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Blueblood Wall

A wallpaper I made featuring his Highness Prince Blueblood, Celestia's nephew and a true n***er asshole. Those are not the royal ways! XD


With love, by Nature Wind. I love you all, fellow Bronies and Comrades!

Stock (c) it's owners.
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro.
My Little Pony's original artwork (c) *fyre-flye . Please visit her gallery and give her thanks for the awesomeness she unleashed.
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Sakairi-chan's avatar
is there any way to get the coat of arms from this?! it's absolutly amazing! I would love just to have that as a wallpaper
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
I'm afraid I don't have a copy of the coat of arms alone. I'm sorry :(
Sakairi-chan's avatar
Aww well then may I crop it? I won't post it or anything but I do like having permission when it comes to others art even if it's for my computer
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
Of course you can ^___^

My art is 100% public, which means you use them for every single purpose you can imagine :)
anti-worlder0317's avatar
I saw him in the last episode and he was no unicorn,he was more of a jack-ss
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
Yeah... That one was a b**tard.
BB-K's avatar
Wow, nicely done, he even got his own shield. :)
CynderSpyrolover's avatar
Which episode is he in?
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
He appears in the episode 3 (Ticket Master) but he's probably just one of Rarity's fantasies...
DuplexFields's avatar
Don't be so quick to assume. There was an armillary sphere (astronomical model) in the courtyard where Celestia performed the raising of the sun in Cutie Mark Chronicles.

One of the objects is pretty clearly a comet, with a pointy star that looks almost identical to his mark. He'll be at the Gala, and I'm betting he's the duke of a comet or something.
Mike-O-Shay's avatar
Ahaha, this guy probably doesn't even exist. Seriously, Luna havin' a kid?
Yo-Cosplay's avatar
I know it, but some fellow brony in 4chan requested it, so I made it. Probably, It's just Rarity's fantasy...
friendofpie's avatar
Faust was asked about this.

apparently he isn't actually a nephew.

he's a cousin on their mothers side FIFTY TWO TIMES REMOVED, meaning he's really BARELY related.

I guess Celestia just calls him her nephew or something.
kacript's avatar
Yeah that part had me confused. He's claimed to be a several times great nephew of Celestia implying that Luna was a mother at one point. But Lauran says that he's related on Celestia and Luna's mothers side so wouldn't he be a several times removed cousin or something.
Mike-O-Shay's avatar
Ah, I'd always wondered about that. Thanks. Man, Faust is awesome with this fanbase.
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