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Desolated Dreams

Desolated Dreams ...
think of a story whatever because i cant :(.
Anyway so I think this style of peice is pretty new to me.

Pretty fun to make as well. Tried a lot of new things, just figured things out along the way.

Planet - Used parts of stock planets from [link] // These two [link] [link]

Also Textures from [link]

Stocks from [link]

c4d for the Abstract of the Tree and asteroids

Worked on and off in small bits for almost a month
Original 1800x5400 @300dpi
= Much Lag / Lost some details whilst resizing :(

Comments are greatly wanted and Favs Appreciated

Changed the lighting and radar size of the bottom half
My new account is at [link]
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Print this so i can either buy it or wishlist it
JokersWiseHat's avatar
this is my favorite deviation...

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i really appreciate that thank you :)
now about the printing... The thing is I am happy to do with its free and all etc... but the size of this imagine is a bit strange its a 3:1 ratio and the deviant art prints dont accept that ratio, so if I was to put it for print it would have big fat borders, which you could cut of but still

If you want I can put it for print on this account or something.
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love it bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D perfect...
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realy nice one, i like the abstract touch ;)
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Favd :D it is sexy
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nice work man!
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Very nice m8! If only the space scene was smoother and had vibrant colours to match the desert scene =/. Love it though.
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its smoother in full,
resize + sharpen did the smoothness no good :(

and about the colours i usually think about it the other way around lmao
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that looks damn great
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and for the fav :)
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aah so marvelous!
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thank you fenrir
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it's gorgeous
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this is amazing
this would be very awesome to see in real life
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i doubt there would be such a place :)

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really a great peace ... i :+fav: it
RuBB3r-ChIcK3N's avatar
wow, really amazing.
i'm staggered... really.
tree and desert are just brilliant, and the transition into space is just... i dunno, im too lost for words.
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much appreciated
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