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Aomoen character sheet, v. 1

By ynthamy
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I had uploaded this to my secret account for a contest. I didn't win, most likely because this character sheet is a mess. Oh well, it was the first one I ever did, so I had no idea what I was doing.

I'm planning to do a better version eventually because Aomoen's pretty cool. The character's design has stayed pretty much the same since I did this, and his personality, abilities, and details have gone through some minor changes, but I don't think Aomoen is his real name. When I figure it out, I'll make a new character sheet.

+ drawn in pencil, colored in Photoshop
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oh my god. i absolutly love this!!!!! xDDDDDDD it has made my very early morning (1:52am) xD hahahahaha he is so great!!!!! >__> i thought the character sheet was messy in a good constructive way. lol but ohmygod i loooooove it!
ynthamy's avatar
Haha, wow, really? Thanks! I'm glad I made you so happy!
Though you shouldn't be up so late looking at silly drawings! ^is one to talk...^
D0omKitty's avatar
lmao i just read it all over again xDDD it's completely genius!!!

hahahaha but staying up late makes art that much more amazing xDD
ynthamy's avatar
Thanks! Thanks!

Once the sleepy-hahas kick in, forget it! Everything is funny, no matter what it is
D0omKitty's avatar
looooooooooooooolz i am so in that mood now!

i wonder why i like only go on dA when i'm dead tired in the middle of the night.

(made my morning yet again xD)
ynthamy's avatar
Haha, maybe you need to do more exercise during the day to tire yourself out. I've been trying to get exhausted before I go to bed so I'm not up all night. My brain gets super wired at night
D0omKitty's avatar
that is a fantastic idea xDD maybe i'll run.... gosh but i do despise running.... T-T lol

lol how weird is weird???
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Haha, it would be easier if we could all just float and fall asleep whenever we want

I liken the way my brain is to... well, knowing you're going to die soon. Wow, sounds so morbid, haha! Anyway, in a similar way to how people try to do a bunch of stuff when the end is near, my brain seems to try to get a ton of thinking and imagining in when it notices it's going to turn off soon
Eheh... I guess that's a good comparison..! ^^;

Or maybe it's like some deep-rooted instincts kick in if I stay up too late, instincts that tell me to be alert of nocturnal predators or something, haha
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