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Shane S.
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
♣ Shane - ♂ - New York ♣

Artist, photographer, snake, turkey, and roach keeper, nature enthusiast/wannabe naturalist, outdoorsman, and a bit of a gamer... I might be a furry.

(These prices are for private commissions only, not commercial work.)

(See the above journal for the status of your commissions!)

Private commissions are offered on very rare occasions, as most of my time, energy and planning is put into personal projects. It’s always nice when you don’t have any deadlines to stress over, and can work at your own pace, on your own ideas! Openings will be posted here when I’m feeling up to the challenge.

If you're interested in commercial work (that’ll be the day…), please email me at with your idea or proposal, and we’ll discuss it further! Please note that I do NOT take on jobs in which the only compensation is “exposure.” Like anyone else who offers a specialized skill, I expect to be paid fairly for my time and services. I too, have bills and living expenses. Thank you for understanding!

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY WORK ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. The only exception is commissioned work/designs reposted with credit by the client it was drawn for/purchased by. There are reasons for this, please be respectful.

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Tumblr | Twitter

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Art can sometimes be expensive to make. Thank you for your help! <3



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AHAHA. YES. I am free from my job. For now.
Expect much more art soon. I'll finally have TIME for things again. I just gotta catch up and get everything in order, and it's go time.
Life has failed to do me in for yet another year.
Happybirthdayotherdog by Yodeldog
Not doing anything for my birthday. I was already taken out to eat on the 1st, and while I was given spending money, I'm just... gonna tuck that away now, lol. I spent nearly a grand yesterday ordering new enclosures for my snakes! That's a lot to drop all at once, but they deserve only the best.

Growth Points
Small GP icon by Esk-Masterlist 18 GP
(Current Total)

SpeciesEsk | GenderMale | CollectionMYO | DesignerYodeldog
OriginTrespasser | NatureDisconsolate | BoundaryLogged Old Growth | SizeLumbering

Uncommon traits: Bold markings, chest marking, tail tip marking. Rare traits: None.
Nature features: Pitch pine, bracken fern.
Accessories: Wood axe (enchanted).

Forest Biome by Esk-Masterlist

Muir is a large Esk (somewhere in between the size of a liger and grizzly bear, but with more canid/fox-like proportions). He can usually be found laying somewhere within his boundary, endlessly mourning its destruction. He rarely leaves it, and when he does, he can't bring himself to go very far beyond its borders, despite how upset the sight of it makes him. He moves as if he were in an incredibly weakened state. His strides appear pained, his paws may drag, he stumbles constantly, and he seems unable to stand or sit upright, often hunched over and looking as if ready to collapse. He has a rather disheveled and unkempt look about him. Most of Muir's fur is pretty coarse, and would feel similar to long pine needles. His eyes are often seeping pitch, though the amount varies based on his mood (the sadder he is, the more it runs). His nature features may appear in various stages. Ferns may be young fiddleheads, or fully grown out fronds. They may also appear brown and withered (and often are). The pinecones in his tail could be closed, or dried and opened up. His pine stump, however, never changes. His accessory is an old wood axe imbued with a powerful magic. He has not yet discovered what its enchantment does, so it's a bit of a mystery to all. The axe is typically stuck in the pine stump, but he is capable of holding and wielding it with his telekinesis as well.

Muir is severely depressed, and is almost always weeping and inconsolable. He has shut himself off from others, and isn't very receptive of their company. (He'll tolerate their presence, but is not very communicative.) It's very hard to convince him to do anything. He's too distraught and perpetually exhausted to interact, most days. He was once very passionate and driven, but now sees himself as a complete failure. He is a kind soul, but the circumstances surrounding the destruction of his forest have left him extremely bitter and hateful toward humans. He may become agitated and act out aggressively when they are near his boundary or the surrounding forests. He has been known to destroy logging equipment, overturn vehicles, and cause various freak accidents in his attempts to drive people away. He is protective of his boundary, but at the same time, considers it a lost cause. He knows it'll never be the same, but still cares deeply for it. He feels he no longer has a purpose, and is struggling with a lot of inner turmoil. He seems to remember more from his past life than most Esk do, but is lost on a lot of the smaller details.

Muir was a forester with a great love and appreciation for nature, and a passion for conservation. He was transformed after he had fallen deep into depression over the destruction of his favorite old growth forest. To him, it was a sacred place. He had tried very hard to save it, but in the end, it was decided that the area was more valuable in the form of lumber. The way he saw it, he no longer had a reason to continue existing. He returned to his destroyed forest, feeling betrayed, having lost all faith in humanity, and was contemplating dying. But, it was here that an Esk found and transformed him.

Transformed by: Onyx (#1037)

Plotting Stuff!
- Would be neat if there was an Esk that Muir knew in his past life. Perhaps a family member or past love interest, that he slowly starts to remember and reconnect with. Let me know if you wanna plot around that!
- There's an abandoned iron ore mine in the surrounding forest just on the edge of Muir's boundary. He sometimes goes there to get away from everything, as it's very quiet. I think that would make a really cool boundary for a creepy Esk, or one that makes itself SEEM creepy, but totally isn't. lol Maybe Muir could do a future transformation there?

All of Muir's artwork can be seen below in the comments section.
Anyone is welcome to draw him! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Please do tag me in any submissions featuring him. <3



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