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I got a SNES mini.
So now I own a SNES mini. 
I have 20 games now. Things like Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart and more games. I don't wanna name all 20 right now.
So far I have tried Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. I'll try the other ones later obviously. My friend :iconyodajax10: was excited for me to get this. His favorite game on there is Donkey Kong Country video game. 
I'll let you guys know in the near future what I do with this. I recommend getting this if you can. It's like only 70 bucks.
Star Giant Productions, OUT! :love: 
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Nintendo Direct delayed a week due to earthquake.
So I heard that Japan just had a MASSIVE earthquake! And with that it caused some things over there to be delayed. Mainly the Nintendo Direct. 
If I heard correctly, some people are already pissed off because it's being delayed. And to that I say, fuck off. You don't work for them. I respect Nintendo for having delays because they respect their staff. Nintendo is a company that I do respect. On both a business level and a relationship level. 
In all honesty, I'm surprised that Nintendo can still operate a day LATER! Japan is a small country, you gotta remember that. So them being able to pick up just like that is admirable.
We can wait for you Nintendo. Take all the time you need. 
Never stop being cool Nintendo. :love:
Star Giant Productions, out.
:iconstargiantproductions:StarGiantProductions 7 3
Stitch and Dinah by IMArellano Stitch and Dinah :iconimarellano:IMArellano 100 23 insert clever title here by ColossalStinker insert clever title here :iconcolossalstinker:ColossalStinker 111 16
Dr. W Reviews You Submissions
At long last, here is the followup to my 100k Views Special! I got several submissions from several talented content creators, and I loved what you all had to send for me. I will include the links to everything in this journal, so browse away. These works are in no particular order, and there is no prize for the one I liked best. This is just a showcase of my talented and creative friends. So tell me in the comments if my criticism was fair and which works you liked the best. Once again, thank you everyone who offered me work! You were so kind to do that and appreciate everyone's talents and generosity in letting me evaluate their pet projects. Well done! 
Sometimes I will talk to the writer directly if I am offering ideas for improvement or compliments, sometimes I will talk about the work on its own like I'm reviewing anything else. So if this is disorienting for you, it's just how I roll. I hope you understand. Plus, try not to take my criticisms TOO seriously. While I may be w
:iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 15 33
Ryanimation Review 26 Total DramaRama
Please watch the video the full way through, comment and like it. I need my videos to get attention again. Let me know what you guys think of this review. ;)
Star Giant Productions, StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. 
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Brave Women- Whos Better? yodajax10 Collab by EmeraldOfTheOcean Brave Women- Whos Better? yodajax10 Collab :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 26 9
Bronycon 1st day.
Today marks my first day at Bronycon.
I had a fun time today! Jackson and I did it at the convention.
I met one of my most favorite people there, Ingrid "Tempest" Nielson! No, I don't mean "Tempest Shadow." Emily Blunt played her. Ingrid's REAL name is Tempest. When she was adopted as a baby, she had her name changed. Ingrid was AMAZING! :love: She was SO CUTE! ^^ Her real voice doesn't sound like Maud Pie. Unlike Kelly Sheridan who actually sounded like Starlight Glimmer, Ingrid sounds closer to Marble Pie than Maud Pie. And when she DID talk as Maud Pie, she sounded like a Maud Pie with helium in her mouth. She was my favorite part of the day. :D
I also met Larson. We talked about some of his SpongeBob projects. And as well as My Little Pony. He told me that he hated writing the episode Fame and Misfortune and didn't like how it turned out. But I told him that it was my favorite episode of season 7. He was cool with it though. :D
Peter New (Big Mac.) I met. And Tabitha St. Germain as
:iconstargiantproductions:StarGiantProductions 4 2
Ryanimation Review 25: Rick and Morty Season 3
Off to Bronycon now. Here's part 1 of my Rick and Morty season 3 review.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, OUT! :love: 
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Top 10 Best Scenes in Animation by jpbelow Top 10 Best Scenes in Animation :iconjpbelow:jpbelow 25 7
A July update. And going to Bronycon.
I thought that I would give one last update before the month ends on what I'll be up to. 
So first thing is that I'll be making the Rick and Morty season 3 review this week. The first half. I'll do the 2nd half when I come back from vacation. Actually, my editor will do the second half. It's been a while since he's done a video for my channel. He hasn't edited anything for me since the Double Rainboom review, which was 3 months ago. And even then I re-edited it. So I figure that I'll give him Rick and Morty. I'll also give him my Hanazuki review. Because while I'm on vacation, he won't. (I can't have devices on my vacation. ^^;)
I'm gonna shoot for making 3 Ryanimation Reviews a month. That seems to be a reasonable goal. This month I made...1 review. 1 and a half once you count the Rick and Morty one. However, I was trying other things as well as trying to get through my depression and trying to get motivated. Not to mention Youtube struggles so in short I have an excuse. Honestly
:iconstargiantproductions:StarGiantProductions 1 1
You okay Butch Hartman?
Well with me being serious about the Butch Hartman scandal yesterday, today I made a silly meme out of it.
Because it seems like that whenever a scandal happens anymore, people on the internet either make a serious video out of it. Or they make a meme out of it. I have done both, at least in journal format.
Anyway, here's the video: 
Star Giant Productions, StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :D 
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Rugrats is getting a reboot.
Technically I knew that for, like, a year now. But now we're finally getting official confirmation on the series.
Here's the conformation:
Also, there will be a Rugrats movie. It will be CGI.
Though I have to ask: why do people think that Rugrats needs a reboot? If this was a show like Codename Kids Next Door or Samurai Jack that ended on a cliffhanger, it would make sense to continue it and finish what you started. Or something like My Little Pony where the original was bad from start to finish while the reboot (in this case Friendship is Magic.) makes EVERYTHING improve!
The original Rugrats does NOT get this excuse. It ended in seasonal rot. It was on for 13 years. (1991-2004.) And it had 2 spinoffs (All Grown Up and Rugrats Preschool Daze.) that weren't the best received. School Daze was so bad that it only got 4 episodes. They weren't even released to America until 2008. (When it was made originally in 2005.) 
:iconstargiantproductions:StarGiantProductions 3 3
Mt. Gretina trip.
My friend :iconyodajax10: and I went to Mt. Gretina today. It's a lake that is in our area about 40 minutes from where we live. It has a high rise (20-30 feet give or take.) dive, a swing/rope set and a regular diving board.
I had a lot of fun. I did a lot of swimming. I talked to a lot of people today. 
Jack had fun. He swam a lot to. He needed a good relaxing swim at the lake. 
We also went canoeing together. Not one of our best moments admittedly. ^^; 
Both of us then went to a diner called "The Jigger Shop." I had a milkshake, milk, ice cream cone, burger and fries. Yes I like dairy. =p  Jack had chicken and fries.
We had a fun day together. 
Star Giant Productions, StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :love:
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Initial Thoughts: The Lion King by JIMATION-AKA-LX Initial Thoughts: The Lion King :iconjimation-aka-lx:JIMATION-AKA-LX 6 7 The Circle of Loud. by DTH-Incorproductions The Circle of Loud. :icondth-incorproductions:DTH-Incorproductions 27 24

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I know this opinion may be a bit unpopular, but I always enjoyed the "Family Guy" episode, "Brian And Stewie".

Brian and Stewie were always my favorite characters on "Family Guy" (With a few big exceptions, but I digress) and their interaction was something I always looked forward to when an episode came on (Again, with a few big exceptions, but I digress), and this one was no exception. I can understand how people may find some of the humor gross, but for me, the way it's handled here was pretty funny. 

The ending especially I think was really touching. It talked about the subject of suicide and took it seriously. And it really showed us more on Brian and Stewie's relationship.

What do you guys think of the episode? 
Interesting fact about me:
With every "Family Guy" episode I've seen, there has not been one I did NOT laugh at. I mean it, even with the worst I've seen, I laughed at least once or twice. 
Happy 25th Anniversary to one of the greatest cartoons of all time, "Animaniacs"! 
Unpopular Opinion:  

I think "Family Guy" has better music than "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". 



Special thanks to :iconpowerloud-girl: for working on this with me!

(PowerLoud Girl is cooking burgers in her kitchen, or at least trying to)

PLG: Mmm...these smell so good. I hope I do a good job on these…

(Banging on door)

PLG: PTTSR, can you get that?! I'm busy!

PTTSR(mumbling): Ugh...fiiiiiine... (opens the door)


PTTSR: ...Uh...well...SHE is over in the kitchen.

POWERLOUD-GIRL! I KNOW what you've been hiding from!

(PLG casually glances over)

Hm? Oh, hey, what's up?

Oh, don't act all casual, I've planned this over a month ago!...And you KNOW about it! Don't you?

(PLG start sweating)

Uh...must have slipped my mind. Hey, I've just cooked some burgers! Want some? (offers a plate of burgers)

I'll have you know that I-hey, burgers! Sure! (Takes one and eats it) Totally forgot what I came here for in the first place!

Oh, you came here to review Mr. Meaty with me- DAMN IT!

Oh yeah! Man, I've wanted to talk about that series for a while! Well, what do ya say we get started?

Yeah, might as well. (takes a bite of a burger) Mmm! Pretty good for my first try!

So, according to our list, the episode we're looking at today is one called "Moochmaster P." And I'll be honest, I kind of like the idea of a series made up entirely of puppets. Maybe this will look-

Josh: Enjoy your Mr. Meaty combo meal.

Customer: Sure, kid.


Yeah, might as well bring this up right off the bat. Aesthetically, the show as a whole is...a mixed bag. The sets do have a certain charm to them, the puppetry itself is really good, and there are points in the show where they do take advantage of the low budget they seem to have to at least give it a good sense of scale. Where the show fails in this respect is...most of the character designs. Some of them look fine, but others like Josh, the Ashleys, and the old woman look like they either want to eat me or stare directly into my soul.

And we also cut to Parker, who takes a liking towards Josh's sandwich...maybe...a bit too much of one.

(Parker sniffs the sandwich and we get a close up of his saliva smacking lips as wedding music pays)

...Thank you...that was necessary...

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody made Rule 34 art of that.

Parker begins begging and pleading to have a bite of Josh's sandwich, and when Josh finally relents, Parker eats almost the entire thing. Keep in mind that even from the first episode of the show, there's no reason given why these two are friends, and this one doesn't do that relationship any favors.

So, Parker goes around and starts mooching off of everyone else's food, and the puppetry here just looks...unsettling. Everytime Parker mooches someone's food, he makes a weird face from Satan.

Parker: Okay, dude. I know that. Okay? I'm not some kind of...terrible (Opens mouth and goes for the sandwich)

Parker: Oh, I, I couldn't...I couldn't possibly, you know, (Opens mouth wide and goes for the donut)

There's especially this bit when he eats a burrito. Normally his eyes are attached, but in this shot, his eyes pop apart when he opens his mouth...Have fun sleeping tonight, kids!

Oh, and here's a fun drinking game to play while binging this show: Take a shot for how many times either of the Ashleys scoff. I wouldn't recommend playing this game if you want know, survive, but otherwise, go right ahead!

And that's...9 times!

Just an indication of how drunk off your ass you'll be while playing!

Eventually, Parker's mooching gets to the point where he eats a burger that Josh is cooking...while it's still raw. Lovely.

But Parker is still hungry, so...

Parker: Chicken gobblers to the rescue. (Takes one and prepares to eat, but the food suddenly vanishes)


Ah, yes, this is very common among Mr. Meaty episodes: Taking a show that was meant to be comedic and then turning the episodes into horror stories halfway through. So which one are we doing this time? Frankenstein? Nightmare on Elm Street? Baby Geniuses?

Oh, but first, we gotta keep up the drinking game! Let's see!

Ashley 2: (Scoff) (Scoff)

That's twice in a row!!!...Is that starting to become a language that I'm thankul I don't know of?

(scoffs) Well, of course it is! It's the ancient dialect of Scoffinavia!

(Scoffs) Well, gee! I'm sorrryyyy...(Scoffs)...Holy crap, WE'RE INFECTED!!!

And it shall infect all of us until we die a horrible death. (smiles creepily at you, leaning in closer to you slowly)

(Flashes picture of Parker)

Oh, yeah, that's right, we were reviewing an episode, weren't we? Man, we're getting sidetracked today.

Well, Josh manages to tape one of Parker's freakout moments and we find out what's going on.

(A gigantic, terrifying tapeworm comes out and grabs the meatball in Parker's hand)

Ah, okay, we're going with Alien this time. Good to know. (writes it down on a list of horror movies the show turns into)

And so, they try to pull it out with a fishing rod. works!...Only for the tapeworm to land on top of them.

Imagine if that happened to you in real life. Ugh...

But they manage to trap the tape worm and then this...Safari guy shows up to take it to a zoo and it...goes down it's throat...


I'll tell you what we just watched: A pretty terrible episode of a very bad show.

The puppetry is Nightmare Fuel, the jokes are bad, and the transition to a horror episode feels too late to put in!

Ditto right there.

...But I do have to admit, having binged the entirety of the show for this review-

(finds other episodes on YouTube)

...Well, as much as Wikipedia TELLS me is the entirety of the show,'s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

It kind of is to me too, honestly. It's fascinating to how insane it can be.

Exactly. The show is terrible. The writing is dumb, the characters are mostly horrible, the humor is stupid, and the tone is very inconsistent. But it's also kind of worth watching just to see how batshit crazy each episode gets.

But that's not all. After the show's initial cancellation, it was moved to Nicktoons Network, where it finished off its first season and even got a second one in. And I have to say, some of the episodes in the second season...weren't actually that bad! Heck, I dare even call some of them good. Here's a rundown of some of the good ones I found.

-"Puberty Fairy"

-"Big Greasy Musical"

-"Parker's First Kiss"

-"Lord of the Geeks"


-"Dream of the Dead"

None of these make up for what came before, obviously, but they do at least give a taste of what the show could have been if they had tightened up the writing a bit. So if you want legitimately good episodes, go with those. But the rest of the show is worth seeing for a bizarre drug trip. Just...don't watch "Embarrassed to Death".

Well, I guess I better get going! This has been fun! (Quickly swipes burgers without PLG noticing)

Yeah, that was an interesting- (Notices the burgers are gone) Heeeeeeey! You moocher!

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BlackMoonPaladin Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018   Filmographer
I saw Coco today, it's a pretty damn good movie.
yodajax10 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018
I'm glad you enjoyed it! As I said before, I find it overrated. Not bad, but just okay. "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" I actually enjoyed a lot more. 
BlackMoonPaladin Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018   Filmographer
I'll give it a look, buddy.
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Hello, YodaJax! I hope you are doing well. :D
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What's your opinion on Futurama, my man?
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I really like "Futurama", I think it's very funny and has a lot of good voice acting! :-) 
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That's good to hear, who's your favourite character? I think mine should be pretty self-explanatory. ;) (Wink) 
yodajax10 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
Bender's mine too. John DiMaggio's voice is contagiously fun to listen to.
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I can do the debate early tomorrow morning
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