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Ballbusting GIF - Self Defense

By YokoBB
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Just found this.
Figured I'd share it.
Pretty hot stuff, yeah?
She got legs for days,
and she used hers to SHUNT this mans BALLS
into fucking oblivion.

Can't take credit for this one guys.
Source: Unknown.
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Thats what i call girl power ! Love to see the boys agony after got kicking ib the balls.
vallHall4's avatar

bruh, he just touched your arm chill.

ocirneo's avatar

The best gif of ever. Thank you genius!

AngryFashionGirl's avatar
Knee the pevert in the balls!
AngryFashionGirl's avatar
al ladrón hay que patearle el pito
vapour42's avatar

She is just so dominantly sexy in her destruction of the guy's balls. Love the knee in first and then the lining him up again for the final kick that rupture his nuts and completes his emasculation. Would love to see those heels impaling a pair of naked testicles.

gokussjblue32000's avatar

If only she was wearing a crop top and fingerless gloves... I would allow her to claim my manhood

She would kick me so hard I’d be kneeling before her begging for mercy

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She's smokin' :D
Cindysissy-GER's avatar
She puts a lot of force in it. Great!
OrnCobreNegro's avatar
Really devastating !!

And without hardly getting tired.
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If anyone wants to know the original it's from this YouTube channel:…
They have a clip site for more videos.
indi2000's avatar
It is deleted :( do you have the clips and can you please upload it to dropbox or somewhere where we can watch it? :)
JeffTheChampman's avatar
I'm afraid I don't have any clips. But this is the their official site ( ) The only downside is that it costs to watch them.  :\
Zapan99's avatar
The original was posted on KITG, they have a clip site.
weedhopperps51's avatar
Wow!.......That was a pretty solid kick!
ClementineRabbit08's avatar
Holy fuck, I wish every woman was that eager and effective at self defense as this girl! I'd love it if every woman retaliated this way if some guy grabbed her ass, I'd be walking around grabbing asses all day!
YokoBB's avatar
Omfggg yess! This is the perfect fantasy, I would love this SO much!!
TBTS's avatar
He used to have a Patreon too, but it's "Under Review". I read some comments from a YouTube trailer about how his Patreon keeps getting shut down.
YokoBB's avatar
Damn.. he should talk to me about it. I've had both my Patreon sites under review and managed to solve it. I'll see if I can email him.
shoekisser's avatar
I would let her do that to me, then she can rob me
YokoBB's avatar
Omg right?! I'd let her do whatever she wanted, she's fine as fuck!
cbtsubbie's avatar
That knee tho……….
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Nice!
YokoBB's avatar
Her legs were built for kicking and kneeing men in the balls :D
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