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Stray Crayons Vol 3 p14

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Sadly, I almost saw this coming.
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Damn... Good plot, but damn...
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didnt see that comming....
though today the "rape" plot point is cliche.

other than that, keep it up ^^

(I need to work on my webcomic...XD)
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people get raped everyday. i know a lot of girls audri's age that have been through this. its sad, and compared to some, audri's ordeal is mild.
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I know but it's been used so many times as character developement. As sad as it is, and especially when the stepfather's involved, it's so overused it's used as jokes by comedians.
Now if you wanted to use rape as a plot point, do something unexpected, like a younger brother, or the mother, who assulted the girl or something.
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well dont worry, lol sometimes I use a lot of cliches too XD
it can be either good or bad, depending on the situation. lol
what I was trying to say is that you dont want to be same ol same ol. u know what I mean? That's why I try to mix things up a little. Like a world where ogres asexually reproduce and live in a artificial mountain made of their dung (since they eat rocks and menerals and stuff)/ to having dragons that are part machine. XD
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