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Luna Season 2 Wall

Done with ~Maishida 's vectors.

A wallpaper I made featuring Princess Luna, a scary but actually nice pony princess : D . Be nice with her, for she needs lots of love and care! :heart:

With love, by Nature Wind. I love you all, fellow Bronies and Comrades!

Stock (c) it's owners.
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro.
My Little Pony's original artwork (c) *fyre-flye . Please visit her gallery and give her thanks for the awesomeness she unleashed.
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© 2012 - 2021 Yo-Cosplay
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Amazing tribute to the Princess of the Night!!
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 Thank you! ^^
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That's awesome!
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You're welcome!
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A lovely portrait. I think that, up on the clouds, she's shepherding the stars into some special picture for that night. Maybe she's also watching all her little ponies either asleep on their beds or out watching her night. It takes all sorts to make a world, after all. If she's learnt nothing else from her experiences, she's learnt that.

I like her coat of arms too. It's a good combination of symbolic and descriptive.
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Thank you very much for all your support! :hug:
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Mai's vectors are excellent. =D As is this grand wallpaper!

Glad to see you're groovin' again, Nature Wind. ^-^
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Thankies! I'll do my best to keep drawing here...
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