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Rainbow Dash Gala Wall

A wallpaper I made featuring Rainbow Dash in her dress for the Grand Galloping Gala. Now with 20% cooler emblems!

With love, by Nature Wind. I love you all, fellow Bronies and Comrades!

Stock (c) it's owners.
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro.
My Little Pony's original artwork (c) *fyre-flye . Please visit her gallery and give her thanks for the awesomeness she unleashed.
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© 2011 - 2021 Yo-Cosplay
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Hi I'm Reagan Keenan and I have created a scooter group and I was wondering if I could use the emblem as my Team crest, if so please reply to this comment

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Of course you can! It's always a pleasure to see people who like those emblems ^___^
Would you mind if i used the emblem in a dashie gijinka?
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Use it wherever you want ^^ Also, I would like to see it when you upload it. :)
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. . . I LOVE THIS! :meow:
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:jawdrop: Okie. THIS emblem would be perfect for my Airship Pirate Rainbow Dash Gijinka Cosplay.
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You're 100% free to use it if you want ^^

Also, if you make that cosplay, it would be great to see it here on DA.
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it will be. :D i have my other cosplays up. :D
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Warning: May induce feelings of speed and agility, increase in the body's natural endorphins, and might cause a seizure. Too awesome for words, though.
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This... will be my new wallpaper B)
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That's great! Enjoy it ^^
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Even her fangirl schquees are graceful!
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Yes, they are ^^
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Beyond majestic. The color splash, the starscape, the emblems, the Dashy...everything unites in scintillating radiance. Fantastic. Fantastic!!!

In short, this is totally awesome! I love it so much! Absolutely. Thanks for the love, too - love you right back, Nature Wind! ^_^
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It's always nice to receive such good comments ^^
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MY EYES!!! The color is so bright. But actually i enjoy it like this. Nice job especially on this one.
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Yeah... it's quite bright... But I cannot imagine it in any other way.

Thankies for your support! ^^
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