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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Wallpap

By yoink17
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To celebrate the announcement of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, I've made this wallpaper for all you SF fans out there!
This is by far the biggest Street Fighter collection ever made and this is quite a way to celebrate 30 years of one of the most influential fighting game series of all time!

Anyway, this stacked compilation consists of 12 SF games in their entirety featuring the original Street Fighter, all 5 main installments of Street Fighter II (normal, Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, The New Challengers & Turbo), all 3 main installments of Street Fighter Alpha (1,2 & 3) & all 3 main installments of Street Fighter III (normal, 2nd Impact & 3rd Strike).
This compilation will also feature online modes (including ranked & casual matches, lobbies (where up to four players can occupy at once) & leaderboards) for SF II Hyper Fighting, SSF II Turbo, SFA 3 & SF III 3rd Strike...
But that's not all, this compilation also includes character bios, a museum mode, a music player, concept art, a sprite viewer and an interactive timeline! You can also incorporate save states in any of the 12 games at any point within them.

This HUGE collection features the following warriors, all returning to the battlefield:
Adon, Akuma, Alex, Birdie, Blanka, Cammy White, Charlie Nash, Chun-Li, Cody Travers, Dan Hibiki, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Dudley, Eagle, Edmond Honda, Elena, Evil Ryu, Fei Long, Geki, Gen, Gill, William F. Guile, Guy, Hugo Andore, Ibuki, Joe, Juli, Juni, Karin Kanzaki, Ken Masters, Lee, Makoto, Master Bison, Mike, Necro, Oro, Q, Remy, Retsu, Rainbow Mika, Rolento F. Schugerg, Rose, Ryu Hoshi, Sagat, Sakura Kasugano, Sean Matsuda, Sodom, Thunder Hawk, Twelve, Urien, Vega, Yang, Yun & Zangief.

Own a PC? You'll have the entire series to play on, including Street Fighters IV & V.
Own a PS4? You'll be able to play Ultra Street Fighter IV & Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as well if you like.
Own a Switch? You'll be able to play Ultra Street Fighter II too if you wish.
Own a Xbox One? You can play normal & Ultra SF IV through backward compatability.

Anyway, this collection isn't out until May 2018 so you may want to get ready, warriors!
Available on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch!

Made with PhotoScape.
Credit goes to Capcom.
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© 2017 - 2020 yoink17
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Well done.
Original redhead Ryu and white Birdie were always better, with more style...
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Thanks. :)
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Me too! ^_^
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Without Street Fighter, there will be no Tekken, no Virtua Fighter, no King of Fighters, no Mortal Kombat, no Dead or Alive, no Bloody Roar, but worst of all no awesome Fighting Games
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You ain't wrong.
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Easily one of the best fighting games of all time since I was 4 years old
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Can't argue with that. Without Street Fighter, who knows where the gaming industry would've gone.
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RhykrossHobbyist Interface Designer
Honor to Street Fighter FOREVER Fight
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You got that right. HADOKEN!
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