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Nyokua free base - Open species



Recently worked on this species: the Nyokua! (Click for the species sheet!) 
Please respect these few rules: 

Bullet; Green It's an open species, you can make as much as you want!
Bullet; Green You can change any lines, alter them, draw over, correct my mistakes, etc.
Bullet; Green You can frankendoll (mix these lines with someone else's lines) but ONLY if the other base's creator allows it too!
Bullet; Green You can make adoptables with this base, but I'd love to be credited on every adopt, and do not remove my signature!
Bullet; Green You can make customs but your customer must know you are going to use this base
Bullet; Green You can make YCHs but I must be credited as the base maker

Bullet; Red DO NOT remove my signature, even if you altered a lot the lines!
Bullet; White Always credit me as the base maker everywhere you repost your colored version, even if you altered a lot the lines! Please add a functionnal link either to my profile or to this base!
Bullet; White Always credit YokaMycelium for the species Nyokua, or Yevat
Bullet; Red You can't repost the base alone and you can't sell it
Bullet; Red Other commercial use are not allowed. For example, you can't sell prints with this artwork. 

Also knows that:
Bullet; Purple Feel free to alter the lines to change morphology and anything.
Bullet; Purple These lines has pre-colored layers for an easier coloring
Bullet; Purple This is a .psd file, openable by Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, and many others. Though I can provide other kind of files, just ask :>
Bullet; Purple Feel free to thank me in the comments if you love this base and species <3 I read every comment and try to answer to all asap

Art by me (c) YokaMycelium
You can download and use this artwork as long as you respect the rules stated above.
Species creator and owner YokaMycelium 

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Thank you very much for this amazing base.