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The Diary

This pic is an humble homage to "Another Time, Another Place" from Starvinglunatic [link] is an interesting story from a terrific writer!!! -You got to read that one!- ^_^

So I wanted to do something based on that story so I did this. First time I try to do something that looks ancient, Is not a "WOW WHAT A LOOK" It's quite simple and not so much color on it but I really like how it end up. - hehehe that why it didn't take me to much time-

Now the clasical. Sorry for my ar*beep* styl*beep*, hope you like it guys ^^;
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I remember this fanfic

You know it's thanks to you that I read this story. :)
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i read that story, it was pretty epic and this drawing is just as epic. :)
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I read the story and I thought it was great!
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Eso fue muy hermoso y maravilloso, mi cuate ^^
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Actually just read the story, it was great! And so is this :)
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I tired reading the story it's just too long..
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This fits the story perfectly.
Great job!
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That was a great fic! You have truly done it justice!
I love this picture! I also just love your stlye of drawing & coloring! :wow: I also love this author of the story you based your pic off of! :#1:
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My absolute favorite KiGo story of all time... though it did make me tear up... and derpressed... and not want to go to school(and I didn't)... lol. My friends thought my cat died and they laughed at me for it but when a few of them read it the said they understood. XD
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Great picture! I love the kiss at the top and the second pic of Sheshona! And thanks for bringing this fic to my attention.
Wow love that transcends lifetimes.
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Ugh, what's with you people and being gay? Only freaks are gay, or VERY messed up people.
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You shouldn't talk about things you don't understand.
I know many gay people and they act just like any other person, the only difference is who they choose to kiss.
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WTF why would you say that? seriously?
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I know I'm late with this coment, but I just finidxhed reading tha story and I love it, like the way u drew it, I already said it but i really like your drawings, it looks verry similar to the original drawings.
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After seeing this pic. I went read the entire story before I even consider to comment on this pic. The story is well done, very emotional at times, and done clearly for ppl so they don't lose track. Now in my opion. You have the story justice and done it very well.
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That's... amazing. <3 :';) Great job.
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well that's a questionable icon. xD
dude i freakin love this pic!!![link] i kept looking at it everytime i read the story!!!
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