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By yofikus
Poster for "Renova" company
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marstanman's avatar
Very nice. Love the vibrant colors...
redboink's avatar
farandesing's avatar
Doodlez21's avatar
How do you make that type of art? Are you painting or drawing? Or is it a picture?
fugirl1's avatar
i'm a real fan , just great ..
mimismos's avatar
I am your Fan :-)
JulyJulia's avatar
Syretrip's avatar
some of the sickest shit ive seen on dA. all your things.
im just sad this isnt in wallpaper mode :)
your messages is sick. like in management.
i totally dig your style! :)
ahillesus's avatar
deadsleep's avatar
is this for the designer toilet paper company o.O
selina's avatar
Really well done :thumbsup:
Vampiric-Romance's avatar
how did you make it.. using what?
Meganopolis's avatar
Love it! Hot air balloons rule!
disa4ever's avatar
cranial-bore's avatar
Top work, very unique composition and tactile textures. The rippled ground is a bit of a trademark of yours. :thumbsup:
crisiii's avatar
great use of colour!
Hippopottermiss's avatar
I like it all apart from the partly yellow wheel area on the bike at the top.
oooh i love it
tama89's avatar
noat2010's avatar
Eagle806's avatar
gorgeous but where is the company's logo?!
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