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As you can probably see in the statistics I've become more active on DA for the last weeks. I really enjoy this place!
Some time ago I asked for interested illustrators to bring some of my characters, scenes and locations to life which I have developed for a story project of mine called "Hacker's Guide to future". Since much of my extensive notes are in german I started translating a bit and I also started writing the prolog in english (I'm costantly switching languages within this project). There have been some deviants who want to help me but if you like to join there's still room to do so. I've also been asked whether authors could join which is a subject I never thought of but it made me think about another idea of mine called "OpenSource Writing" which means several authors writing together on one subject/novel/project opening all their notes and ideas to the public just like programmers offer their source code. I don't know whether that already exists or whether anybody tried before but I like this idea and btw it fits quite nicely to my recent interest in Interactive Storytelling on an academic level (there are some researchers working on that subject at my university).

However, I'd like again to encourage you to give your input to this (as I realised there are regular visits now to this site) but I probably will put this up to the forum at another time. You could also visit my wiki to read through my vast collection of notes regarding the given project (link in the footer). I'd be glad if you'd give comments on that for atm there is no finished part I could put here as a deviation.

Apart from that some students including me are about to create a club for computer game development at my university. We call ourselves acagamics and we have a website which is quite bare right now but some of our members and I as the webmaster are about to change that. We have some ideas for games but in my opinion we still lack some really good artists, so I'll probably bring this to the community's attention someday.

You can still have a look at my Story-in-developement called "Hacker's Guide to future" which is right here: . I added new content and did some translations so it should be quite accessible for those of you who don't speak german. And if anybody is interested in doing artwork based on this work please feel free to contact me!! Thx
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"OpenSource Writing" sounds great! Since receiving your email, i've drawn out an anime-styled sketch of Tridia which i'm quite happy with. When I get some time, i'll be sure to finish it off and colour it in. I'll be sure to keep you posted though! :nod:
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I'm really looking forward to see your drawing!

I actually did find some trails around the web concerning comparable strategies on"OpenSource Writing" e.g. "WikiFiction" but most of those sites seem to be defunct. So I guess there are not many attempts made which of course means nobody really knows if or how it works. I'll keep exploring this idea.
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I can't wait to show you my drawing! :giggle:
I got some Faber Castell colouring pencils and Tombo Markers for my birthday, so i'm looking forward to introducing some colour to the sketch with those! Are there any particular colours you'd like her hair/eyes to be? Get back to me about that ASAP!

About the OS Writing: You'll never know if it works unless you try then, eh? It could be quite a project, don't you think? ;P
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Hmm, I think at one point I imagined her to have dark hair (not blond, too much cliché) so I'd like that if it's ok with you. But if you think it doesn't look right, you may surprise me. Eyes... hmm, not sure about it. I could imagine a green tone. Yeah, I think it could look interesting.

Right, I wouldn't know. Actually I tried to put up a club to replace another club I joined shortly before it was closed where writers could ask writers to create artwork for them and I'd try to incorporate the OS Writing idea somehow. I've posted into the forum just to see whether anybody is interested. [link] We'll see if that attracts any attention...
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I'm loving green for the eyes. Great choice. I'm thinking a warm brown for the hair? I don't think anything too light or dark would look so nice.. I see her as some sort of earthy-element girl or something right now, the way i'm imagining her. I'm really excited about colouring the sketch now!
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So am I! Sounds great, I'm sure you're doing it just right.
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