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'.I'm ON cultures.'

Little and fast tutorial made in Painter 7 and a mouse (yes, it's 2009 and I'm still work under Windows 98 :lol:).

Works fine in Painter, Photoshop, PaintShopPro and anyone with "smear" (or "smudge") and "burn/dodge" tools.

Enjoy. :)

PS: In this youtube's video [link] I upload a little animation showing this technique. Sorry for the bad animation, I'm a noobie with videos. :bucktooth:

I'm ON Allcultures
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Thank you for this tutorial. I'd been scratching my head for quite a while trying to figure how to work with painting a certain material. This definitely showed me what I needed.
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"ohh! como moooolaa"

meh ¬¬
soy el poli malo,
oye, es verdad, los monigotes de los lados me encantan xD

Felices fiestas y mierdas de esas que se suelen decir!
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Could you use this for hair as well?
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This is helpful! :D
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wao cómo mola! Nunca había visto un ttutorial divertido XD
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i never thought of it to look at it that way! a hundred thanks would not suffice for my gratitude.
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At your service! :salute:
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at first i was like zomg wtf r u doin, but then i was like holy crap it's silk!
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jajajaja esta chulisimo el bichillo y el efecto se queda GENIAL!!!
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ostras como mola!! :O si algun dia tengo ocasion lo probare : P
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:iconhappyblueplz: Magnifico trabajo mi querido amigo!!! :iconhugfiveplz:
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Paaaaaaaa mí xD

Muy 'molongui' el tutorial, a ver si lo aprovecho para alguna de mis próximas deviations :3

P.D: me mola el monigote ardiendo xDD
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cool!! hahah funny tutorial mascot
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