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View of Titania from Bay 3



In the early days of FTL travel, before the advent of the quantum waveform induction, humanity had to rely on external sources of power and relativity. That often meant seeking out black holes. Their massive gravity wells could be exploited through the use of stations orbiting just outside the event horizon, pushing a spacecraft ever closer to the speed of light until the main gate gave a final shove to break the barrier.

The process of finding a suitable singularity and building the network was painfully slow, involving super-long-term expeditions to survey potential sites in person. But once a relay had been established, it could link star systems virtually forever.

Titania was unique because of its super bright accretion disc. Imagine the wonder of the crew, emerging from dry sleep and looking upon it with their own yes. What looked like a shiny, wobbling blob on the gravitational telescope images turned out to be a glittering cloud, filling the sky save for an unimaginably black orb cradled within. Some argue that sight alone was worth the trip.

Saw some other folks who made little mint tin dioramas, so I had to try. Of course, I already have some other ideas in mind.

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