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The year is 1949. The Third Texas War enters its fourth year, the Great Depression enters its fifth, and the Marxist uprising in Baton Rouge is finally put down after Emperor Paul II raised the city. It is a world where airships rule the sky protected by squadrons of aeroplanes; a world of pirates, empires, and mercenaries. The world of Skychasers.


1862: Robert E. Lee lays siege to Philadelphia after a victory at Antietam.
1863: The British agree to recognize the Confederacy, US Ambassador Charles Francis Adams offers the French control of Mexico if they side with the US, effectively agreeing to abolish the Monroe doctrine.
1864: Battle of Washington, President Lincoln barely escapes the destruction of Washington DC. British and French Forces Battle for control of the Potomac at sea while Union and Confederate casualties are the highest of the war. The US capital is relocated to Philadelphia.
1865: Emperor Maximilian joins the war in the Southwest with France. Texas recalls all their forces to defend the lone star state.
1867: A coup de ta by General McClellan ends with the death of President Lincoln, Generals Grant and Sherman refuse to recognize the McClellan junta. McClellan attempts to sue for peace with Britain.
1869: Jefferson Davis is Killed by French forces in Mississippi. The Confederate government has collapsed and each state now fights for its own survival against French, British, and rogue American forces.
1870: Emperor Maximilian annexes the territories taken from Mexico at the end of the Mexican American War. Black Hawk joins with Mormon forces from Utah to repel the Mexicans from pushing beyond the Navajo border. A peace between the Navajo and Mormons is reached, the State of Deseret is founded.
1871: The expenditure of blood and treasure in America leads to a swift defeat of the French in the Franco-Prussian War. Napoleon III is deposed and the Prussians claim much of the French Empire in Africa as their own.
1872: General Louis-Jules Trochu sails with the remainder of the French fleet up the Mississippi establising the Empire of Louisiana, declaring himself Emperor Louis I.
1873: Britain formally ends its involvement in the Americas. Many of their Generals remain in America ruleing kingdoms of their own. Otto von Bismark proposes an alliance with Britain.
1879: General Sherman establishes the Military Governate of Ohio, a truce is reached with General McClellan's Provisional American Directorate.
1881: Queen Victoria signs the Proclamation of American Dominions, granting full pardons to her Generals who remained in America and establishing the Dominion of Columbia and the Dominion of New England. The Protectorate of Tennessee refuses to abide by the conditions of the proclamation and remains independent.
1885: Treaty of Santa Fe. Mexico recognizes the nations of Deseret, the Navajo Nation and the Republic of California.
1905: General Theodore Roosevelt conquers a sizable portion of the lawless Rocky mountains, forming the Rocky Federation and declaring himself President.
1909: The largest slave uprising in living memory, led by Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois, topples the governments of Mississippi and Alabama installing the first Freeman's Republic in the Mississippi Delta. The Communist regime has the support of many poor whites in the south who are quick to join the revolution's crusade against the wealthy upper class.
1911: President Charles Evans Hughes of the American Federation Invades and occupies Foggy Bottom (the ruins of DC) hoping to secure the Potomac. Virginia declares war, the Potomac War begins.
1922: The Second Texas War ends with the treaty of Havana.
1931: President Al Smith of the American Federal Republic signs a treaty with the Republic of Virginia ending 20 years of war over the Potomac. The territory is partitioned with the Federalists controlling the North and Virginia the South. An independent state of Delmarva is established as a buffer.
1945: Texas declares independence from Mexico. Louisiana and Mexico ally to defeat the German and British backed Texans, Ohio invades Iowa with British Support to distract Mexico.
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Of all the nations from the balkanized US, which has the most legitimate claim to be the continuation of the US proper?
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Well, I guess Ohio. The Federation has a different constitution while Ohio still functions under the same laws of the United States at the state level, it just operates on military rule without a President.
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Very elaborate alternative history. WEB Dubois leading a slave uprising yeah, Booker T Washington, I rather doubt it. Those two men absolutely hated each other and their politics were very different. 

I agree that a McClellan presidency, either elected(which almost happened in 1864) or a dictatorship(which he mused about in his private letters), would have been a disaster for the Union. Thank God that didn't happen. 
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So how much did military technology evolve during the twenty or so years of the War Between States? Like did the British help Hunley with his submersible?
YNot1989's avatar
Submarine technology atrophied after the war, as the British had little use for sabotage with such a large and experienced navy. For more detail on technology scroll through the comments for one by microwavedreams on Jul 20, 2015
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I like it!!  Now we just need to see art for it!!!
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I don't know, Michigan fought pretty fiercely for a tiny sliver of land with Ohio around 1837 in the normal history. Where they got the nick name "Wolverine". I think trying to absorb them into ohio would more likely lead to them breaking off (this was early america after all).

But I am a bit biased since I grew up there and lived all over the state and had to take Michigan History like 4 or 5 times when moving between schools.
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Virginian Republic, that's my home country with the state of North Carolina.
TheTexasRanger's avatar
So when did the War Between States officially end?
YNot1989's avatar
Depends who you ask. The British and French will say 1873 when they formally withdrew from the continent. General Sherman claimed to have continued fighting for the union until his death in 1891. The Mexican Empire says it ended with the Treaty of Santa Fe in 1885.
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So which country is Baltimore in? Is it even still populated and is the capital of either country's Maryland?
YNot1989's avatar
Its inside Virginia's borders (they still call it the Confederacy) and its the capital of Maryland.
TheTexasRanger's avatar
What countries in the south become Duboisist governments?
YNot1989's avatar
So far just Mississippi and some of the Texas rebels. There are Duboist influenced parties across the South.
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So in the description it says that most of the holdings in Africa that France had are in Germany's control, and that on the map the entire Lesser Antilles seem to British,  how much of their colonial land does France still control?
YNot1989's avatar
France still controls Algeria and Tunisia, along with Madagascar and Vietnam.
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So what would've happened to the allies in North America if they had lost the war? I've thought maybe the Red River Basin would be annexed by Louisiana, Texas would be subdued again maybe being granted autonomy to stop the constant revolts, I don't what would happen to Ohio or Mississippi or the other former Southwestern US countries.
YNot1989's avatar
If who lost the war? Which side? Everyone lost as far as I can tell.
TheTexasRanger's avatar
Sorry I meant the Britain/Germany alliance.
YNot1989's avatar
Oh, well yeah, the Louisiana Empire would move North into the Red River, Texas would once again return to Mexico, and Louisiana would probably try to take Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula Michigan from Ohio, but might just accept a straight ceasefire.
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Nice AlthHistory.

İs the Dominion fully independent Or a protectorate state ?
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Its a British Dominion.
grisador's avatar
Okay; poor dominion thought
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