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Tagged by the darling :icontwisted--princess: so I'll talk about my baby girl > w <


  1. Write 8 Facts about your Character 
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1. She started as my default, a pure girly girl, then I was like "eh, I guess she can be sort of the outdoorsy mud on her hands type". Now that I'm spending so much time with her for this BB-Tournament, she's unexpectedly fighting me a lot about this?! roflrofl But as you know mom decides the outfits at least to start, so when I draw her as a infant/younger toddler I can go back to being crazy, lol, but for now I'm looking at nice short designs and such for her lololol. 

2. I might have to revamp her high school version as well as her polka-dot dress version? The idea was for her to have semi-long hair, plain but with a section braided at the side of her head and a barrette with a ribbon glued on it. Her uniform is the plain white button-up shirt type, she's not trans so it would be the girls uniform but maybe I can widen her stance, make her look active, and have the combination still work?? (it looks ok in my head right now but that's...seriously not the best judge.)

3. There are no plans in the main storyline for her to meet her dad! I think the best chance she has is to go out to find him as an adult, that sort of like journey to find yourself and your roots.

4. Her ears weren't pierced as a child. She's not really interested so even though her mom wears a LOT of earrings (which she loved pulling along with mom's hair as an infant, ouch). I think she'd be in her late teens if she even decided she wanted them at all? 

5. Yoko likes animals but Natsumi REALLY loves animals, she begs to be taken to zoos and aquariums constantly. Plus, when she goes outside she either enjoys them out there, or brings things inside that inevitably give her poor mom a heartattack! (rhinoceros beetles and cicadas aren't too bad, both are her favorites to catch, but when taken to the countryside, which she aDORES, she really goes crazy with catching as many lizards, crayfish and bugs as she can, dawn till dusk!)

6. She's never been stung by one but Natsumi is absolutely terrified by the idea of jellyfish, so she'd much rather be taken to the mountains for vacay than the beach.

7. She has strawberry-blonde hair as a nice combination of her parents, but I never think of Yoko's side of the family as blonde for whatever reason? Usually just reddish-brown or black. BUT Natsumi's eyes are literally also just blue-green because I liked the look of the less straight-forward/strong color, so I obviously threw science out the freaking window anyway lol.

8. Her age at the point where the story focuses on just her is still up for deliberation! lol But she has a girlfriend already anyway! lol she and twisted--princess' Odin are the cutest thing so I end up drawing them every year lol. I like the idea of Natsumi being a bit younger than her, but no more than two years I think.

9. Extra: A long talk about bio changes lol
I honestly have no idea what to do about her maternal grandparents. Back in 2013 I did the MS-paint OC bio for Yoko and posted what I thought was the final version of her backstory, but someone pointed out that 1) Yoko's mom was in a come for a LONG TIME. and 2) Yoko's grudge against her dad just makes....little to no sense, especially because it was tied with how long the coma lasted (again, usually lasts months, years is okay but ten is excessive. I think I'm gonna have to have the car accident happen more with Yoko in the 12-14 range, and the coma not lasting until the modern storyline. 

MY PROBLEM, NOW is that....ugh...the freaking BB-T tournament summary came out so, so recently, and here I am entirely overthrowing it once again. Do I edit that section on the entire deviantation?? Add this new info in a year or two when the next bio comes out and act like it was a slow change over time?? (I will add that I am likely to think of more, since I didn't have this when I needed it, obviously, so waiting might be of some benefit but man is that new bio embarrassing.)

To leave the fact part of it behind and go into personal (so too long, not gonna read); I was so embarrassed by what that person pointed out about my storyline that I basically hid for years. But to go into my thoughts about what I typed up recently, the selling point in Yoko's history, I still kinda believe, was that she was tragic but not with two dead parents. Really a better version of it would have been for her to have one loving parent and be just out of reach of the other. So that was already flawed, but not terrible.

When I started the "single mom" storyline I got this idea of total isolation in my head, of her struggling alone in the world. So when I seriously started thinking about what to do with her mom, I was like, well after that long with no activity she's just dead, right? But that literally rips the good story right out of it, to have 16 year old Yoko grieving a dead mom. So right now I'm thinking there's still a scare, there; yes, but Yoko's trauma should be exclusively in the fear, near-death and isolation, not it actually being there, since her clingyness is already one of her negative personality traits from before. I like that, fine with it.

As for her dad, it's normal to be attached to one parent and not the other, but what to actually do with him?? The marriage could fall apart and Yoko could just not contact him often because she just doesn't want to, but should she actually just live with and silently despise him????????????????????????

I'm a mess and so are my storylines™

Tagging some people who's art I've been obsessed with lately! No obligation~


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