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hi!! could i use this as a background for a private room on chatlands? full credit will be given and no profit will be made :]

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Ahh! This is gorgeous ^ - ^ !! Is it possible that I could use this masterpiece as a background for a 2D Chatland? The proper credit will be given to you as Owner= "YogFingers on DA".

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thank you! sure no problem, you can link to my instagram and DA if you wish.

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Ahhh yay this is wonderful so excited thank you so much and will do ! We will have a forum post giving proper credit to all artists whims art we show on the site and a link to their DA and other pages they wish to gain publicity on . Once that form topic is completed I will link it here so that you may view it :3
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awesome! sounds good. all the best

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This is very breathtaking! :)
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This is most pretty and lovely & lush looking. :-)
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This is beautiful ! I want to build my house here ^^
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Love the color pallet. Reminds me almost of a goauche painting. 
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Really colourful, full of juice.
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Love this! I wish I was good at landscapes.
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Good one - love the style!
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Thank you Arnd! :-)
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incredible work! the colours are so vibrant and the whole piece is wonderfully detailed and gorgeous to look at <33
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