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let me know if these are helpful :)
this is what i use in most of my paintings

created in photoshop CS, should work on versions CS and upwards
tested on photoshop elements 5.0 and works
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Nice! I have downloaded the brushes, but i cant get number 6 to look like that at the edges... it gets like number 2 but smoother... :/ i have elements 8 and i don't know what to do.. :(
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These look lovely =) How do you get them to fade at the end of the stroke? Mine are always solid.
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Thank you :)

If you have a brush selected with a solid end just open up your brushes options my short key is F5 using photoshop cs, you should also be able to find it under window>brushes when that is opened up just have a look for other dynamics and select a tick box :) you should have a tapered end now :)
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These are very helpful, especially the 8th one :D
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Used here: [link]

Thank you, clouds are now 150% more fun to draw!
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thank you sooo much!
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you are welcome :)
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These look great, I'll definitely try them out :) Thanks for sharing!
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oh God! you saved my life.... I was looking for such thing all time I have PS!!!! :hug:
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Ooo these looks like they could be useful. thanks for sharing!
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these look epic! Thanks for uploading them :D
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Pardon me, but do you know if these brushes will work in photoshop elements?
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Just tested them im elements 5.0 and they appear to work :)
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Thanks very much.
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