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Sad to say this, but this icon is being used by a thief, a hacker and a abuser who has multiple accounts. If you need proof, I can send you multiple journals about him
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really sad, because this chibi is so adorable :3 Dancing Sleeping cute 
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Mangakiss that is a stealer and a harrash user uses this icon.
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It is. But, alas Pia, I have to warn you that this emoticon is used as a profile pic by an art thief/liar/bully named Mangakiss. Yous should be careful with him. He can wrongfully acusses and bullies many innocent artists (including me), thinking they're bullies who want to steal art and desire to kill the original artists.
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  I regret your misfortune.  :petting:  I already had problems with a weird and mysterious cyber-bully here on DA. :evileyes:  In both occasions,I told about this to the DA staff,that solved the problem. :phew: Now,if Mangakiss is so dangerous,I think that the best thing to do is call the cops or the FBI,that have ways to identify and arrest this criminal. Serious Nod 
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Yeah. We all should.
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Indeed!When someone start make death menaces,this people deserve go to the jail! locked emoticon 
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Yeah! He deserves that.
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  Indeed!This guy is dangerous! :fear:
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Yup. Seriously dude, he is! He needs to be reported.
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:thumb409446236: this is cute!
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Kisu by Yokkan on deviantART
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wooow so sweet!
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hey, thank you! :D
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