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To The Moon


Really love the game ;v; and I just realized I haven't drawn or at least, uploaded any fan art for it.
I tried to draw something else for it before but totally gave up half way.
But I can't resist all the feels that come with this game /// so i just have to draw a fan art no matter what even if I die

I drew the sketch for this quite a while ago at lunch time in school.
You can see it HERE

Spiral of Secrets by YOI-kun

River & Johnny © Freebird games
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© 2014 - 2021 YOI-kun
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If you think about it the game was always fairly depressing. Neil and Eva didn't change the past only John's perception of it. His wife still died knowing that John never truly remembered the first time they met and her sacrifices and attempts to make him see were all in vain.
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happy birthday :)
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rest in peace johny

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This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I love this game!
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This is so fucking amazing man!
Can I have your permission to use this illustration for the cover of one of my tracks in my next VideoGame Music Album called "Infection #03", under my VGM solo project called "Pokérus"?
I'll be SO happy if you say YES! <3 Please!
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so beautiful! well done!!! 5/5
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K-k-k-k-kawaii #*--*# really love the game too #>3<#
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Awwww I miss this game I wish there was a sequel ;_;
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There was a mini sequel for the holidays ;u; it was really sweet...
From what I heard Freebirdgames are going to make more involving the same memory altering technology but with different characters and different stories ;u;
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Woah really? but the last part was weird!!
in the end they were about to leave but then
there was like this red flicker
like the one they had when the man was
about to pass away.

I mean like why??hooww?
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e dnrfhjgubiop; This astounding captures this wondrous game beautifully! Thaaaank-yooooou!~:heart: 
Grabbed your art as my youtube profile picture, hope you dont mind.
Bittersweet yet pure beautiful art work
Somehow eyes become sour watching your art tho....
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Nope I dont really ;u; but it would be nice if I was credited xD (not that you have to though)
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when this world is no more
the moon is all i see
i'll ask you
to fly away with me
until all the stars
fall down
they empty from the sky
but don't mind

if you' re with me
andthing is all right
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it's just perfect!!:heart: :iconcraiplz: 
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Can I fav this again?
This drawing is too awesome...
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This is beautiful!

Well done!

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so awesome... Pikachu crying 
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i think i am about to die nice work friend if u don't remember me let me refresh ur mind with someone u met on its me MedDiePie
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