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DP-You are NOT Invited

Thank you to Azure :iconazure321: and Lord Kellendros :iconlord-kellendros: for the Dialogs and also to check up how Deadpool acts! Thank you guys! :glomp:

I also have to say that this page was inspired by :iconzolem: Zolem's comment "She-Hulk lawyer powers activate! Form of a Restraining Order!" :giggle: it make laugh so hard that I need to add that! X3

Finally Diana's Plan for a Perfect wedding is unraveling and thanks to Bruce's new attorney well is woirking as a charm! :rofl:

You had to admit that She-hulk would be the only lawyer that would dare to give Superman a restriction order, the other choice would be Daredevil but he couldn't stand a chance agains Clark ^^;

Well thanks havens she bring up her boyfriend or else the situation could be get messy ^^;

hahahaha and Clark isn't over the fact Bruce will be married man... but not with him, I can't help to feel a bit sorry for the guy BUT still I hate him, I also can't help it... he is just too good :sarcasm:

Next Deadpool would drop the offer of Ivy?.... Ivy will use Deadpool as manure?... Would Spider-man finally kill Bruce?... Would Superman butt in the wedding? stay tunned! ^_^

Side note: hehehehe I just love She-hulk and Jugernaut! the look as a cute couple! :XD:

PS: Ok... which comic deserve be follow next, the Drama and action packed Magic KP or the hilarious but also action packed Deadpool/Batman's Wedding? but don't say both, Ok?... If you don't say anyone and I will decide, OK? ^_^

I hope you guys like it! ^_^

And also Happy Love and Friendship Day! (it's the 14 of Feb but still!)

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VR-Commando-ATA's avatar

Arguably the most functional relationship in this series...and I love it!

steam-dieselpunkpunk's avatar

still can't believe they actually hooked up. Still i wonder was it she-hulk that pegged jugg or did jugg peg she-hulk?

TheAstuteDevil's avatar
Is it weird I ship She-Hulk and Juggernaut?
minotaurlord9's avatar
I can't help but wonder how many "Secret Identities" exist in this world. Is it only between the supers and the average citizen? Or what?
Kent gets -8 points for short sightedness

Juggernaught and she hulk get 5 points each for romance
Shadowcatninja's avatar
How did they get together ???
Sharpman01's avatar
I think they picked the pair due to the comic they did 'TECHNICALLY' sleep together...even then that wasn't the same She-Hulk but both were happy anyways.
Wait0wat's avatar
Didn't Batman BEAT Juggernaut in the last story? And now he's dating a hero? I'd love to see his side-story.
hellobobo's avatar
Do more she-hulk
Sorry for the DC fans but Juggernaut will grind Superman into a bloody smeer.
Myrethy's avatar
Okay, I completely adore She-Hulk and Juggernaut now. I don't even know how that pairing functions, but I love it!
Deadpool2000's avatar
She-Hulk And Juggernaut Make A Power Couple No Pun Intended
I just love your attention to details like Superman's eyes turning red when he is angry. ;)

Yet another awesome comic strip! And we finally have the answer to the question "who would win in a fight between Shulkie and Supes?". :lol:
weAreNoHeroes's avatar
i think it's funny that juggernaut is to big to fit more than his face and hand into a panel! :)
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
I've always loved the She-hulk from tv, but I love this she-hulk as well :D
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Uh Superman? You do realize that along with Kryptonite, you are vulnerable to magic, right?
Eon101's avatar
ArchAngelSx's avatar
Jenny Walters Amazing Attorney Powers; only rivaled by that of Phoenix Wright.
What people often forget is that both Hulks are actually super intelliegent
Kerevon's avatar
Mind you, Shulkie could probably kick his ass even without being a lawyer. Wait a second... crossover... coming... yes! Marvel vs. Capcom: Ace Attorney! It... could... WORK!!!!!
Kaboom62's avatar
This is proberbly the best comic ive ever read. kudos!
Supes gets no love...
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