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Twilight Sparkle Gala Wall

A wallpaper I made featuring Twilight Sparkle in her dress for the Grand Galloping Gala. Now with cooler emblems!

With love, by Nature Wind. I love you all, fellow Bronies and Comrades!

Stock (c) it's owners.
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro.
My Little Pony's original artwork (c) *fyre-flye . Please visit her gallery and give her thanks for the awesomeness she unleashed.
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© 2011 - 2021 Yo-Cosplay
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PrincessLuna420's avatar
I really like what you did with this one. Twilight Sparkle looks beautiful, as always, and the emblems look good with the background. Which, by the way, the background looks awesome. I say great job!
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you for those nice comments :hug:
PrincessLuna420's avatar
You're welcome! And thank you for your awesome deviations!
KuronekoPirate's avatar
So beautiful! I've been checking almost every day to see if new pony wallpapers have been posted lol. I hope you will make more of other MLP characters!
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
I have a brony Wallpaper to make. Then I'll start again with ponies+Touhou Wallpapers. I'll make more MLP characters' Wallpapers if I have time ^^
ReuelDreamseer's avatar
Oh, wow... your emblems just keep getting more and more amazing! Absolutely fantastic work, brony!
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you very much :) Those emblems are a prideful element in my Wallepapers...
Tekaramity's avatar
That constellation emblem is amazing. So's the dash of magenta streaks amidst the purple ones. This is one of my favorite Nature Wind wallpapers yet, and that's saying a LOT. Props, brony! And much love. <3
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
Thankies :D Actually, I used the magenta and purple stripes in the normal Twilight Wall, so this is the second time I use them.

Love for you, too :heart:
Raspinbel's avatar
Aww! Que bonito el fondo >w<b
El logo "aleatorio" que les pones a los wallpapers, es muy original :iconmikuplz:
Y buen detalle en poner Los colores de la mecha de twiligth :iconnueplz:
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
¡Muchas gracias! ^^ Ya sólo me queda uno antes de empezar con el de Satori.
Raspinbel's avatar
Oks! Y de nada!
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