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You all should know Im illustrating a new horror manga called hungry house.
It was written by taylor white
and will published at the end of this year.
stay tuned.
You can now buy some of my original watercolors and the Puppet Orgy Party Season 1 DVD here:
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In 2010 I took a sabbatical from digital art and internet life and primarily worked in watercolor. I kept black books that I painted in everyday, and there I wove a  surreal story about Mrs. Tom and her dick girl friends. Along with the story, there was my confessions, as this was a diary too. This is to date the most honest work I have ever created. Now you can see inside these secret diaries and own copies yourselves. Vol 1 - 3 span 2010-2012. The final volumes, 4 and 5 are coming soon.………
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Updated 04/02/13

Hello everybody, thanks for the continuing support.

Here's what Yoko's been doing lately.

I am currently in the process of publishing a several volume art book collection called "90 Days with Mrs. Tom". Vol. 1-3 will be available on very soon.
They're part sketchbook part mini retrospective, and every page is a fully fleshed out watercolor painting. I did these while I wasn't very active on here, and I completed around 6 of them. The story included in these artist's books is very stream of consciousness, and sometimes loosely confessional.
Stay tuned for MORE images from the books.
Here's some pictures:…
And there is some on here too:…

In speaking of publishing, I put out a book of poetry in 2012 that included all the poems I wrote from 2011-2012, called My Nose Buried In God's Gray Pubic Hair. If you are interested in buying a copy, you can here:…

Also, I'm in a new band. Sweatermeat is an experimental outsider, punk rock band. I sing, play bass, keyboard and make various noises.


Taylor White and I as Funslide are producing a CRAZY puppet show called PUPPET ORGY PARTY:
We would LOVE if you would watch them, they are realllllly crazy.

Here's the news most of you will probably be happiest to hear:
I'm picking up Stray Crayons again. I've already started on new pages to complete the final volume!

Again, I love you guys.
Thanks for keeping up with me!

PS hit me up on

I've been uploading sketches there!
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I'm going to be dumping my new stuff on here. This will include the best of all the work I have made from my 2010 sabbatical and onward. Please tell me what you all think.
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guess who's publishing again?


it's been a year, and I have made over a 1000 pieces easily.

I will be publishing the first of many things soon, deadline approaching: 09/15.

i love you all, and I will be dropping a years worth of werk here soon.
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I am on an undetermined sabbatical from the internet art scene for awhile.
I am focusing on my analogue endeavors...
I'm in art class learning the basics, and I am learning to sing in a band.
When I'm done I will post some things, but I think the whole internetz is distracting me... I need to find my creativity and fluidity... and the world wide web is rapin me.

I love you guys, and I will be back eventually!
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i did it too...

i was very inspired by my scary, milk-assassin

i love herz

here here
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sorry for the pearl jam reference, im old and i love them so there...

anyway, im sorry i havent been around. my semester is almost over, and when it is my summer break will be uber productive. i have all this creativity backed up like a money shot ready to blow! ill see you guys then!

i love you!
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hey babies

thank you for all the llama badges! i didnt know what they were, i had to google them!

To let you I will be focusing on Stray Crayons for awhile... im trying to get it churned out asap. My goal is to have it completed before the fall.
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HEY. Just in case you were interested in my manga Beliar, Strays or Wednesdays, I'm letting you know that I've drawn and inked several pieces. I haven't had a lot of time at home to clean them up, but I'm on spring break now, and I will be posting asap. I love you guys!
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its been a long damn time.

i've spent way too long being lazy,

it's high time i've did something!
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Hey guys. I met a new friend online who read Strays Vol. 2 but couldn't get Vol. 1... He wrote me a very inspiring note about how I shouldn't let the fact that not many people read my manga get me down. He spoke for those who couldn't buy or post their enthusiasm for the series. I was very touched. I found a spare copy of Vol 1 in my possession, where the printer had left 7 pages blank in error. I was like, "Hey i'll draw the missing pages in by hand, and give it to you for free." He said no, that I should auction it for the Red Cross relief of Haiti.

So that's what I plan to do.

I will be posting the Stray Crayons Vol 1 graphic novel on ebay in a few days when I have it finished. It will be autographed, and have ORIGINAL, ONE OF A KIND PENCILED PAGES IN IT BY ME, THE AUTHOR. There never will be another exactly like it. So if you love SC like some of you seem to, and you want to do something for those suffering in Haiti, you can do both by bidding on this item.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Effort, and I will email you the receipt of the donation for good meausure.

I'll post again when it is finished. Bidding will begin at $30.00
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so we decided want to do a noise collective.

if you want to listen to it:…

its... yeah.
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Sorry I haven't been as active as I used to be. I'm still working hard on Strays and Beliar, but work and school are taking all my time. You may see a trend to more Strays pages in the future because I'm finishing up the second volume now. That's right! It's almost finished! Don't worry I will still be doing Beliar, and it has some interesting story arcs and characters to be introduced very soon.

Thanks for all of your support!
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Hello everybody. I'm back and I got my vista set up to make new pages. Just to let you know I may not be able to update as much as I used to because work & school, but I will as much as possible. Be on the look out for mostly Strays updates, since I have a queue of pages needing to be toned that I drew at work. i will update Beliar soon, Im just working on some plot twists to keep it exciting.

i love you guys and I am happy to be posting art again ^-^
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well the main computer i do my art on is officially dead, so it maybe be sometime before i update. yes, i am very sad.
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