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MMD Ballbusting GIF - Size Doesn't Matter
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Published: February 4, 2018
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Mr. Wilson kept Skylar after class to talk about her failing grades.
"Take off your skirt, and let me have a look at you, then I'd consider bumping your grade up." he said slyly.
Not knowing any better, she complied.
"Okay, yeah, my skirt is off, are you happy now?"
Her long school uniform skirt slips off revealing a pair of panties that couldn't even fully cover her ass.
Mr. Wilson smiled, and said "Now just let me have my way with you, and everything will be fine."
In an instant, before he could realize what was about to happen, Skylar's instincts were kicking in.
She knew this was not something she wanted to escalate any futhur and without thinking,
lunged a full force knee right between Mr. Wilson's legs.
Insanely hard, harder than anything any man should ever have to be ready for.
Waves of pain shot through his crotch, then up to his stomach,
like a merciless onslaught, as if he was still being repeatedly kneed in the balls.
How could one small girl do this to such a giant grown man?
Thoughts raced through his head at a million miles a second.
She leaned over and said "I reeeeally hope that hurt, you pervert!!"
Skylar picked up her skirt and just walked out, with the most satisfied smile on her face.
She knew that even though that was the first time she had ever done something like that to a man,
it would not be the last.

This school is just full of ballbusting teens and pervy men lmao.
Comments, and as always, Enjoy! :D
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mrdigitalkomicsHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello how do you animate the character shaking after impact like you do in your videos?
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
The program I use to render the video has an effect called "Quake".
I can adjust the level the camera will shake.
However, specifically in the program I use to make the animation (MMD),
I "register" the first frame, than move the second frame up slightly, and then 
copy the first frame after it, and so on.
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Yoko are you okay? Its been a really long time since you posted anything anywhere. Please, at very least post an update letting us know what's going on.
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm back :) Made a post on Patreon explaining everything under the Madison + Update post.
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Maybe he’s going to doctor because of his girlfriend kicking his ball
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I’m sure animating is tough, but you could at least keep your promise, and post these new gifs as videos in your patreon. It almost been two months and 0 content. 
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
I genuinely apologize.
I made a post on my Patreon explaining the issue,
it's been kinda rough family wise and losing almost all of my models and projects.
But I'm back and it should be better from here on out. I've posted a ton, and will continue to do so.
Thank you for sticking around.
BorderLineBored's avatar
Sorry to hear that. Hope those money we donated helped you one way or the other) I understand that it's quite difficult to create, when you're feeling like shit(
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
It wasn't really a financial problem, but Patron contributions still mean everything to me.
Glad to still have your support here :)
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Is there any way i can get in touch with you? Need to ask you something about your patreon
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It's great the stories you invent and your work. After a while I can say that you are at the height of many geniuses to which he makes the drawings of Biriri ane. I have become very used to the way of creating and your quality and now it is difficult for me to like something less quality.
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Damn this one is hot, I like his futile attempt at trying not to fall down, despite the agony he is undoubtedly experiencing!
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to do a gif like this for so long, but couldn't quite figure out how to capture a man writhing in pain standing up,
doing his best to stay on his feet because his pride doesn't want him to succumb to a teenage girl.
I'm glad you can describe it like you did, I swear if she kneed him again, he would probably pass out.
She had an opening too bahahah :D
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I've been in this situation too, I challenged a girl to try to drop me and I assured her I would handle all her kicks, and so she kicked me once REALLY hard and I just about managed to keep standing and pretended it doesn't hurt, even though I could barely breathe or think, and was feeling soo nauseous, I felt that kick the entire way home for like 2 hours afterwards! Since that day, I had nothing but pure respect for that girl, and she was like 13 at the time! Pic related, she's the blonde on the right.

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Mr.Wilson's balls got crushed just like New England fans last night.Love 
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
Lmaoo she probably crushed them worse then that ;) :D
Such a little brat!
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Wow that was one of your hottest gif, great work man!!!! You're awesome
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you think so, thank you very much!
She's got such a nice little ass,
and knees are still my all time favorite bust :D
WaifuLuvaMinz's avatar
Her butt is so cute! Wish girls wore only a shirt and panties like this in real too, with the right to nutshot anyone looking!
ClementineRabbit08's avatar
I totally agree, also there should be a ballbusting day once a month where girls are encouraged to kick as many men as they can and the biggest ballbusters would get a reward haha!
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
That sounds like literally the most ideal world to live in Love  
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YokoBBHobbyist Digital Artist
:happybounce: :happybounce: 
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