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  • Drinking: nothing (drank a healthy amount of water today!)
I have little to journal about, but my last one was stupid. :la:

One of these days, the mental walls will burst apart and interesting things will spill out into the streets and have a parade, I swear!

In the meantime, I am going to be an art museum security guard.

I noticed most of my watchers have not been online or posted anything in a while. If somebody is reading this, feel free to give me some words of wisdom!
Don't be modest; I'm sure you've got some wisdom in there. ^_^
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So, Kyle: did you get into Artists-at-the-Ready?


Being busy and being sick prevented me from joining that OCT (or doing much of anything artistic in June). It's a shame, but I'm not disheartened.

Instead, I'm gearing up to rejoin :iconocbz: in time to be part of Taking Utopia, a new tournament with a very interesting premise. I want to join with one character for some short, warm-up brawls in July, but I'm not sure who to pick first. I've been drawing the candidates (not including Drain+Faucet or Aomoen but rather never-seen-before characters) and plan to post a pic of each in the coming weeks! I have them pretty fleshed out from working on my Character Alphabet project. One of them could fit very well into the Utopia setting.

However, if the coming month is as hectic as this one, July's Even Everything has priority. Sorry, me, but my project comes first. Fine, have it my way.
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  • Watching: Stargate Universe, final couple episodes
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  • Drinking: two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen
Suggestive title?
I really want to join. Like, really.
And I've got some good ideas...
So I'm gonna go for it!
Let's home my comicking ability is up to par.


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deviantWATCH Message: 66
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Make a wish?
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Yes, that's French I'm speaking, but no, I'm not French; I'm American!
Name that nostalgic thing! (I bet I've made this reference on dA before...)
Actually, I think I'm a little French. However, I know less French than is needed to comfortably get by in French-speaking countries. Ce n'est pas une phrase.


This is what I've been doing lately:
Feel free to follow that there or just wait until I post all the good stuff on dA.


I recently got a web design job.


Oh, and as for that stuff I said I would be doing in my last journal, such as memes and sketches and consistently updating dA, who knows? Nobody on dA is familiar with even half my characters, so I'm really the only one who gets anything out of character-based memes. On the other hand, dA people could get to know my characters through certain memes. On the other hand, I could just do memes that don't involve characters at all. On the other hand, it might be better to just keep working on my Alphabet of Characters project and then post any memes. On the other hand, I could just keep working on my Alphabet of Characters and use the time I might have spent on memes on making and posting sketches instead. On the other hand... No, that's enough hands. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

What do I always say? "We'll see!" [laugh track, freeze frame, roll credits]
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Yup, I think it's been a long enough hiatus.


Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

How've you been since August? How were your holidays? What are your plans for this year? Tell me!

For me, 2010 was, in general, a giant turd. Family health problems, disasters, job difficulties... I was so ready for 2011, and now that it's here, I intend to make it ROCK. I don't have a job yet, but I've had 2 interviews with people who seem to like me from companies I could enjoy working for. I feel confident! Last summer, all my friends from Philly who lived within walking distance of me all moved home, leaving me in a void of loneliness, but recently I've been getting back in touch and actually doing some visiting/hanging out.

Plus I was just generally antisocial throughout 2010, and since companies are all about social media nowadays, I gotta show them I'm hip and be all bloggy! Haha


I have even started drawing again. Gots a handful of new characters and story ideas, as well as a couple personal projects for 2011.

Project One: rework/enhance old children's book, "Noise," and perhaps try to get it published.

Project Two: "Alphabet of Characters," an index of characters with names beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I've got so many characters that I'm doing upper- and lowercase. Since I don't have characters for every letter, I'm making up some new ones and naming some nameless old ones to fill in the gaps. Each character will have a little bio, a summary of their story, and a design history. This is primarily for my own reference. Also, each "card" will be designed in a graphic way and therefor potential portfolio material. I'll post a full list in a journal at some point which I'll update periodically.


So that's that! As part of the process for both projects, you can expect to see sketches and drawings of various characters as well as mockups of children's book pages.

But first, to get me started and used to uploading things again, I've stockpiled a bunch (and I mean A BUNCH) of memes from dA that I'm slowly filling in. Hooray!


Also, as thanks for being my most active watchers/commenters,
:icond0omkitty: and :iconbritts-a-poofta:
may each request an art from me!
What'll it be, ladies?
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I was gonna write about something, but as soon as I got here, I forgot...
Oh well.
Maybe I'll remember later.
Until then, please ignore this journal, hahaha

If I wasted your time, please forgive me!
That's right! Out of college! Becoming an adult!

Looking for a job!

I'll be back on dA once I get my life in order!

Hope everybody's doing well

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Hello all

This journal is just a change of scenery. I've spent too much time on the internet over the past few days. I've been sick (almost better), snowed in, and school-lacking (see previous). I feel very... existant. I guess it's nice

I've really neglected this account! When I haven't been doing homework, I've been working on other, less important, more nerdy things. I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed, haha ^^;
^sigh^ In general, I've really slowed down in terms of personal creative expression and mind-dumping. I spend so much time thinking about graphic design stuff for school that I hardly ever sit down and draw new characters like I used to do ALL THE TIME. I haven't even been drawing my already existing characters. I started a new sketchbook on December 30th. As of today, it has stuff on 6 pages out of 220 and half of it is for school. I can't believe how slow my random stuff producer has been lately! The orphans in my head must have been adopted or something! (That's a very inside joke)
Making stuff up for an already established universe is what I'm using for an outlet right now, and it's pretty addictive. It's disappointing that they aren't based on an original concept of mine, but they are what they are. At least I'm making neat things and keeping my vector skills sharp.

Well, this is the last semester of college, and I hope by graduation I'll be back to my old self again. So that this account doesn't completely disappear from people's minds, I'll be posting things from my senior thesis periodically.

I guess look forward to that, and the brighter, shinier Kyle of tomorrow!

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  • Listening to: Jon Anderson's 3 Ships (best Christmas album ever)
  • Reading: a book of comics based on Tori Amos songs
  • Watching: Christmas lights synced to music
  • Playing: with my Bliptronic 5000
  • Eating: Oreo balls (bite-sized AMAZINGNESS)
  • Drinking: NOG
See what I did there? It's funny because people write X-mas instead of Christmas, but I replaced the X with Ex, meaning former, because it is no longer Christmas, resulting in a humorous yet appropriate new word. Jokes get extra funny when you explain them

In all SRSness, I hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas and didn't get too stressed or depressed from dealing with trying to get perfect gifts for everyone you know. If you're still in school, nobody blames you (at least not me. I finished finals only a week ago). I hope once I'm out of school and working that I'll be able to put more thought into my gifts. I got all the women in my family hand-made soaps from a little shop in Philly, and all the men got big chocolate bars. I gave my dad a CD design for Brainstatik and a custom typeface, my mom a pumpkin-scented soap and a mix CD, and my sister a keychain of an adorable little animal head in a muffin wrapper with a cherry on top and the promise of a t-shirt design for her soon. My parents got me awesome socks, some neat books, chocolate, a can opener shaped like a toucan beak aka a toucanopener (gross?), a little RC helicopter, and a Bliptronic 5000 sequencer from, and some other little knick-knacks. Oh, and a bottle irish cream. Mmm, I love being 21+

I loved seeing all my family today, but I have trouble spending time with each of them equally at a party. I will have to do some visiting this next week

Lots of snow recently, a lovely white Christmas, but I didn't have much of a chance to go sledding. Unfortunately, it's raining now so the snow will probably be gone by the time I wake up. It's a shame, but I might have to wait another year...

The holiday may be over, but sugarplums, or rather my imagined versions of them (never seen one), are still dancing in my head. The day is past yet the happy feeling continues! I hope it's the same for all of you!

Love and peace!

Edit: Wow! I've passed 5,000 pageviews! Thanks you guys! xoxo
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  • Reading: The Salmon of Doubt (Still. I'm so slow)
  • Watching: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • Playing: wish I was playing Modern Warfare 2 (so fun!)
  • Eating: Peanut Butter Puffins! (aka the best)
  • Drinking: MORE tasty Gingerbread Spice tea!
I joined :iconkalisama:'s Secret Santa '09! If you want to get in on it, the final date has been moved to today. I think it could be really fun, both in the giving and receiving. I hope my request is reasonable and that the person I get also has fair wishes.

Ok, down to business.

Dear my Secret Santa,
I would really like to see one of your OCs and one of my OCs saving Christmas. You can interpret that however you wish. Definitely feel free to be as dramatic or ridiculous as possible. I don't mind what it is (illustration, comic, written story, illustrated children's book, etc.) as long as it's what you like to do best and it's fun for you to do.
If you have no OCs, you can either use two of mine or just one. You're welcome to choose any of the characters found in the characters section of my gallery, but I strongly recommend limiting your choice to the more developed characters. It'll just be easier on you. Here's a ranking of characters who are likely to give you the least trouble:

#1- Drain+Faucet are probably the best choice since they have the most references:………………… . They're also very easy to draw/interpret in your own way. The only rule about them is that they count as one character since they can't be apart. Horrible, awful things happen when they get spit up.

#2- Aomoen has a pretty lengthy character sheet and has a comical personality:…

#3- Shifty should be easy to handle, though she'll require more creativity on your part since I haven't given her an in-depth bio yet. She's a shapeshifter, so that could be fun. She can be found in these pics:……

#4- There's also the quiet, quirky, enigmatic mistaatroopaa. I'd love to see him in a Christmas special on TV. He appears in several animations:………………

#5- If you're feeling adventurous, you could try Hende. He has quite a large, complicated bio, which might be good or bad depending on your mood. He can provide a lot of humor in just being a big, expressionless blob of jelly. Here:……

If I haven't sold you on any of these, you can explore my gallery for something more to your liking. Honestly, I don't mind who you choose in the end. I'm happy to get another artist's interpretation of anything I've done. Speaking of interpretations, I want to make it perfectly clear that you can alter my characters to make them fit more in your style. Take DearMarch's version of Faucet for example:… . If you think Faucet's arms are like crystals, go for it. If you think the troopaa's halo ought to transform into cannon, make it so. Heck, if you need Hende to have a contraption shaped like a reindeer... AWESOME! (If you don't use that idea, I probably will) Really, as long as they still recognizable, do whatever you want!

Also, sorry this is long-winded. Remember, it's a present for me, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer. You can be sure I'm likely to squeal at the very sight of one of my characters in your style. Seriously.

Triple super thanks in advance!

I hope I've been a good boy,
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  • Watching: TED talks
  • Playing: wish I was playing Modern Warfare 2 (so fun!)
  • Eating: toast
  • Drinking: tasty Gingerbread Spice tea!
It's almost as if I have this entire week off! Class was cancelled today, I have no classes on Tuesdays, and school is closed Wednesday to Friday! Wowowowow! I still have to meet with my group members for a project, but that's it
SO READY FOR THIS BREAK (caps of sincerity)

I've got some stuff I could be doing to prepare for heading home, but first I'll do some updating. Gots a few old drawings to post as well as some stuff from my secret account. I would be uploading new drawings from my sketchbook, but I can't find the cords to my scanner. Poo

Now for some self-endorcement:
• If you're interested in both buying t-shirts and supporting me, check out my Zazzle page! There's not a whole lot there yet, but I'll probably be posting around 6 new things over the break
• I've created my first blog! It's called This is Kind of Neat. I am new to this strange thing called blaughing, but if you have one, lemme know so we can be blog buddies
• I've also joined a blog called Project Monster. I think it's super cool, and I feel really special being allowed to join. Seriously, check out the other people's monsters, seriously!

Also, I watched Coraline last week, streamed (at relatively poor quality) on some Canadian site. Man, I love that movie! All the character designs were great, story was great, soundtrack was great, etc.! It was all so weird and wonderful! I feel the other mother was significantly scary and the story properly bizarre. Too many children's movies nowadays are just too silly. Unlike some movies I watched growing up, it was edgy AND had writing adultish people can enjoy. Excellent writing, as if Neil Gaiman is capable of anything less
Speaking of that man, I've read only his Neverwhere and Good Omens and loved them both, but I'm going to need to read another one. Any suggestions?
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  • Watching: TED talks
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  • Drinking: tea that was hot when I made it at 1:00
Well, they are.

It's become a sort of saying on the Graphic Design floor: "If you aren't tired, you aren't working hard enough." I think this means I'm doing alright then.

Yesterday I knocked over my laptop and the screen stopped working. I was so upset! But I guess it got itself together somehow over night because it's working now! Well, it has these little ticks once in a while, but, man, I could almost turn into a puddle I'm so relieved. Last time this happened, I had to send it away for repairs and didn't have it for 2 weeks.

Over the course of the day, I plan to upload some monsters I've drawn. I figure I'll post one whenever I take a break from my work. Hmm, maybe it's in preparation for Halloween? Nah, I just really want to start drawing monsters more and uploading them when I do.
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Another total failure to successfully audition for an OCT. I just had way too much hw to finish trying out for Bloodspring. Even if I had managed to remember that the deadline was the beginning of Oct, not the end, it's possible I will have too much work in the future to have continued with it anyway. So yeah, I was disappointed at first, but I'll get over it.

I'll be back on later this week to check out all your new deviations!

P.S. When did I pass 4,000 pageviews?! I'm already almost 4,200!
I have not paying attention at all
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I've gotta get some stuff off my mind.

Sorry I've been slow getting to your deviations! Each time I get to look through a number, the space fills up by the time I get back! At the moment, I've got 142 deviations to see.

School is gonna be neat! The first half of my Design Studio class is actually going to be a writing workshop so we can learn about telling stories which I am mos def interested in. I wrote a narrative tonight, which is why I'm allowing myself to go online before bed. It's just the first draft, but if I still like it later, I'll post it.

Bloodspring! I'm on the official list of auditioners (spell check says this is not a real word) now. Drain+Faucet have some interesting competition, although I don't know how much fighting there will be.

Anyway, after looking through some of those characters, I decided to mention some new characters of mine being developed...

The first fills in my need for a somewhat violent girl with a strange power, and her name is Nizemi. She's a teenage demigoddess. Her mother was an earth goddess who seduced a mortal man but accidentally fell in love. Rather than give birth to a horrible monster, which is the most common outcome of god/mortal relations, the goddess produced a beautiful little girl who was half human, half... living dirt. I'll give more of her history later when I have the rest of her all figured out. Anyway, her body constantly produces dirt and dust, which she can fire off in shock waves. The dirtier something is, the more her shock waves and demigoddess strength will affect it and the more she can do with it. Get her wet and... well, things get really messy. More about her powers to come!

The second I'll talk a bit about a character who fills the role of the huge, strange, apparently mindless being of unknown origin. His name is GUT, which is short for Giant Unusual Thing. I wanted a character that was really big with very simple abilities and personality. GUT has very little personality and his abilities include and are limited to relatively large size, relatively large weight, relatively high durability, and relatively high speed. It's all relative, of course, to things that are smaller, lighter, frailer, and slower than GUT. That sounds completely obvious, but GUT is obvious. It's his nature. He's big. He can do some things. That's about it. I think you might understand more when I post a drawing, and when I show the list of GUT characteristics, you'll find you already know a lot more about GUT than you think.

Ah, after midnight and past my bedtime. Goodnight!
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I only have Poetry Writing Workshop, but I'm still way excited!
I hope I do awesome this semester! I hope everyone else does awesome, too!
Do as much awesome as possible!

Cool, my first OC brawl done! It was fun!

I'm just stopping by for a minute. I'm going on a little trip, but I just wanted to post that thing before I left. I'll be back to comment and thank people next week. I guess I just wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you!

Oh, yes, and here's a link to my Zazzle page. Not a whole lot there yet. Perhaps I'll take requests!

Anyway, bye for now!

P.S.- I heard a brass quartet on the street playing Christmas music. That's why I'm feeling jolly. Haha
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That's what things are with me. Good.

Ok, negative thing first. While I was away visiting my home in NJ, someone a few floors above mine overflowed her toilet big time, causing damage to the apts below hers, including mine. Basically, my bathroom ceiling collapsed, causing everything to be wet and covered in debris. A plumber cleaned up the big chunks of ceiling panel and swept up a bit so my toilet and sink are usable, but my shower is a total mess. The smell in there is so nasty, that I can't be in there long enough to actually use it, so the management gave me a key to an empty apt upstairs to use for bathroomy things. Now they're waiting for my bathroom to dry out so they can replace the ceiling. They said they'll probably come up tomorrow to start working, but we'll have to wait and see how that goes.
On the more positive side, I have an air conditioner now thanks to my parents. For one of the first times living here, it was actually cold. I also have Internet in my apt now so I can do online things all the time! It's pretty awesome to have a reliable connection, not having to bum off the unprotected wifi of my neighbors, but I am paying for it now. Hopefully being able to upload shirt designs onto Zazzle pretty regularly will take care of that bill.
I don't know if it's a good thing or bad, but I now have access to Hulu and similar sites. I only watched tv occasionally because there were only a few shows I actually watch, but now I can see all kinds of things whenever! I've been watching Firefly, and I have to say that it is an awesome show. It doesn't matter that I saw the movie first, I love it! The characters are all lovable and the dialogue is so good! Truly an enjoyable experience all around.

Anyway, all things considered, I'm basically just good. Enough negativity to make me not great, enough positivity to make me not bad.

Regardless of how I feel, you can expect to see more activity from me for at least the rest of the summer! Wew!
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...what I'm up to. </pun (or maybe malaprop)>

Blah-blah, begin!:
Happy Summer, everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves and things. I'm in quite a Springy mood.
Hard to believe this is my last real summer break! I'm expecting it to be a doozy, but it probably will not be that big a one. I'm going to be spending most of the time bettering myself. I'm trying to find a job, but it isn't going spectacularly. Most places I've been are not hiring, so it's time to really explore. In the mean time, I've been cleaning my apt so I can make it up good and entertain guests. I'm working on buying some nice cloths so I can dress up fancy for nights out + dates. Having a job will help pay for these new material possessions (+ dates) so that's on top of my list still. There's other things I'm doing, too, but I can't think of them right now, so they're probably not as important.
Also, perhaps just as important, I'm making time to do art. I've been working on a lot of different things, so you should see a variety over this summer. I'm even starting to make music again. I've recorded my first track! It's creepy and weird and I didn't know what I was doing and I'm not sure I like it, haha.
Oh, and I had a secret dA page that I basically abandoned a while ago. Some of the work I posted there was more like the stuff I post here than what's supposed to be there, so I'm moving it all here! They'll start popping up this week, unless I manage to post them all today. That'd be cool.

Ok, enough talking.

To life!
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  • Watching: hw
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...Is that a pun?

Hey folks!
So, I have my computer back, I'm not really sick anymore (I have been for over a week), still have a case of fogbrain, but I'm doing alright. I am up and about, doing things.

I've been working on make-up hw most of today, so I'm taking a break to dA a little. It feels good to check out what kinds of arts people are doing lately since I haven't in a while. I'm trying to upload something myself, but the thing won't upload. I might have to try again later when the interwebs aren't tangled.

+ I love my tablet! I've been using it for everything. Sketching, web-surfing, typography, moving...things... It's not great at recognizing my handwriting, so I'm sticking to typing. I'm faster with a keyboard than any other writing implement anyway.

Look for comments from me. I'm gonna try doing it on a weekly basis. Wish me luck on that.

Ok, bye

Edit/P.S./oh, btw-
Wanna hear what I'm learning to play in piano class?
My speed right now:…
The speed it's supposed to be:…
I've only learned a little bit of it so far, but I'm way psyched!
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I'm tired
Yoga wiped me out yesterday! So did piano (sorta!)
Oh, yes, school started and it should be much better than last semester. I'm taking Web Design Studio and my electronic media class is teaching HTML, too, so will be beginning soon and becoming awesome by the summer!
Bad: my laptop's screen stopped working so I sent it in to be repaired. It's weird not to have my lappy. It's a hassle, too, because to check my email and do my hw I have to go to school. I have no idea when I'm getting it back
I was working on a picture of Kail Ynthamy to be my celebratory 101st deviation, but that's been put aside. I have other things I could upload, but I refuse! Kail must be 101!

Also, I would like to do art trades with my friends/watchers/watchees! If anyone's interested please let me know so I can hit the ground running once my lappers, tablet, and creative energy are reunited!

Go team, yeah!