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Crocheted Ghus

Ghüs, from the Saga comic book series.
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Nov 5, 2015, 5:25:18 PM
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Awww Ghüs! He looks so cute *_* What color type did you use for the trousers? Most yellow colors look too pale or too dark but this is a very pretty one
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This is wonderful!  You've really captured his seal-ness.  Are you willing to share the pattern?
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Thanks! I don't have any current plans for releasing the pattern, but if there's enough interest then I'll see if I still have the pattern and if it's in a readable format (typically I don't keep track of my patterns since I never remake things that I've made).
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Wow! He is adorable :D Awesome work :)
This blew my mind - I didn't realise you could crochet like that.
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The thing is, you can crochet nearly anything if you take the time to figure the shapes out.  
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That's really cool ^_^
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Glad you like it!
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my mum does crochet but i find it way to hard to do. and boring, id rather draw, read, or do some homework than that, or do covers with my friends.
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Just my two cents here, but can crocheting be boring? Yes, it can be. Especially if all you're doing is following a pattern that someone else has made. That's why I create all my own designs/patterns (even though they are based off of superheroes, pokemon, etc), because for me the fun comes from the pattern creation, not the actual crocheting part. Plus it's rewarding to see something go from a sketch all the way to a finished product. And the same can go for drawing, I'm assuming you don't trace other people's work or try to draw something that someone has already done, but you make your own creation instead (even if it may be a variation of someone else's work). As for the difficulty, it can be difficult to do at times, but if you're motivated and are willing to work at it, it can actually become pretty easy. Again though, that's just my two cents, take it how you will. Cheers!
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salute mate! sry im english, so yeah, i live in america, but live with my english grandparents, so don't take the mate thing the wrong way, it just means friends.
aw fish liver, crocheting is fun, yeah, but i can never get the gist of it.
#try2hard #braincramp
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Haha, well if you really want to cramp your brain up more, you can always throw math into the crochet mix:…
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confusing and puzzling
get it?
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