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Rajirra refuses

By yoburg
I wonder why she does that AFTER trying on the suit though.
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Loves her outfit and her expression. 
made my own version of it 
Rajirra by olsen1a
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I think it's a good plan X3
First off, why are you referring to yourself in the 3rd person? I’ve heard you talk like the rest of us before. And second, do you have any idea what we can do with the Ring of Ultimate Power? We can literally persuade anybody to do anything we want with it! So go out there and give those Draugr Death Overlords a Show so I can sneak by them and get the ring.

(note: this is not meant to be a reply to anyone, just a comment.)
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Khajiits, the cat people in the Elder scroll universe don't use I or me, they rater uses their name, this one or Khajiit. 
It some exceptions especially in elder scroll online who has more Khajiit, likely Khajiit who did not grew up among mostly Khajiit I guess. 

I always thought it was kind of odd how the Khajiit refer to themselves in the third person like that. They’re the only ones that do it I believe.

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Yes, they are the only ones, think of it as an dialect or accent.
Besides, I’m not giving your stuff back until you do it.
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*reluctantly does it!
*Sneaks by the distracted draugr and takes the ring before quickly killing them both with sneak attacks*

See? Now that wasn’t too hard or embarrassing, was it?
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Freaking sneak attacks they're too OP XDDD
Especially with daggers.

Okay, we got the ring. Time to go. *begins to walk off while still having Rajirra’s stuff*
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Mmmhmmm nice cat lingerie :horny:
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Yes you are!!! the power of internet compels you.
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........  ABSENCE OF MIND.

She's a bitch, but looking like that, who gives a damn about personality?! :D
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You tell em girl! :3
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Damn... My Gf is gonna kill me tough...
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Pretty good distraction plan if you ask me...
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But she is so cute!! XD
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It looks good on her though =p
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