every page is a fully fleshed out watercolor painting. I did these while I wasn't very active on here, and I completed around 6 of them. The story included in these artist's books is very stream of consciousness, and sometimes loosely confessional.
Stay tuned for MORE images from the books.
Here's some pictures:…
And there is some on here too:…

In speaking of publishing, I put out a book of poetry in 2012 that included all the poems I wrote from 2011-2012, called My Nose Buried In God's Gray Pubic Hair. If you are interested in buying a copy, you can here:…

Also, I'm in a new band. Sweatermeat is an experimental outsider, punk rock band. I sing, play bass, keyboard and make various noises.


Taylor White and I as Funslide are producing a CRAZY puppet show called PUPPET ORGY PARTY:
We would LOVE if you would watch them, they are realllllly crazy.

Here's the news most of you will probably be happiest to hear:
I'm picking up Stray Crayons again. I've already started on new pages to complete the final volume!

Again, I love you guys.
Thanks for keeping up with me!

PS hit me up on

I've been uploading sketches there!
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Awesome, awesome. Can't wait to see how it all ends.