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We want our names in titles


Titles are part of ARTWORKS, but deviantArt don't allow to use certain characters and symbols in our deviations' titles.

Nowadays, dA is universal. People from any country, from any culture, speakers of any language. We are represented here. We like art and we like to interact with people with similar interests; for them to know us, to learn, but specially to show our soul in a drawing, in a photograph, in a writing... To put a title to our artworks is an artistic activity too; you can show your intention, insinuate something hidden or play with perceptions. The title is part of our artwork and must be created in freedom; in our language if we consider it necessary or in any other one if we wish to play with the spectator's or reader's perception. It's never a minor matter.

This one is a request very commonly, but deviantArt prefers spend efforts and money in other things of more importance for the international art community as the llamas badges...

The aim of our group is to ask deviantArt, on behalf of all, to use Unicode standard instead of US-ASCII, so that the whole community can title their works in any language, without restrictions, for cultural respect and on behalf of freedom artistic and creative. This is a website of Art, it is not a minor problem.

We are demanding deviantArt's greatest effort to have its technical staff work in making better this our (everybody's) site. We want them to understand that, even though English is our language for cultural exchange, a site for Art cannot be limited by English, for this is not simply a social network. In our individual doing, we do not think in English. Our creativity cannot be limited by English; titles are indeed important.

If you care about this issue or want to join us, please, visit #AllCultures

Thanks :handshake:

I'm ON


MORTADELO y FILEMÓN is a creation of the master FRANCISCO IBÁÑEZ, notice his name has that "strange" symbols too...

Pencil sketch: [link]
WIP1: [link]
WIP2: [link]
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Man, DeviantArt's logic is dumb.
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А я ничего не понимаю... К сожалению... Может, не такая уж и плохая идея использовать язык (и в названиях, и в комментариях), который был бы понятен всем тут?
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I guess I saw that funny man in spanish comedy... Is he from comic or something that?
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Yes! One of the most populars in this country! We love them ^^

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¡Un trabajo muy interesante!

Lo hemos destacado dentro de la carpeta de los mejores trabajos de los artistas del grupo Special-Groups. (Featured nº 3). ^^

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Ellos se llaman Mortadelo y Filemón de toda la vida... Y son los mejores!!
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i know i tried writing in serbian(cyrillic( and it denies it
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the main thing is, using those symbols creates errors in UTF encoding, which is what deviantart uses.

they would need to set up a separate encoding system on their server in order to do that.
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It's so annoying when you can't write what you wanted to. >.<
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Me uno a la protesta, donde pongo el bidón de gasolina?
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Tráelo a mi casa, que mi coche va "canino". :P
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y las cerillas también?
me encantaría!!
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¡Ya estas tardando en comentar la news que has favoriteado!
¡O te pego fuego yo a tí!:iconfrageplz:
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para que?
hazme un informe de porque y para que debo hacer un comentario y la relación con que solo la favoritee, yo creo con favoritearla, sirve.

Un besito en el pito. :iconcantantemudo:
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Porque si no te mato.:iconfrageplz:
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Pues, mira, concreto pero válido...
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Die ist unnaceptable. Es totalmente inaceptable que Deviant art no promueva este tipo de difusion cultural-global. Inaceptable.
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¡Sii! ¡Son los mejores! :highfive:
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¡Superdivertido!. :-) jajaja
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Gracias, me alegro de que le divierta. :)

Eres bienvenida a unirte a la lucha. :dance:
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DA, queremos NUESTROS símbolos, no símbolos "extraños" en los títulos!!! ¿Por que? Por que no es lo mismo ANO que AÑO ¬¬
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